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  1. I only saw the second half, but judging by a lot of comments we must have been fantastic in the first. Overall I thought we were poor. Callum barely had a touch that I saw and Eddy was not interested. Soro looked lively as did Christie, but we just didn’t create much. Welsh and the other young lad who I didn’t recognize did fine, but they can’t be expected to form a solid central defense. Granted we had limited options with Bitton going off, but the manager needs to get this sorted immediately.



    Sell the keeper as soon as possible, as get a commanding shot stopper in. Good news is that they didn’t look to have anything we should be wary of.

  2. Chances of progress — 51% says me the optimist.


    They are a limited team who cannot handle pressure.


    When it clicked for us they looked ordinary.



    However we have a glass jaw but plenty of style.


    CFC 1960/65 rather than CFC 1965/70.

  3. Soro for me motm


    Barkas – out


    Bitton – what the hell were you thinking ?


    Abada – sad that he had to be taken off


    Edouard – please just go


    Yet another soft goal lost in a CL qualifier – scunnered


    Overall – very energetic performance, deserved more but stupid individual moments denied us

  4. Coneybhoy


    The tackle was completely unnecessary, Barkas made himself smaller again at a cross into the box bent backwards pulled his arms away as if he didnt even know where the ball was, he is useless but the tackle should not have been made.

  5. squire danaher on

    Watched game on Premier Sports.



    Pleased by the manager’s post-match astuteness in refusing opportunity to throw Barkas and Bitton under the bus and give the media their back pages.



    However he will watch this back and realise that this pair have let him down. If he has anyone around him he can trust, they will surely tell him that these pair let down NL and as sure as eggs is eggs they will let him down again and again.



    He needs to be banging McKays door in the morning and winning his arguments for the players he wants.



    There were clear signs of improvement in that display tonight and in respect of individual improvements I would commend Ralston and Christie.



    Welsh and Murray played well but young bhoys shouldn’t have to carry a team.



    I wish the manager well and like his attitude.

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    OE is not a number 9, before the game I would have played, him wide left, Abada wide right and Ajeti, but then Christie came in from the cold and played well, Furuhashi will be the centre forward going forward (if you excuse the repetition of forward). Given their limitations the second half back 4 did well. Welsh was harshly penalised for the free kick, he easily won the ball. Barkas thinks it’s going wide he needs to just punch that to f***. He may well be a good keeper, but then Ian Andrew’s was easily the best keeper at training when he was with us.

  7. If you can’t say something good – don’t say something bad – I can’t & I won’t.



    However I witnessed tonight was a Celtic team that I judge to be on a par with Hibs & Aberdeen last season. What does that say about our short-term future? No comment!!!

  8. Eduard is 5 yards slower in the brain and in the legs – he has not improved in the last 12months, he has actually worse. His hold up play was non existent, his #10 play was slack and his striker play was lacking conviction. We be lucky if we get 6m for him. Strachan is spot on about him – NEVER a #9 .



    Ajeti is just not up to this standard and will not get better – certainly not as a lone striker!



    The board has some work to do otherwise they’ll need more fences at celtic park

  9. In defence of Nir, I think he must have lost a tooth (?) – still he was stupid. I think he got sent off in a European game I was at after coming on as a sub. Maybe he just will never learn (like him as a technically gifted footballer BTW).



    When all is said and done, well done Ange, John and Gavin.

  10. In hindsight ( the foresight of the gobshite ) it might have been better pulling odsonne rather than liel

  11. glendalystonsils on

    Callum MOTM by miles . Soro , Christie(any scouts watching?) , Abada excellent . Turnbull , Ralston , Taylor , Welsh good,but a bit behind the aforementioned . Bitton , Barkas fatally flawed , replace asap . Eddie carrying on from last season’s shadow performances . Replacing him with Ajeti just makes scoring even less likely . Fushihara hasn’t got much to beat there .


    The really good news is that in a short space of time and with an inadequate squad , Ange has got us playing the sort of football which will make last season’s fare seem like a distant bad dream . After a cautious start and up until Bitton got sent off , we looked like we would bury the Danes with some great football .


    The tie is still alive .

  12. petec on 20th July 2021 10:23 pm





    Fair comment – Celtic done so well efter going doon to 10 men – to get a draw.





    What? Keep the negativity going. SUPPORTERS – give me a definition of the word.

  13. Shuggys36Goals on

    Loved us tonight, soro mom for me, no problems with either nir being sent off, ( shouldn’t have lifted his finger) but if you’ve been smacked in the face your judgment isn’t always the best.


    On being hit in the head….


    My only experience of boxing consists of my basic training in the navy.


    So we’re lined up for height, I’m 5foot 6,and all of 8 stone, my oppo is 5 7 ( near enough) but looks about double the weight.


    ‘ nae bother ‘ says I, having grown up on the mean streets of Ayrshire, him from somewhere near Luton was obviously no match for a scooter boy feart of nothing.


