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  1. i just managed to get home 5 minutes before kickoff.


    Neighborhood is shaking from my roars at each of our goals.


    Wife and kids were getting very concerned about my heart condition.


    I was blown away with the atmosphere, the game and the result.


    I was near to tears at the final whistle.


    Frankie Valli sung about a night in late September.


    What a night.


    Tonight will go down in legend along side Neil’s victory against Barcelona. The


    Thank you Dermot


    Thank you Peter


    Thank you Brendan


    Thank you Rod


    Thank you the 14 players we fielded tonight




    Thank you the 60k fans who were a spectacular backdrop to a sensational night.




    Felt I was being compromised by certain posters, so decided to give it a rest. Hope you are both well, and, Leftie, looking forward to meeting that handsom grandson of yours again. Lol. Back in to my cocoon again. HH

  3. How could we only have had 3 shots on target, we scored three and their keeper turned Dembeles shot round the post around 5 minutes in when we would have went 2 up.

  4. I’d be very surprised if Dembele’s representatives haven’t included a buy out clause


    Would be surprised if it was as high as 20 million

  5. What a night what an atmosphere, on the bus heading North to Inverness with a freat bunch of ghuys, The Highland Bhoys Rosshire CSC. Could’nt make the BV maybe next time Hail Hail all CQNers safd journies home Hebcelt

  6. Good night all away to try and sleep with the noise ringing in my ears and watched it on telly :))))



    proud proud proud bhoy


    thank you Celtic

  7. What is the Stars on



    Dembeles barely in the door and we are planning how much we will get for him



    Maybe he will stay,


    anyway lets just enjoy him while he is here



    I think he could be special


    When he does leave it will be for a lot more than half a million

  8. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on




    I think they reckoned Tierneys goal was going wide, so that didn’t count.



    Dembele………….What a bargain, joins the ranks of Lubo & Henke

  9. Weefrathetim….official name tonight….



    What a braw braw night…



    As always regards to herself…




  10. Absolutely delighted to be so very wrong about the result.


    Also Dembele proving me wrong almost every big game.



    The team responded wonderfully to the greatest fans in world football.



    Well done Brendan Rodgers and the Bhoy’s.




  11. Marrakesh Express on

    My first European game was Zurich 66. I cant remember a noise like tonight. Bbc 5 live were great pre match, the English commentator (including Nevin) gushing with praise of a ‘special atmosphere’ and telling listeners not to miss the Celtic Park experience. Btw, the North curve has been a godsend.

  12. Bring your A-game bhoys and there will be no regrets.


    What a stunning impact 1 man has made on a whole squad.


    The thunder is back and the legend of the atmosphere in Paradise will be talk of Europe again.


    Beat BMG now in Paradise and we will give ourselves a brilliant chance of at least guaranteeing a place in the Europa.



    I love Brendan Rodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Not long back.



    A night that will live long in the memory.



    Celtic were immense, from first minute to the last. THAT”S the Celtic way – aggressive, incisive, fearless, attacking football.



    The atmosphere was intense, brilliant, all night long. The City players – who play in front of a largely silent, expectant crowd, didn’t know what had hit them.



    We might not get out of this group, but when you attend a game like that, and see the Hoops play like that, you just know there is no other club in the world like us.




  14. Brilliant performance.


    Brendan has the team playing the Celtic way.


    In a happy way, in night’s like this I think of loved ones who we have lost.


    Loved ones who taught us what Celtic are all about. When we see a game like tonight, I think of them, smile and thank them.


    Hail Hail to all.

  15. Just home.



    I’ve had many, many special days and nights as a supporter of Celtic Football Club. Tonight ranks up there with the best.



    My heart was pounding through my chest at points with the sheer, all consuming pride that I felt for our club and its support.



    Thank you Celtic.

