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  1. MOD; I wasnt aware of any contextual backstory.



    But what I’m reading now, is two otherwise decent contributors indulging in a bit of digital handbags.



    Surely the joab of Moderator is to model the type of comments, engagement and posts that are preferred – now threatening a poster with block deletion cos they elect not to email you…??



    My suggestion; mibby just let the resentment and taunting go for tonight…







  2. it’s not that I have an axe to grind



    AT mentioned that people who have died are now posting on this site



    That has got to be stopped



    I took it off bthe blog ( via email CQNMOD@GMAIL.COM) as I didnt wana put those people who it may have been hurt thru the pain of seeing their loved ones old blog names on the blog



    AT has been on a process of talking nonsense about my replies to this



    Not being rude but……



    If there are peoples on this blog pretending to be blog names who have passed on, then that NEEDS to be addressed



    If AT does not want to get involved in that then fair enough






    is the email address where he should be helping us stomp this out the blog



    Have asked him numerous times to help me out with this



    I defo dont want relatives who know the username has passed on to see them posting again



    Thats horrific



    And must be stopped, ASAP




  3. The returnof weeron on

    In other news. Very late in the game, Saed H had a chance. Shot went over the bar.



    Just as the ball left his boot, the defender arrived late and flattened him.



    Should have been a penalty.



    Goal kick awarded.



    It’s getting worse.

  4. There were certainly a small number of inconsistencies in the application of VAR in the world cup.


    However, in a scottish context, the inconsistencies we see have much more of a pattern. This actually makes them something quite different.


    The players must be confused. Can they start their run in an offside position? Should defenders attempt the very artificial ‘hands behind the back’ style?


    The powers that be should be addressing this area and highlighting our displeasure and the inconsistencies we see. This must be the easiest dossier in history to put together.


    Do we call this shit out or simply accept this shit?

  5. Moderator1888 time for some moderation mate. You’ve made your point. Winding up AT is not going to move anything forward.



    Hail Hail




  6. Hello again all you young rebels



    My goodness ??? what’s going on ? thought I’d be logging on to


    a reasonably happy site this morn.


    9 points ahead, bhoys done their job, Huns losing confidence of


    us ever dropping points, and we have internecine carnage.


    I know….😜 it’s just dawned on me, what a twat or chump ( BJ ) I am,


    it’s two of the multi’s arguing, isn’t it ? yes I should have twigged 🤣


    Got a sad call today from PADDYMACOZ who just found out that


    Donnie McMillan, one of the fighting McMillans originally from


    Townhead had passed on recently.


    The McMillans, 7 brothers and all Celtic fanatics were a family of


    boxers and Donnie was a welterweight champion.


    Paddy had fought two of the younger brothers and having easily


    beat Freddy, he was lined up later for another fight and thought


    it was the same bhoy, not knowing they were all brothers and


    took on Angy who was class, and as he said to me “ He punched


    feck oot o me “


    I’ve told the story a few times on here how they made my offshore


    work life a pleasure with them all singing and hammering their


    spanners on steelwork, pipes, etc, to our Celtic anthems.


    But Donny was the mhan, and the last time I seen all the brothers


    together was in BIG JIMMYS pub, The Shipbank, and sad to say


    a couple were obviously not well.


    There’s a great utube vid,The Fighting McMillans, with input from


    such luminaries as Jim Watt, Tommy Gilmour promoter, Andy Wyper


    and in my opinion the best British boxer ever, Ken Buchanan, I never


    seen Benny Lynch who my wee da said would beat him.


    R.I.P Donny, a rebel, a warrior, and a great bhoy.


    H H. Mick

  7. I havent read back yet, but I would imagine that there are many Posts about the Ref and/or VAR in last nights Celtics v Livingston match.


    I will attempt to be brief…



    At 1 – 0 to Celtic, HATATE shoots for Goal from outside the Livingston Box. Livinston defender then pulls BOTH his arms up and into his CHEST. REF and/VAR say ” NO” to Celtics Penalty claim ?


    The Livvy defender had plenty of time to Pull his ARMS UP and BLOCK the Shot.


    Therefore imho, the Defender ALSO had plenty of time to either HEAD or CHEST the BALL AWAY….OR DUCK ?….He DIDN’T !



