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  1. Isnt it just grand to be a Tim.


    Before the match I would have been happy keeping Citeh to 3


    Just didnt expect us to actually get 3 ourselves


    Maybe I should KTF a bit better.

  2. Brilliant performance from the team, energy levels and tempo were out of this world.



    Did not expect anything from this. Knackered :O)

  3. Brendan’s interview, ” the p!ayers were brilliant, but there are elements we can improve on. A great performance , top class, Dembele top class and City had to make changes to cope with him. A huge step forward for the team, huge credit to the players, and we will take confidence from this result”


    MAGIC !

  4. Scott Brown was immense tonight. What a magnificent performance from our captain and every single Celtic player.



    Proud as hell tonight.

  5. Never been prouder to be a Celtic fan than tonight. The pub in Oslo was rocking with all 5 of us going mental! Stand outs were broonie KT and Kolo, but above all Brendan’s tactics tonight sent us out there with no fear – that was the key. Living down South I get all sorts of abuse about the quality of football we play in. Tonight we showed everything we’re about – from the stands to every one of the 14 men in hoops that took the field. I’m Brendan, and Celtic, we trust.

  6. Fantastic effort from the team. The line-up was spot on and I thought all the team played immensely but respect to Man City. They parked the bus in our own half and snatched a draw coming from behind 3 times.




  7. January transfer window.. Over to you Mr Lawwell, we don’t want crazy spending but a couple of good first team players and we could be building something a bit special here..

  8. The Inane Rambler on

    Listen, serious point, sorry to interrupt



    Tonight’s karaoke quiz in the louden has been cancelled. Repeat, it has been cancelled



    Please notify any and all




  9. Pep speaking very well about Celtic, said he was happy with his teams performance.


    English press as bad as ours ” are you disappointed to lose your 100% record”


    No many questions from the smsm.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Hello again all you young rebels.







    Just wakened here in Oz after sleeping in, had sandwiches all ready



    to get up at O4.00. replay not on Celtic TV yet so had a peek on here



    and as soon as i saw your post i knew we had got something.



    As you said ,…” SO PROUD “… of the team and our support.



    Now to watch the game.



    H.H Mick






    I did the 4.30 am wake up.


    Watched the start and the goal . Saw our defence cut open .


    Decided to settle for updates.



    Like yourself , going to watch now.


    Hail Hail to all.

  11. Tom fecking wish I was English …twat …can only dream aboot being a Broony….




    ACH I am in too a guid dreil…. Rasps are hinging ….fill ma luggie in no time ..



    Did I mention TOM ENGLISH ..is a scabie ,leafroll,mangle, etc etc etc




  12. Special mention to Armstrong who had a great game when he came on.


    Was saying to my wife last night that Dembele will be our first 2o million or more player but might have to change it to 30.


    Did we win a watch with this guy and to think the mssm wankers were trying to label him a dud as he took a while to get into his stride.short while.


    Was a great advert for football and hopefully with the boards backing we can be a real European force again.


    Craig Gordon t.ake a bow

  13. The Inane Rambler on

    Not 1 booking. Not 1



    We got this draw tonight by playing football. The way it should be played



    So many excellent performances.



    A few of us here and we have a spread of Motm suggestions




  14. always been a fan of scott brown but I thought he was finished at the end of last season. Tonight showed he’s at his peak, a huge performance at the highest level

  15. Just walked into my local. Greek restaurant bar.


    Staff ( Olympiakos supporters) raised their glasses and said ‘to Celtic’.



    Says it all…



    Fortress is back.

  16. I have no doubt that Celtic now have attacking players that can score against any side once they have the ball in the opposition half. Tv commentary mentioned Celtic’s first goal was the quickest in Champions Lge history – is that correct? Some great saves from Craig Gordon and Scott Brown was simply awesome. The whole team were just brilliant.

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THE EXILED TIM on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2016 10:18 PM


    If Brendan and his team can get Tom Rogic playing 90 mins, the billionairs couldn’t handle him






    Thank god he signed a new contract.


    I was hanging out for that.


    After we had coddled him for a few years , I would have been severely bothered if he hadn`t.

  18. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    PRAECEPTA on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2016 9:59 PM


    If Big Jock (God bless him) was looking down tonight – he would’ve been delighted to see the Bhoys playing the Glasgow Celtic way.






    That’s exactly what I thought. How many times have we heard former players, including the Lions, say: “We went out there knowing we couldn’t be beat, because Big Jock said so.”


    That’s the spirit Brendan is instilling and it’s wonderful to see.


    Spirit. Celtic heart. Football. Pure, beautiful, inventive football.


    The man’s been here two months.


    This is wonderful. Special.

  19. WITS/ Melbourne Mick: There is now no excuse for not having a fans’ café beside the superstore or a Celtic shop in Melbourne.



    Get it done, Celtic.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    What a night. Magical.




    We have big brave players in Lustig, Toure, Brown, Sinclair and Dembele. We have guys like Kieran, James and Erik who are learning from that and raising their expectations.




    We are in 3rd place in this group. What we have, we hold.





    No pasaran.







  21. Just home. What a night. Fantastic game, performance and result. Joint MOM Dembele and Brown.



    Mrs VFR asked if I’d got soaked. Explained it was sweat from the jumping about and tension.



    Still buzzing!



    FAC the Act




  22. Big thank you to the Barca barman who said celtic first half ,Barca secondly.celtic ?



    Was torture not knowing what was happening but 3-3 absolutely brilliant ..



    Hail Hail the Celts are here …

  23. A few weeks ago someone here told me Dembele was a project. Some project.


    Sutton likened him to Drogba and you know something he isn’t far out. He is still a raw kid but he can really go places,

  24. Gordybhoy64: The two tickets I had for tonight are yours for the BM’bach if you like. Just confirm and I will organise it.

  25. What is the Stars on

    Brilliant to be involved in the Champions League,its where we need to be.



    Dembele ,half a million,has to be the bargain of the season,


    Look what we got for less than 5 milllion,


    Dembele Toure Sinclair


    if we could do something similar at the next window,combined with the local talent like Tierney,Forest,Griff the future would be bright

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