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  1. Previously, I thought that Aguero was the best player in England … but on his day Silva is good enough to play for Barcelona … he is some player!

  2. Unbelievable transformation.


    Toe to toe with a team worth half a billion.


    1 point worth half a million so the MSM can add that in.


    Read it and weep

  3. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well done Brendan and the Bhoys what a performance no doubt City are a good side but Parkhead was back to the Parkhead of old.Every Celtic player worked his socks off but Dembele and Broonie were outstanding and not far behind them Toure.With Brendan the good old days are coming back for the hoops.H.H.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The wee bit of coverage of Rod conducting the G.B. with his son beside him.


    “Here we go again”


    To die for.



    We Tims deserve this.

  5. Superb Celtic ! We are all proud if you .COYBIG


    I took 3-3 and KT to score at anytime, and they took the goal off KT after awarding him the goal !


    No matter, the zombies will be sick that Celtic matched up to a team that cost £420 million, and all their bets at the bookies will be well gubbed also !


    Young Dembele not only led the line superbly, but he must have made at least 4 clearing headers from their dangerous corner kicks. Well played son !


    Young KT will never have a harder game than Sterling gave him tonight but it’s a learning process for him and others.


    I would also suggest that a lot of Huns would have put bets on that Celtic would not win a point in this group ? Those bets are gubbed also hahaha.


    God bless all the Bhoys tonight, bring on the double header against BMG !

  6. Wow!



    So pwouwd, so very pwouwd.



    I never thought we would hold out once they made it 3-3. God Bless you Brendan Rodgers!

  7. saltires en sevilla on

    One of the best nites ever!!!



    Completely blown away and we competed at that level



    Bursting with pride in our Bhoys!!

  8. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Our opening tempo tonight would have blown most teams away.


    And it took a real top class side to stop us.


    That is awesome.


    We can really take confidence from that wonderful performance.


    Dembele….Wow, that bhoy is a player.




  9. Hoop hoop Hooray on

    5 live commentor ” i have been to most stadiums in europe. Besiktas was unbelievable, liverpool/dortmund last year was seismic but this tops the lot”

  10. Some interesting observations about tonight’s heroic performance from our Bhoys…



    Shots: Celtic 9 Man C 23


    On target: Celtic 3 Man C 9


    Goals: Celtic 3 Man C 3



    Compare this with the Barca game…



    Shots: Celtic 3 Barca 15


    On target: Celtic 2 Barca 10


    Goals: Celtic 0 Barca 7



    So the shots at goal stats would suggest that Man City were more in command against us than were Barcelona, but the on target and goals stats demonstrate that our defenders defended so much better and that we had a better ‘keeper between the posts.






    Now we are in a position where 4 points against Borussia would leave the Germans needing to win both their return ties against Man City and Barcelona to deny us European football after Christmas.




  11. Just got a text from a colleague complimenting Celtic’s performance tonight. After the Barca match I was greeted with a chorus of ‘I didn’t realise Celtic were so poor’.



    Thank you CELTIC.



    Keep on keeping on, Brendan.



    Impressed by Scott Sinclair’s post match interview. I hope he stays with us for at least three years.



    So many impressive performances tonight including Steve McManamon in the commentary.

  12. What is the Stars on




    Agreed about Steve McManenmin



    Fantastic bloody night


    So proud,


    If only we had a proper Cafe at Celtic Park

  13. Celtic- 3 shots on target, 3 goals. Ruthless or whatever?


    Meanwhile back on planet scoddland, the sfa drop charges against Huns and hibs for the scf riot….ssshhhhh

  14. I will admit that, after the Barca game, I was pretty worried about today’s game … not often that I am happy to be wrong, but today, I am.

  15. Sir Roderick……………………..just fabulous – what a night.



    Choose Life, Love Celtic!




  16. oh dearie me, how our standards have dropped since big Jock . Celebrating a draw against the second best team in Manchester. Throwing away a lead three times and dropping 2 valuable points at home. sad times!!



    Just kidding bhoys!! CELTIC, THEE CELTIC ……ARE BACK – Special things are coming with this manager, the players, and those amazing fans!

  17. Neg2 9.42pm



    Glad you enjoyed it



    I think of the 14 players on the field tonight, only Dembelle, Sinclair & Toure were not there last season, who would have thunk it :-)

  18. If Big Jock (God bless him) was looking down tonight – he would’ve been delighted to see the Bhoys playing the Glasgow Celtic way.


    A truly immense performance – a flashback to glory days!

  19. That was exhausting for me and I’m on my couch drinking beers. Every single player worked their socks off. This is the moment we announce we are back. No team this year has worked MC that hard. What an advert for the CL. Very proud of my team.

  20. Magnificentseven on

    What a match, Broonie was immense , Dembele and Tierney are going to be world stars, Pep goes behind for the first, second and third time in his city career, and loses his first point. onwards and upwards

  21. I’m an old guy now but was at the Scottish Cup Final in 1965, when we won 3-2. We recognized that we had a special manager and team. Feel exactly the same way tonight. This could be fantastic with Brendan in charge.

  22. Hello again all you young rebels.





    Just wakened here in Oz after sleeping in, had sandwiches all ready


    to get up at O4.00. replay not on Celtic TV yet so had a peek on here


    and as soon as i saw your post i knew we had got something.


    As you said ,…” SO PROUD “… of the team and our support.


    Now to watch the game.


    H.H Mick

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