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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Effort 100%.



    Couldn’t have asked for more.



    Tie in the balance.

  2. fieldofdrams on

    Our corner kicks – clearly, when Christie raises his hand in the air it means “another Loch one that doesn’t get past the first defender, coming right up!”



    Pretty confident of beating them in Denmark.

  3. Oh bhoy; calamity jane stuff amidst good high tempo performances from individual players. However, nothing new; our defence is average at absolute best and some players need to go

  4. Jinkyredstar on

    We are better than them – just build on tonight



    I am five foot seven and 63 – I volunteer to play in goal😀

  5. The usual shooting our own feet otherwise some positives there. Credit to Christie for a change. Hopefully we’ll do the business next week.

  6. Garngad to Croy on

    They better practice pens for next weeks game. Looks like extra time and penalties all the way.

  7. Some very good performances tonight. Stupid red for Nir. Thought Christie and Soro were excellent





  8. Controversy tonight as Glasgow Giant crashed out of europe , in the new “Celtic goals count for nothing and if they dont win their home leg they go out” rue intorduced by the referees supervisor committee.

  9. Rolling_Stone on

    A lot of positives. Ange already starting to get us playing the way he wants.



    Welsh, Christie, Sorro and our new winger all looked good.



    Need reinforcement still, but don’t think we need to be dispirited heading into the 2nd leg.

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    We’ll, that was the best performance in a long, long time. I was pleasantly surprised and the e tie is very much alive.



    The issue of kamakazi defending and abject goalkeeping is still a very big issue.



    The problem is staring everyone in the face. It’s glaringly obvious and therefore should not be difficult to fix.

  11. don’t know what to make of that – its Celtic against a team of amateurs yet we struggle – we struggle because the custodians of celtic have a deplorable lack of urgency in getting players to fit the jersey.



    Its astonishing we are in this position – its negligent we are in this position.



    This is champions league , this is Celtics reputation at stake on a global scale – yet the board have no respect for the standards set at this club.



    Seriously, If I wanted a team to fail , I’d do EXACTLY what they are doing – sign projects, delay signings

  12. Never a free kick and thought young Welsh was our MOTM, his partner young Murray looked no bad tae.



    Going tae be a tough one over there as they are quite physical.

  13. i thought we played well


    i thought we played in the new manager’s style (forget the coaches)


    we overcame adversity and are still favourites to go through


    abada looks good, so does murray



    big decision on who is our CF going from here. Eddie looked the same skilful but non team player of last season. Decisions



    the doom should now be gone, a few more games to remove the gloom



    hail haility hail


    hail hail

  14. We were better than I thought we would be.


    Even Christie played well


    Young Murray did well keeping it simple.


    Still hope we get a couple of centre halves

  15. None of the back 4 or the keeper will be even close to the starting 11 in a months time

  16. An enjoyable game. Calmac,Christie and Rogic were my three for Jobo and I felt Welsh had a good game as well. As indeed did Soro . Some others look promising and others less so.


    I would expect to win in Denmark.



    PS I cannot remember the last time I saw Edouard play as well as he is able to.

  17. Some good, some bad.




    Barkas, a Greek tragedy


    Bitton, ego bigger than his loyalty to his team mates.


    Eddie, bad first touch, unconvincing shot when in on goal.


    Took to long to readjust when they went down to 10.


    Finished by playing too many square/back passes.




    Tough tackles and headers from Welsh, also reading the game well.


    Soro playing the defending position well.


    Christie busting a gut.


    Plenty of attacking football in the first half.


    Abada playing well.


    McGregor playing the Captains roll well.


    We should have won. We need defenders, we need a keeper. We will settle.

  18. A very good performance spoiled by 2 numpties.Great performances from,Welsh,Soro,Calmac,Christie,Abada,Turnbull.Edouarde,still playing like a shadow of what he was.If he scores his sitter,we stroll this game.Feeble.Barkas,what can you say.Horrendous.


    Still,nothing to fear from this team.A good 50/50 chance.

  19. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    The ‘Lawwell Trajectory’ continues apace. This is a mob the huns took 7 off of when they (Midgetland) were on the way up. We get them on the way down and… nothing. Same old mediocre pish.



    This won’t change whilst Desmond and PLC Board member (and the most ineffective member of the ECA in history) Lawwell continue to run the show. The whole enterprise is run as a ROI. They will treat SB holders as mugs for as long as there’s profit in it for them. Horrible lot.



    Any dunce could achieve Celtic’s record in Europe. Same mince, different year. But those prawn sandwiches never lose their flavour for the Board’s wee cabal of nonentities.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Generally optimistic but realistic mood on here tonight which is good (IMHO).



    You can’t beat the football being back to stir your blood.



    A few “how did we get here?” types still harping on but c’est la vie.



    The latest from the poster who makes I.M.Jolly look like Ken Dodd was a belter.



    Actually made me laugh.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything






    We share a city AND NOTHING ELSE

  21. RC on 20TH JULY 2021 9:33 PM



    Post as much as you like..i think its hilarious



    Tell us about the shit Adidas advert :)

  22. IniquitousIV on

    One shot on target by the Danes, and flapper Barkas misses it. He has to go, as does Bitton. And why on earth are we STILL letting Christie take corners and free kicks? Haven’t the Chuckle Brothers not advised Ange of ANYTHING? Whatever Eddie had 2 seasons ago, it is completely gone. Can’t hold the ball up, can’t beat a man, can’t shoot. Marginally more energy than last season, but that’s it. Abada and Furuhashi are the future, because they know the way to goal and can shoot with some venom. This team was there for the taking, but the astonishing ineptitude and crass mismanagement of the Board has left Ange a mountain to climb. A keeper is an absolute must as a wild card for next week.

  23. Passing at speed with purpose…………


    Attacking play. Things are looking up.

  24. Very interested to hear the Managers view of the game..looking forward to his interview