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  1. ‘Walk on’ was good?



    Good short, sharp after match interview from Ange no need to go over tired rhetoric, like SMSM, lining up his predecessors



    Celtic had some sparkling displays from Soro, Abada’s (goal) Christie, Turnbull, Murray, and Welsh. But Ange’s secret ‘weapon’ Nir Bitton played right into the referee’s hands to become the oldest dafty CB in Parkhead, and reduces Celtic’s chances instantly of all three points, in Ange’s wee faux pas.



    The need for players in Parkhead will not have diminished and despite good shows from youngsters, Bain, Hazard, and Doohan the other Euro Celts would have did something to prevent the away goal.



    Celtic have set the bar way too low, it’s still overdue being raised especially for midgetyland. ( no offence to small folk )



    M.O.M Ismaila Soro

  2. I expect we will all see what an imposter Edouard is when we get a proper striker, hopefully Furuhashi will be the one. Tonight was the Eddy of last season, lethargic and didn’t deliver when it mattered.

  3. i remember Ian Andrews coming to a charity night at Strathclyde Uni in 88. he was wearing flarey slacks and a golf jumper. Derek Whyte was in a trackie as it was after training.



    derek was on orange juice, Ian was necking beers and trying to neck female students



    when Ian had to give out a prize, my Rangers mate shouted ‘don’t drop it’.



    i’ve never seen anyone look so crushed



    he hit the bar big time. Derek said ‘ we have training in the morning”



    ian said ‘ don’t care, everyone hates me’



    Everyone felt really bad for him, even my Rangers mate



    thing is, he made some good saves, the 5-1 game was all about crosses and he was part of a bunch of people culprits

  4. Considering I was suicidal last week and after PNE …tonight was a pleasant surprise……BUT they were rubbish….we were ok….if we had a keeper ..if we had full backs…..if we had a centre half …if eddy could be arsed ….we would take the huns


    Christie…playing for a move ?…could be …why not get round the table


    Soro could be anything if he didn’t dive in wrecklessly…..still my MOM…..we still aren’t getting any breaks….I was hoping Ange was lucky

  5. SQUIRE DANAHER on 20TH JULY 2021 10:30 PM


    SHUGGYS36GOALS on 20TH JULY 2021 10:26 PM




    Think you’ll find Bitton is suspended for second leg.




    If I had my way he’d never kick a ball for us ever again.



    ………. ………..


    He’s a liability as a defender. Totally unreliable.

  6. Christie = plays well = playing for a move


    Eddie = plays badly = playing for a move



    Go figure

  7. Well done Ange – considering the circumstances. We will get there big lad.




  8. Good night all Celtic supporters. Almost – still, a lot of positives for me.




  9. he had a rip up the side of his lip



    i did that once in Copenhagen; walked into a lamppost (literally)



    i was pretty confused after that

  10. Personally, with the proper personnel, I can see a real good team for it under Anges tutelage

  11. One thing I don’t understand from Ange tactics.


    Is this pushing the 2 fullbacks into middle of midfield.


    What benefit is there in that

  12. Thought Welsh was MVP for us.. He might be irreplacable


    Bitton… Maybe the most capped and experienced player on the park but in my opinion the only way you go for a guy, 3 times, when on a yellow card is either-


    1..you want to be sent off OR


    2…You have genuinely lost it.


    There’s no doubt he lost it.

  13. SHOOIE on 20TH JULY 2021 11:00 PM




    I understand your frustration and what you say about Eddy – and of course you may well be right.



    Having witnessed his talent for a few years, I have touched on the same conclusion, once, or, twice.



    However looking at him closely tonight, I can see a bewildered young guy who really doesn’t want to be here. Looks to me that he’s not in love with the game anymore & has totally lost his confidence. I know we are all losing patience with him – I feel for him. I think he might be suffering.



    He blossomed very quickly when he came on the scene – could he have lost it just as quick?



    I would love to know what the coaching staff think about him, but we never will.

  14. LAXALT on 20TH JULY 2021 11:30 PM




    Has Bitton ‘engineered’ his dismissal in the past? I may be wrong, but a St Mirren match seems to ring a bell.



    I’ve never seen a clearer case of a player trying hard to start a confrontation. It appeared to me that the opposing player was totally disinterested and wanted to walk away.




  15. fieldofdrams



    makes you think; rugby has protocols, the french lad in the Euros played on when spark out



    not very progressive



    guess we will find out tomorrow

  16. “In fact, I don’t think we will ever be as badly prepared as we were tonight going into such an important game and that’s on me.”



    An incredibly brave statement for our manager to make.



    Whether he’s a good manager- we have yet to see.



    But he’s certainly an impressive man.

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The post match comments ebb and flow on here always interests me.



    If the result is so-so, instinctively positive types often post immediately after full time.



    Then the lurkers, plants and curmudgeons seem to collectively stir and think “I’m not havin’ that – time to attack the mood”



    I’m quite content tonight.



    I saw the shoots of recovery (they’re not tall).



    We’re a mess – but weeks ago many of us knew we would be for this game.



    I saw almost a whole team give their all.



    I saw a team try to play the way their manager wanted even though both parties knew they didn’t fully have the tools.



    The group will get better at implementing Ange’s philosophy.



    They’ll also get fitter.



    Liel Abada will get better.



    Our new striker will play a huge role. He’ll bring energy and pace and nuisance value up top.



    We’re on our way.



    It will be hard at times.



    I honestly can’t wait for our next game.



    Night all.

  18. Turnbull n MacGregor were just a cut above everyone else who started



    We definitely need a striker a goalkeeper and 2 x top notch full backs and i think we’ll win the league (as per usual in your lifetime Sammy) easily enough.



    Big Eddie needs to leave to become one of the world’s top players.



    Big Ang… I have total faith in him..

  19. Philbhoy



    what Celtic supporter would sign in as R C ,I’ve been watching this guy


    for a few months on here. definately a HUN

  20. Shuggys36Goals on

    Ach, I’m now aware nir is suspended for the next match, I’m blaming my post boxing concussion from 86, and a bottle of wine from 2021.


    Bit scary at times, but I liked a lot of what i saw, were a bit fragile confidence wise, but there’s the spine of a good entertaining team in there I think.

  21. VINNIETHEDOG on 20TH JULY 2021 11:05 PM




    If that’s what makes you feel suicidal, please get some help. Nothing suicidal is a figure of speech.

  22. JHB… That was Ntcham



    It must really sicken the sevys that we’re not in a great place but the clever ones will both know that unless you’re 86 years old then you’ve seen Celtic win the league for the majority of your life.



    That won’t change…. I really think we’re going to brilliant under AP

  23. His Heart isnae in it and it is showing.



    An Incredible Celt but Ange only wants those TOTALLY COMMITTED. And quite rightly so.

  24. Odsonne Edouard will always have a special place in my heart for wiping the smile of that Little Englander Unionist hoor Ross’s face.


    He goes with my blessing alright, but ffs let’s get some dolly for the lolly.


    Liked the public spectacle of Leigh Griffiths getting told to warm up tonight whilst not being used, his colleagues ignoring his passing quips in the process.


    Ange wont be deceived, I’m certain of that much.