    At 2 – 1 to Celtic, LIEL Abada Scores. REF and VAR rule it out for OFFSIDE ?


    ABADA WAS in an OFFSIDE Position in the FIRST PHASE of play, and the Linesmans Flag did NOT GO UP.


    At the so called 2ND PHASE of play, a Livinston defender CLEARLY ATTEMPTS TO clear with a HEADER….He MIS DIRECTED the Header to Abada, who then Scores ?


    It was a CLEAR and DELIBARATE ATTEMPT to Head the Ball to prevent a Celtic Attack. that is NOT Abada’s or Celtics FAULT.


    But Ref and VAR say ” NO” Goal ?




    Rant over….for now.



  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill and to the Melbourne Salsa King. Read back, wishing I hadn’t bothered.

  9. CELTIC DAWN on 21ST DECEMBER 2022 8:31 PM


    How has the PPV stream been




    it was my first time using PPV, but the Stream was EXCELLENT, and Ive already booked it again for the next game v St Johnstone on Christmas Eve.



    There was ONE MISHAP however…it was ONLY at HALF TIME that I realised that I had watched the 1st Half, on a smaller screen on my Computer. I took immediate ACTION, and rectified the situation by swiftly Clicking on ” FULL SCREEN MODE” for the 2nd Half.


    I am a bigger CHUMP than BELMOUNT BRIAN…..Sometimes !





  10. BRB



    Good morning mhate, whither goest thou today ?


    or are you still celibate 🤣


    H H. Mick

  11. Good morning all from a beautiful sun drenched, bikini clad women Garngad well no really but I have now stopped to the 9th of January and feel greeeeeeeat.



    Moderator – Personally I think your conduct was disgusting last night and it takes a lot for me to say that.



    Your conduct was way below that of which a Moderator should be aiming for.






    D :)

  12. DAVID 66



    Morning David 66, was that actually the mod ?


    Thought the blog had been hijacked.


    H H. Mick

  13. MELBOURNE MICK on 22ND DECEMBER 2022 6:13 AM







    MAYBE, my Family ( especially my DA) KNEW the McMillans from Townhead, as that is where MY Family came from.


    I was born on CASTLE Street, TOONHEID…just across from the Royal Infirmary.


    My family were also ALL TIMS, who MAY have known or drank with DONNIE and/or his family at some stage ?


    My DA knew almost everyone in the TOONHEID and the GARNGAD.





    God Bless the Celtic.

  14. bigrailroadblues on

    MM 7.02


    1st January Neesons/Vicky Bar/ Queens Park Cafe. Falling off the wagon in spectacular style. HH 😁

  15. The hand of God on

    Just read back…what was all that about? Has the Moderator been moderated yet? Made Kev J sound reasonable.

  16. The hand of God on

    The most annoying thing about VAR,other than only penalising Celtic, is that when you are at the game you have no idea what is going on,no replats are shown to provide evidence of why any decision was reached…doesn’t help when only on TV screen is working mind you maybe time for an update.

  17. paulsthroughball88 on

    Really enjoyed the live updates last night, thanks lhads.



    Did get a bit nervous though after Liel’s goal was declared inVARid, dreading seeing an “awe naw” or “ffs”, or “terrible defending” post.



    Hopefully any momentum gained by Sevco since the resumption will be offset by the disheartening effect of gaining ground only to see the leader stretch away again.

  18. hand over mouth on

    Any Celtic fan subscribing to a PLC that puts Rangers price on a Sevco ticket, then that Celtic fan deserves to be cheated by every club that Celtic play, you are supporting the big lie, which means that you cannot be trusted to protect Celtic`s integrity for even a single game.



    53k liars support the PLC`s backing of the big lie = you all deserve every bit of cheating that comes your way.



    The Mod will delete this post because he knows that he is a liar as well.



    You brought this on x 53k.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Sutton1888 @ 7:51 am.



    That fourth image in your 2×2 is just brilliant.


    (VAR Orangeman)



    Have never seen it before.



    If you don’t mind, I’m going to share it far and wide.



    Sums situation up perfectly.



    BTW – for those who watched BBC highlights last night – what about that VAR “still” they showed at the Abada goal?



    For those who didn’t….



    It was an image of the pitch from behind the Livi goal (!)