    Maybe 3 seconds in, he smacked me a dillion, right on the nose… I dropped to the deck, all I could see was the intro to star trek, came round 30 seconds later.


    So I’m waking up, realise I’m in a boxing ring, get up to the ref waving his hands at me like one of those boys on the deck of an aircraft carrier…..refuse to believe it, try to pull my gloves off to get a hold of the w#@k that just hit me, for a proper fight, but my laughing mates hold me back.


    Whats this got to do with our nir tonight you might ask? Well the mjittiland boy got a free hit at nir tonight and he wasn’t thinking straight after.


    Part b is I kicked the tubby boxers c#@t in about 2 years later in Gibraltar when he brought up our first bout, outside a bar. Not my proudest moment, but really enjoyable.


    Nir Bitton for a hat trick in viking land.

  14. JHB – you are almost right – hibs and Aberdeen are better than us right now and we will struggle to finish 4th. We need quality 1st team signings and quality in depth.



    ENTIRE BACK LINE NEEDS BOUGHT – GK, 2 x CB, 2 x full backs.

  15. Bitton makes 3 attempts to get sent off. Long after the ball is out and no


    penalty has been awarded he first lifts his hands to the player, he then body checks him


    then sticks a finger in his face. looked to me like he was trying to get sent off.


    Maybe someone had money on it


    I can find no other explanation. It wasn’t a reaction/ spur of the moment thing


    He has 3 attempts – watch it back

  16. Come on the Glasgow Hibs! Get rid of the Tricolour and support the Union – The future is…………………….






    JHBTrojanhorselogic CSC

  17. Disappointed not to win that game with a two goal margin. Our prime goal scorer blew it. Christie was unlucky. Other shots were too straight or wide.



    Our two full backs played Ok but both fail at the attacking end of the pitch. That is part of their job too. Need upgrades.



    Barkas. Had been looking pretty solid. Got burned by a cracking free kick that never was. Should have two fisted it away. Instead he lost his bearings and seemed to draw his hands away.



    Referee. Shocking. For both sides but I think we suffered more.



    Bitton. Oh dear. Not the first time. Though had the offside been given the second yellow doesn’t happen.



    Now the positives.



    All the young dudes. Excellent. Soro was my motm.



    Callum is just a great player. Not in the game much second half due to positional change enforced with the man down.



    Feel really sorry for Welsh. It was a great tackle. Never a foul.



    We can take the in the next leg.

  18. squire danaher on

    SHUGGYS36GOALS on 20TH JULY 2021 10:26 PM



    Think you’ll find Bitton is suspended for second leg.



    If I had my way he’d never kick a ball for us ever again.

  19. I’m encouraged by what I watched.



    We know our weak spots. So does Ange. I feared for this evening but I needn’t have.



    We already look a better trained side. Early days but alot of positives to take from that display.

  20. What have we become?



    This is the worst pool of players in at least 10 years.



    On a high note my grandson caught a RC shot and kept the ball. 😂⚽️ true.



    £1300 for season tickets and could not gee you a bottle of water in that heat. Well the baw will help.



    D :)

  21. glendalystonsils on




    I liked your story , but I doubt you’ll see Bitton in the return leg as he’ll be suspended .

  22. SuperSutton,




    its the Almightys Story.




    It All seems impossible now. :))))




    Nothing is Impossible when you Believe.

  23. that was a country mile better than the games last season. i was livid watching us against Riga and Sarajevo

  24. DAVID66 on 20TH JULY 2021 10:31 PM


    What have we become?







    This is the worst pool of players in at least 10 years.







    On a high note my grandson caught a RC shot and kept the ball. 😂⚽️ true.







    £1300 for season tickets and could not gee you a bottle of water in that heat. Well the baw will help.







    D :)



    Celtic FC SLO








    Fans coming to the match tonight, there will be water handed out on arrival, please collect on your way in and not at HT to avoid congestion on concourse. Snacks can be brought to the Stadium in clear plastic bags as food kiosks will not be open tonight

  25. What is the Stars on

    More positives than negatives for me.


    Liked the way Ange refused the tap in offered him in the interview. Good sign.


    Young Israeli lad looks decent. We weren’t as good after he was subbed.Might have left that decision until half time maybe ?


    Anyhow let the man at it.Give him time..

  26. is this the same team sevco took 7 off a couple of seasons ago?


    gerrard’s first season in charge?


    i don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

  27. Benjamin Siegrist at Dundee Utd would make a good replacement for…well, any of them, he’d be a good first choice keeper.

  28. The biggest bonus from tonight is that Bitton won’t play in the next leg.



    Interesting that Ange decided to put a young boy who has only turned 18 on in front of Urhoghide.

  29. I must have been at a different game from the


    the posters on here.



    We really are a mess.