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  1. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Back home from a great night at CP, proud as fcuk, everyone


    a hero,fantastic support especially late on,it would have been


    a travesty if we didn’t get some thing for our efforts.



    Ps the MC fans, heard more noise from 150 St Johnstone



  2. Tom Rogic was unstoppable. Except by fouling him. And those fouls took their toll resulting in him running out of steam even earlier than normal. Where was the yellow card for the “team fouls” – it’s part of the rules.

  3. Goal number 3. Great play again by Nir Bitton releasing KT to fire the ball across for big Moussa.



    Aye, it’s hard to see what he brings to the team!




    FAC the Act




  4. HRVATSKI JIM on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2016 11:40 PM



    Good for him. Some self awareness and humility that I didn’t have him down for. Maybe it’ll catch on (

  5. My hopes expressed at 6.32 on CQN:-



    “My target for tonight is to score a goal, hopefuly the first.



    Even more hopefully, the first of 3.”



    I thought that might be enough but we were up against class movers. Sterling & Silva had excellent games for them and Aguero, though shackled well was always dragging defenders about.



    I agree that the referee was very fair and consistent.

  6. Very proud Bhoy..& every player played their part tonight..we are learning..growing as a team..happy days ahead Bhoys & Ghirls..in Bredan we trust. :)) *’HUGE’ smily thing* COYBIG / HH

  7. Madmitch 11.36pm



    Your post answer’s itself



    What you don’t get you’ll never have……..



    Good night fellow Celtic fans, I took the defeat in the Nou Camp with a smile in work, tomorrow I will take 2pts dropped against the EPL 100% league winners with the same smile……



    I hope all the posters who were on after the Nou Camp will be on tomorrow morning, afternoon (not usually in the evening) giving the players a wee shout out, although some would prefer adversity and are quieter when things are going ok, 1pt tonight towards Stockholm 2017



    On to Dens Park……..the big games just keep a coming

  8. Bobby..



    Thankyou …


    Passion should never be altered… It is what it is..and weefra is a braw braw bhoy….


    Keep the light shining on..


    Once again thankyou …






    PS Celtic are awfy braw.……smiley thing…

  9. VFR @ 11.41



    We gave them their goals.


    We worked very hard for two of their three.



    Must be a different perspective — stadium vs TV.


    We looked very nervous at times, it was as if the fear descended on the usual suspects at times.


    We struggled to work out and take advantage of the second ball for lots of the game. Things are improving but we have some way to go.



    NB showed some class but not enough, worrying lack of urgency and energy at times.


    SB again had moments but we evaporated in the MF as the second half went on.



    MD really showed his class tonight — struggled for possession at times but was always a threat.


    ScS — first half especially — was our real threat, someone who played MC at their level and was better than them.


    TR had some wonderful moments but they seemed to work him out quicker than he could find a second gear. However for parts of the first half he was the best player on the park by a country mile.



    Still learning though but he really is a class act — at times.



    Also JF was always a threat.


    It was a good contest — him vs BS.

  10. CELTIC40ME on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2016 11:46 PM



    This game and the passion that we showed will earn respect and affection round the football world …well, most parts of it.

  11. Six goals…and no confab aboot referees!



    Wis that a proper game? Post big allardice ????




  12. Just back in from the game, soaked through, but not enough to dampen the spirits. Arrived back from Germany at 3 pm, great spectacle, great atmosphere and a wonderful game. Don’t tell me UEFA don’t want that sort of advert for their premier competition- no? If not they must be insane. I thought Broonie was MOTM and have never seen wee Jamsie work so hard. MD’s second goal was just brilliant.



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH

  13. BSR — you may be right.


    I think he got subbed when JS came on late in the game.


    Need to look up their team.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Big Jim will be up all night figuring out how to get “Old Firm” into the headlines after that!





    Not that you are yours need any advice on how to deal wi numpties,but I suggest a wee



    Who are ye?



    Who are we?

  16. Neustadt-Braw 11.41pm



    Totally agree, wee Jamesy is a new player, these fitballers sometimes need to be loved and BR definitely reminds me of MON with the wee cuddle, Scott Sinclair is as much improved as wee Jamesy…..



    BR is a man manager and am glad he is ours :-)







    and on that bombshell, goodnight all good tims

  18. VFR800A8


    I don’t want to be critical of a good performance.


    Proud of my team tonight.


    Biton showed a very nimble touch to pass to Tierney in the 3 goal build up.


    His pass to Rogic who set up 2nd was also good.


