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  1. Unfortunately I was unable to watch tonight’s game.



    Thank you to the updates, if I’m honest, near the end I found I was scared to refresh, feartie :)



    The question to those who were fortunate to see the match, was there a significant difference In Ange’s set up in comparisons to Neil?



    IMHO, I feel Ange has had a more difficult hand to deal with.







  2. McPhail Bhoy on

    Some good play and dare I say it but does this type of high pressing suit Christie? Thought him, Welsh, CalMac, Soro were good. Abada looks full of energy and can finish.


    Barkas? My God we’ve had some dodgy keepers in our history but I’ve never seen even the worst of them pull their arms away from the ball! If I didn’t know better I’d be checking betting patterns in the Far East….

  3. On the plus side, their away goal means feck all since away goals no longer count as double. Hard not to be to unkind to Bitton and Barkas. The latter obviously thought the ball was going well wide but shouldnt have taken the chance. Excellent strike though, perfectly executed. I still think there’s a quality goalkeeper in Barkas somewhere. Bitton was a disgrace given the fact he was our most experienced player in defence. Well done the Ref for sending off that diving Midtjylland wannabe hun.


    Can’t remember the last time Edouard scored an important goal for us but his misses are the reason no one has come in with a decent bid.


    Anyway, Celtic will coast through next week and that’s all that counts.

  4. mcgregor was brilliant tonight without having to mind Brown and having freedom to move fluidly vs the restrictions imposed last year. i’m very confident in the future

  5. We deserved to win that game by at least two. Denmark is very doable.



    We need a keeper. I’m afraid Barkas is just very bad.



    CalMac, Soro, Christie and Turnbull played well for me as did Abida. Welsh done ok but didn’t need to go to ground for the free kick they scored from, small margins at this level make the difference.



    Barkas though, we need to accept he’s pish and get a replacement.

  6. Barkas.. That ball wouldn’t get near him if boyatta, julien or balde was playing and I feel bad for him but we need better… Why dont

  7. Go tell the Spartim on

    Thought we played well but same ole same ole, Bitton never learns at all as for Barkas …. I don’t think we need to elaborate on where our issues lie, let’s hope we’re addressing them soon



  8. Barkas 8 (then gives a goal away) 2


    Rolston 6


    Taylor 8


    Welsh 9 (then gives away free) 7


    Bitton 8 (then stupid Red) 2


    McGregor 9


    Turnbill 7


    Soro 9


    Abada 9


    Eddie 6


    Christie 8



    MOM Soro

  9. we try n sign the young 2nd or 3rd choice goalkeepers from the top 5 clubs in the world every year on loan for a season?


    We have the means and reputation to deal with the top clubs and these guys will be professional and ambitious etc.

  10. Ange said we deserved “Three points” :)



    Refused to blame Barkas but he’ll be chatting with McKay and asking him to get a keeper through the door ASAP.

  11. Can we hear from Body-Language experts please! Any pitch-side anomalies????



    Come on……

  12. onenightinlisbon on

    Performance tonight was better than all of those last season.



    from a makeshift team you could not ask for more.



    Ange will make the difference when he gets better players of that there is no doubt.



    Barkas simply not good enough, need a solid goalkeeper and as for the Selfish arse Bitton, he has cost us before with his petulance, hopefully gets moved on asap…..

  13. Laxalt



    fair point but he went for it, had it, and let it in



    reminds me of the bayern goal in 2004 with hedman

  14. Sionnaigh,




    I think Odsonne is taking the Proverbial. He is running a lot.




    He is Barkin’ now. I reckon he Wiz the Best Celt I’d seen Jive talkin’.

  15. imagine you are 18yr old Murray and young welsh , playing in front of Barkas – he looks to slow in the head, doesn’t dominate – don’t forget the spill he had. The definition of a fool is making the same mistake over and over and over again – Celtic will be utter fools if they give that lad the jersey again!



    I’m sure he’s a good lad and probably a decent keeper – but him and celtic does not work.



    Some positives tonight but I’m concerned we are lowering our standard to meet that of the boards – we should NEVER allow that to happen

  16. Happy we played with more purpose.


    Happy to see and hear the crowd back in Paradise.


    Happy to see GG back.



    Disappointed that we continually makes amateurish mistakes.


    Disappointed in our ” talisman ” up front yet again. What has happened to him. ?



    All to play for, but the Danes must fancy their chances



    HH to all, the journey begins.

  17. That game was there for the taking tonight, that we haven’t won gives them the advantage at home, we now need to go over there and win, Bitton is a clown of the highest order ,not for the frst time he tries to act the hard man and it costs Celtic,the referee knew the guy dived and would have dealt with it, Barkas is just woeful but Welsh was stupid tackling where he did, stay up jockey him.


    2 strikes against the post and bar Edouard misses a one on one again in a big game, these are the chances that you need to take.


    Pleased with the effort and the fitness but Ange will need to be ruthless with those who make persistent crucial mistakes.

  18. RC on 20th July 2021 9:33 pm



    NOTTHEBUS on 20TH JULY 2021 7:08 PM


    SCULLYBHOY on 20TH JULY 2021 7:14 PM


    no comments on the interlopers now on.





    Sorry, I was watching the game. I don’t necessarily call out interlopers (as you call them) I only referred to you regarding your devastatingly negativity. Love yah.






    Enjoyed the game and we should have won. Pleased that we gave our best.



    Love the Cellic

  19. TheLurkinTim on 20th July 2021 10:06 pm



    1 each….is as good as a draw ;-,))







    Love it

  20. Ralston… Not an expert on this but I thought positionally and running etc he was excellent and he wasn’t overly ambitious with the ball.



    Taylor…We play 60+ games a year meaning 1 player won’t play every game… In my opinion we will never get a better co/left back than Taylor… Never bottles it, doesn’t lose his discipline, never stops…. Aye we need better/bigger/trickier in some games but i hope he’s a Celtic player for years.

  21. dessybhoy



    can’t blame welsh for that- barkas all the way



    agree on eddie ; consistently playing like my mate in 406 has said all along



    i really do think bitton was concussed; eyes of a bam after the first yellow

  22. Petec


    It was well seen Christie’s playing for a move. Man of the match, Soro’s a waste of space, pathetic decision making. He’ll be playing with the likes of Livingston further down the line. Anyway, hopefully we get some decent money for Christie and Edouard for the rebuild.

  23. Good effort but lacking something …



    Precision / authority / assuredness / luck / on-field intelligence …



    Played some good stuff when it all went right.


    However this progress just highlighted our mistakes when things went wrong.



    VB needs confidence — he had seemed to have found some and then calamity.


    Questions though about why we don’t put a man on the posts.



    OE — sad to say but the magic has gone.


    He must be a vegetarian — played some good stuff but didn’t want to hurt the leather in his boots.



    GT and TR — we are asking both of them to play a complex game they are not capable of.


    Some absolute howlers of poor decision making and a lack of imagination and delivery.


    2nd Half — TR does the hard work and then puts in a cross that wouldn’t have landed in the box if GT hadn’t took a swipe at it.



    And then there are the corners.


    RC — who had a good game — really is crap at them.



    Finally DT needs to play further back to be fully involved in the game and give him space to work into.



    Further up he is like a coked up sheepdog without any sheep.