  16. Dembele is our alternative number one…






    Everyone loves a Griff…



    Smiley thing…

  17. M7: Sports channels should be neutral really but TV3 & Network 2 are usually complimentary towards Celtic. I enjoyed BT’s coverage tonight because they gave Celtic credit for where we are in comparison to teams from the so-called ‘super’ leagues.



    As a club, we have a long way to go but a start would be a fans’ café (beside the Superstore) and a superstore in Melbourne’s largest shopping mall.

  18. Hail Hail Celtic we are proud of you…. great performance



    ps got a ticket for the German game here we go



    first time caller – sorry poster..

  19. In a monumental performance, I thought Lustig was immense tonight.



    Also – Broon. Never have I been so glad to be proved so wrong by a player.



    And just think: Dembele cost a third of what the Huns paid for Joe Garner!

  20. Respect to to Pep. Spoke really well of Celtic and the fans after the game. Seems like a nice bloke.



    Pity he’s at such a soulless club.

  21. Weefrathetim



    Don’t let any poster(s) get to you, just move on to the next post…..



    Cqn is far better with Celtic posters posting so get posting more :-)

  22. Brilliant in so many ways.


    Awesome performance throughout the team.


    Not going to pick anyone out but I did like the Mancs Guardiola song ( glad all over).



    Great being a tim. Enjoy the good times.







  23. Watching the game back…BT Sport’s coverage kicks Sky’s into touch. Lineker seems genuinely pleased to be a Celtic Park, Rio and Sutton both knowledgeable, forthright pundits.



    No patronising us – praising us when dues and really digging up the atmosphere in the ground.



    Wee Tanner must be beeling.

  24. Went to see Celtic the Musical last night so was on a wee Celtic high all day. (Great wee show btw)



    Tonight i didnt expect to get even a point but thought we would do ourselves proud



    And Bhoy did we



    I love Celtic

  25. Magnificentseven on

    Almore on 28th September 2016 11:08 pm


    M7: Sports channels should be neutral really but TV3 & Network 2 are usually complimentary towards Celtic. I enjoyed BT’s coverage tonight because they gave Celtic credit for where we are in comparison to teams from the so-called ‘super’ leagues.






    As a club, we have a long way to go but a start would be a fans’ café (beside the Superstore) and a superstore in Melbourne’s largest shopping mall.



    I agree on a level of neutrality in domestic games, and to a large extent this was one, a British broadcaster and two British teams, makes a change from the normal negativity we suffer from Sky, a fair assessment and a respect for our performance

  26. What is the Stars on




    If Dembele had scored the penalty in Barcelona



    Peter Lawwell would have built the Cafe himself…



    Stand Up For Mousa and The Peoples Own Cafe


    Almore Bewley CSC

  27. You post away wee fra….


    You have braw ghirls and bhoys right beside you…you are a huge Celtic man..



    Please keep giving us your time…



    If the boss allows of course!!!!



    Smiley thing







    Thank you so much, but my self esteem means so much more to me than the opinion of me that some on here have. Who, btw, have never met me. HH

  29. Tonight was the first time in years that I thought, this team has got the balls to hold out to top teams


    thank God Brendan you’ve really made me proud to be a Tim tonight

  30. Phew…home…fed….watered (ahem)…..



    Everybody has said anything I might have so…



    KT….a man in boys clothing but what an experience for him to be up against Raheem Sterling.



    Never been a fan of RS….a touch of unpleasant arrogance and a bloated reputation. I was wrong….fantastic player and a real worker for his team.



    That he gave KT the toughest defensive examination of the young man’s career is without question. That he bested him more often than not is possibly true.






    KT forced him to work hard for what RS managed to achieve. Regularly KT made the correct decisions to outwit him. Going forward (involved in two of the goals) KT bested his opponent.



    It is how KT is going to develop by exposure to this level of competition and against this quality of opponent.



    To paraphrase an earlier contributor….I want to have KTs babies even though genetically impossible.



    To every single player ( special mention to our captain) well done and thank you….that was the Celtic Way!!!!