    But to put some perspective all 3 of their goals came straight through the middle so his protection was less than stellar.


    The first goal came from a pass through central area after a clearance.


    When Moussa gave the short pass to Brown for Sterlings goal Biton should have been the next line of protection but he was missing.


    Likewise when Gordon saved on first effort for 3rd who was tracking Nolito?


    Biton is showing signs of improvement but we still lose to many goals from central midfield area.


    This should be the area i expect Brendan to address in the next 2 transfer windows.

  19. Really struggling with the SB vibe.


    If we were going to lose the game then we would have lost it in CM.


    Others struggled as well but we always seemed to keep it together but not in CM.

  20. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    A ground staff at the game told me he spent yesterday at lennoxtown and Brendan had them practising the first goal free kick all day.



    And that he told the forwards their goalkeeper can’t kick out

  21. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Scott brown had one of his best ever games for Celtic tonight.



    And so did James forrest.



    There I said it.

  22. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Now to be critical.



    Those uefa high billboards.




    You need to be above 20 seat row to actually see the goal line.



    Even worse in the corners where you can’t even see the bottom half of the goalnet

  23. Grey moment alert …



    MC LB = GC.


    At least BS was on the bench.



    Good competition with JF anyway.


    He will have more problems when JF learns to watch out for the FB shaping up to match the outside run. That is the time to come inside.

  24. Tonight is up there:


    St Etienne




    Real Madrid






    Dukla Prague


    Manchester Utd






    Fkn Blackburn


    Among others – came to Paradise and left without a win






    Hail hail

  25. Just in after a quick pintstop.


    I love the saturation of joy Celtic soak me in.Apart from the wonderful entertainment our team provided,yet again the experience of Celtic Park on CL nights continues to blow the mind and give song to the heart.


    My bhoy had his bhuddy along for the game.They’re both 13 and watching them get completely caught up in the Celtic thing was amazing.There’s something beautiful about watching the future of our support enjoying those uniquely Celtic moments us tim dads and grandads have many times before.


    Watching Celtic means so much more to me than just winning a game of football.Tonight I got to watch my team go toe to toe with a side from a much heavier division and put them on the floor 3 times.I got to watch a fantastic game of football.I got to see some special players,and not all from the multi-millionaires of the opposition.I got to experience THAT atmosphere again.I was present at an event that enhances football more than any amount of marketing could ever dream of.And I got to do all that in the company of two young,buzzing Celtic supporters who had one of the best nights of their lives.And all because of Celtic.


    There is absolutely nothing that compares to Paradise on these nights.


    I love Celtic.

  26. Woods – forgot to mention


    Celtic 5 , Red Star Belgrade 1


    Imagine me forgetting Jinky’s greatest game!

  27. James Forrest was always a good player but got caught up in the general malaise of Ronny’s 2nd season- (still think the norwegian’s first season with VVD and Denayer was fairly satisfactory)



    There’s a couple of edges Brendan has added now that James is back to fitness and able to be the player he was.



    The first edge is that Brendan allows him to roam along the front line to choose his position for the ball over the top- he gets to pick his match ups with sower CBs rather than facing speedier LBs all the time abd doubling up.



    The second edge was very evident tonight. James has always been a weak tackler- token efforts often- just nuisance value- when he tracks back but Brendan has him attacking the ball just as the opposition player is trying to control it. If he arrives too late to do this- he will just jockey the opposition player because he is unlikely to dispossess him. Brendan has taken the edge of this relative weakness. Like Raheem Sterling- he will never be a great tackler but he will find other ways to use his speed to dispossess players.



    It’s coming along nicely. Sinclair, Forrest and Roberts are a tremendous group of wide men to choose from. Calvin Miller has a challenge ahead of him as does Aidan Nesbitt. A good problem to have

  28. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Marvellous night , Broonie and Kolo were immense tonight as were our support particularly in the last 5 minutes .



    Celtic Park was at its best tonight.



    I don’t know if its already been pointed out, none of the physios were on at any time during the game tonight.



    I hope Noel Gallagher did not look back in anger after the game.

  29. Earlier today I said my guy told me we would get a happy draw or a delirious victory.



    How wrong can one man be.



    That was an astonishingly delirious victory given we were out punch by around £50 to £1 in terms of team value.



    But again as I said earlier it’s 11 men against 11 men and I’m just delighted there were no boys on the park.



    Tonight was the beginning of Man City’s downfall. Celtic just showed every team in the EPL how to play against them.