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  1. It’s telling he’s taken Jota and O’Riley off early in our last two games. Both haven’t been at their best, neither are offering much in the opposition box at the moment.



    Both are too good not to get back there though

  2. Watch Every free kick into the box in the premiership down south. 2 or 3 players always stand in an offside position. They’re hoping a defender touches the ball before it reaches them if they don’t get back onside in time

  3. glendalystonsils on

    A bit of a flat performance , best summed up by saying that 3 points is all that mattered . I felt that our own performance was more of a factor than either Livi or the refs (VAR included).


    I also thought the pitch didn’t look too brilliant given that it’s not been played on much recently . Perhaps that was a factor in some of the sloppy passing we saw , particularly in the second half .



    Having said all that , the number of low crosses we fizzed into their boxwere not being anticipated/attacked by our forwards until Big Obdilaye showed us the way , then eventually Kyogo thought it was an idea worth trying . On to St Johnstone , still 9 points clear , when we’ll see how Ange freshens things up . Maybe even with a wee boost from Ross Co.




    I don’t think that is correct.



    The law gives an example of an offside player moving towards the ball with the clear intent of playing the ball, when he is fouled.



    The example states that the correct decision is a free kick to the attacking team as he had not committed an offence yet. He has not played or attemped to play the ball or challenged an opponent.



    Therefore it is implied that moving towards the ball in itself is not an automatic offside offence.

  5. Hatate, O’Reily and Jota missing in action. It all became a bit boring. The stats are screaming–we need a striker (or two)

  6. CELTJAMER on 21ST DECEMBER 2022 10:35 PM



    It’s wiki, so maybe but the most reliable source but this is my understanding of it:




    Being in an offside position is not an offence in itself, but a player so positioned when the ball is played by a teammate can be judged guilty of an offside offence if they receive the ball or will otherwise become “involved in active play”, will “interfere with an opponent”, or will “gain an advantage” by being in that position








    By moving towards the ball to challenge the defender he becomes active.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    One of the features of our play has been that goals have come from several areas of the pitch, although not so much recently . Tonight Kyogo was battling in a forest of burly defenders and did well to use his sharpness in getting his one goal . Other than Abada’s VAR effort , neither he, Jota ,Matt , Callum , Reo, or anyone else looked like weighing in with a goal . I recall one good effort from Ralston which their keeper turned round the post but that’s about it .




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  9. CELTJAMER on 21ST DECEMBER 2022 10:50 PM



    “challenging an opponent for the ball or


    clearly attempting to play a ball which is close when this action impacts on an opponent or


    making an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball”



    The replay suggests Abada ran towards the defender as he was about to play it in order to challenge him for the ball

  10. You can understand a bit more now why they took so long to conecto the decision but I think it was the right one.

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  14. MODERATOR1888 on 21ST DECEMBER 2022 11:14 PM



    Moving forward doesn’t matter, it’s whether he is



    “challenging an opponent for the ball or



    clearly attempting to play a ball which is close when this action impacts on an opponent”



    They decided by moving towards the defender after the ball was played by Turnbull and before the defender played it he was, and I can understand why they did.



    I think this is one of the rare occasions VAR has actually got the correct decision. If we could have someone from the referees explain it to us tomorrow it would help everyone. I can’t get my head round why they’ve communicated the whole thing so badly. Not word from anyone







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  16. CELTIC40ME



    Its defo an opinion thing



    I dont think he had the time to move forward



    the replay I posted kinda (for me lol) proved it



    Thank feck we won

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  23. “On performances alone, there’ll be some changes…” says Ange. From his post-game comments the Boss seemed to be unhappy about those who didnt work to get into the box to capitalise on the many crosses pinged in there.


    Probably doesn’t mean defenders, but a bit of a midfield reshuffle/refresh ? Mid of Abildgaard, Guchi and McCarthy ;)



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  25. Not all of the VAR discrepancies are anti-Celtic bias.



    I have been confused by the 2nd phase rule since the World Cup.



    Watch the first clip from around 3min 12 sec. and work out why Griezmann’s goal was disallowed






    Then watch the 4th German goal at around 3 min 38 sec






    Tell me why one was disallowed and the other approved?