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  1. Craig Gordon deserves a big,”well done” tonight, some excellent saves and a couple of magnificent saves, and he played the ball out well.

  2. Melbourne Mick 10.07pm…..



    Make more sandwiches you have a treat awaiting you,…..



    Enjoy watching our team do you proud tonight, the team (& the fans) were amazing

  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I’m in bar 61


    Blanes posted earlier but great show indeed by the Spanish tims

  4. On train heading home.


    Full of happy , but quiet Tims.


    What a night, what a performance.




    Will watch again when home.


    We belong at the top table in many different ways. Superb.

  5. What is the Stars on




    You should have each others numbers now,I sent both to each other if your get my drift



    So do I get a 10% finders fee….



  6. Oh it,s a grand old team to play for……



    Whit a braw braw night.. They were a team …looked like a team …played like one …the whole squad…



    Respect all over the fitba world..



    Celtic ….Celtic…






    I’ve seen a multitude of Celtic performances and results which live long in my memory.



    As have we all.



    Not that many draws,mind.



    We got a result tonight. We could mibbe have got a better one,who knows.



    But we wiped the smirk off a few faces,and that will do for me.



    All yer patronising shouldnae be there Durhams and Owens and everyone else,just GTF.



    Sometimes football matches money.

  8. The Inane Rambler on

    You know, we’ve done our chances of retaining Patrick Roberts no harm at all. I suspect City will see us as a fantastic place for him to grow. Equally, the lad himself will look at Sinclair etc and realise the English championship grass isn’t as green.







  9. Terrific game , hopefully a few more like that and we will be able to attract a few more quality recruits …



    Mention for the ref who sensed what was going on and by and large stayed out of it ….




  10. Said to the bhoys and Dena in the BV earlier that I would be happy with a draw compared to what finances we’re up against.


    Over the moon with the result.


    Nice to meet up again.


    HT…thanks again for sorting my son out ticket wise, I’ll be back in the fold next season.


    Old Tim I’ll text you the link tomorrow.


    Ps… I’m not sure who posted a link to old Tims first post on CQN but he would appreciate it getting posted again so he can save it. Hail Hail.

  11. Ernie Lynch



    I hope you enjoyed your pies in the Louden!






    And you are not one of them.

  12. BT highlights show are giving great credit to us, not the usual condescending crap that is par for the course. That performance has made more than a few sit up and take notice. Absolutely great advert for us. We deserve to be here!

  13. I love it when Celtic give us a performance to be proud of!!!! Had many an honest text from Juventus, Milan and Inter supporters praising the performance and goals! They all sat up and took notice of Moussa. Hail Hail!!

  14. we are in for some great times aboard the Brendan bus,


    When Dembele eventually moves south (hopefully in 4 yr) he will earn us the highest fee we have ever got for a player.



    So proud of club players and fans tonight.



    hope that eased young awe naws troubles tonight,

  15. What is the Stars on




    I like the BT coverage


    Sutton talks us up all the time


    Said after the game that he was delighted for Scottish football,it gets a lot of stick down south but for all the Millions floating around in football down there it took Celtic to go toe to toe with City and stop their 100 per cent start to the season…… or words to that effect….but he seemed genuinely proud to be a Celt

  16. Knackered and hoarse.



    Away te ma bed a happy Tim.



    Thank you Celtic for keeping my hopes and dreams alive……………again!



    Good night, God bless and Hail Hail!

  17. Gordybhoy64: I will be in touch tomorrow. Just need to confirm with the ST holder but, as of yesterday, they were available.



    I will be over for the Tims v Pretend Huns match on the 23rd Oct so should be able to give them to you then.



    WITS: 11% if you bring me to the airport on the 23rd. 9% if you don’t. Smiley thing.

  18. Not one yellow card in tonight’s game, that’s pretty impressive for a competitive CL game with both teams going at each other ……and 6 goals in the game



    The Celtic support not only boost their own team, they frighten superstars :-)

  19. As the final minutes ticked away I thought history might repeat itself as in the Barca game with a long punt from Craig Gordon catching the MC defence flatfooted and Scott Sinclair would burst down the middle and plant the fourth goal.

  20. Leftclicktic



    Dembelee will be going south to Real Madrid to join his countryman Zidane in 18mths time, starting bid £35m!

  21. I know I don’t post often now, but I must congratulate Celtic on that performance. Worth th ST money on it’s own. Just think how good we’re going to be next season. HH.

  22. Just home



    What an incredible performance by the team and the support.



    Proud to have been part of that







  23. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    Not one for posting I told you so but I expected a positive result tonight as I told you so earlier ☺️. Thankfully the bhoys delivered.

  24. What is the Stars on




    I looked at flights for that sevco game ,but they seem to be either booked out or crazy prices



    Think I will just aim for a league game before Christmas,maybe also the Barca home game

  25. Magnificentseven on

    Almore on 28th September 2016 10:48 pm


    Full marks to BT Sport. Very complimentary to Celtic tonight



    Agreed, night and day to sky coverage, it helps when the don’t fill the panel with bitter huns

  26. Evenng



    Back home drinking tea from my Celtiv mug.



    Quite simply that was one of the best games I have ever been at. Two splendid sides playing high class modern footbal with little of the petulance and diving we normally see.



    A privilege to be there.




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