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  1. Delaneys Dunky on

    Thoroughly enjoyed being back at a fitba match with my son again last night.


    I really enjoyed the game, but was more excited about the occasion 9000 of my fellow Tims experienced.


    100% behind Ange Postecoglou.


    Thought we were better team apart from both full back positions.


    Sorry Anthony and Greg, but you are both not good enough to play for Celtic.


    Reckon we will win in Denmark against this divin cheatin mob.

  2. I was surprised we did so well – considering. I’m still not sure about Ralston and Taylor. They’re young so decent coaching should improve them but it’s obvious we’re looking for better and when we get them Ralston and Taylor will probably become squad players – but will lack of game time set them back?



    I think it’s clear time is up for Barkas, Bitton and Eduard – they simply cannot be trusted to do what we need them to do. They should all be sold and better players brought in – pronto.

  3. Alasdair MacLean on

    Just a quick note for any interlopers searching for the truth.


    Don’t believe corrupt football authorities or anybody with a vested interested in making a buck from the game.


    All you have to do is enter three words in a Google search:


    Sevco Companies House


    There you will find the truth as laid out by Her Majesty’s Government’s department.


    Now, you may take odds with me, but who would take odds with Her Majesty?


    No bother!

  4. Saw this comment on the Guardian’s report on the game which might be of interest:



    Hi, An Aussie Brisbane Roar fan here. Had the pleasure of watching Ange transform our team from a ramshackle mess to the best football side that Australia has ever produced at club level – they were absolutely fearless and would match it with anybody, that went on a 36 game unbeaten streak (including a championship) well into the next season. They didn’t just beat sides – they dismantled them (see the 7-1 over Adelaide Utd as an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VflxIBxiKVY). I look forward to seeing what he can do with Celtic and from watching the game this morning (replay Aust EST) the team has only partly absorbed what he wants them to do so far (too many long passes, players not dropping to collect off the back line, lack of patience in possession, etc.). Some of the passing errors can be attributed to players not remembering where they are supposed to be – I thought they looked sloppy and frequently lost shape in the first 20-25 minutes or so, then they started to remember what they are supposed to be doing and started stringing some sections of passing together and playing their way into the box the right way.


    The basic shape Ange uses is a 4-3-3 (though it sometimes is a 3-4-3), with a high-pressing, short-passing game that looks to maintain upwards of 2/3 of possession and basically run the opposition into the ground by having them chase leather for 60 minutes or so. The midfield three is often set up as a sideways/angled triangle with a holding midfielder, a No.10 and a box-to-box link man who primarily operates on one side of the pitch (the formation tends to be overloaded to the side of that player’s stronger foot, and they will often drop into the defensive line on the side that the fullback tucks in on). The striker may play either as a goal mouth poacher, a target man with his back to goal or as a false nine. The wingers usually start wide and make diagonal runs towards the penalty box with the fullbacks overlapping – often seven players will commit to the attack.


    The centre-halves will often split and take up widish positions with the holding midfielder dropping to sit just in front of them. They are expecyted to drop and receive the ball short when the keeper is in position with the box-to-box midfielder making the next line with the fullbacks. The team plays a high line and the keeper is expected to sweep high as well. Sometimes Barkas looked a bit lost and went long (losing possession – Ange hates that) with his distribution and was probably sitting too far behind his centre-halves for Ange’s liking.



    I saw a few high crosses into the box, which isn’t the preferred mode of attack – he want’s the striker to sit on the edge of the box to receive cutbacks from the wide players, if that’s blocked he prefers the wingers to play back to the midfield and look to open up the other side rather than risking a low-percentage high ball that would potentially expose the team in transition. Sometimes today players wer getting isolated and not getting their heads up and the next line wasn’t coming close enough to give the passing option to let that happen, leaving the wide player isolated – he should have two short outlets available under Ange’s system – one back up the line and another at 45 degrees.



    This is getting way too rambling – but hopefully it explains the type of football you can expect once he has grounded the side in his methods and offloaded the players that don’t suit the system. It took about 8 games + the offseason for Brisbane to fully click and I went to a pre-season game against Everton where they gave the PL side a real run for their money and even lead them for a bit. The majority of the game was 1-1 with BR dominating posession and field position with David Moyes going apoplectic on the bench. The final scoreline in Everton’s favour on the day didn’t reflect the balance of play and if he could do that with the tiny resources of an A-League team, he can do so much more with what Celtic can provide him – given time and the right backing.

  5. My friends in Celtic,



    I really feel sorry for Odsonne Edouard, one of my favourites. Its blatantly obvious he would rather be elsewhere.


    Probably best for all parties.



    But what sort of fee could we expect.? He is living on past reputation and potential, because his most recent performances will not command much more than we paid for him.



    He is over 23 years old and his under 21 performances for France will take that into the equation.



    I am gutted for the boy.




  6. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Thank you Alasdair, but we all know the truth, the hun and their bigots


    who are rife in the MSM are struggling to accept it.


    Really pleased with last nights performance from our bhoys, they refused


    to be intimidated by big physical opponents and I think there’s cause for


    some optimism with the performances of the young dudes.


    Welsh for me was MOTM, with great support from Calmac, Soro, and I hope


    we have the bhoy Murray on a long contract.


    Feel for big Nir, but this is Celtic, and it’s a mad moment of many, time to go,


    along with the Goalie, he won’t do either


    Abada ? I feel we have a diamond there and with KYOGO on the go..go Eddie


    can go..go and sulk elsewhere.


    Embdy else think he’s been told he’s staying and running his contract down ?


    Highlight of the night ? those nine thousand committed Celts who managed


    to get tickets and sang their hearts out in a magnificent rendition of YNWA.


    Must be just on here that there’s so much negativity, or is it trollativity ? 8-))


    H.H. Mick

  7. Tom McLaughlin on

    Disappointed in the result but happy with the overall performance, Bitton and Barkas apart.



    We seem to make a habit of shooting ourselves in the foot from positive positions in Europe.



    Ryan Christie was back to his best and was my man of the match. Welsh was superb at the back. Pity we had to lose Abada who looked dangerous.



    Bitton absolutely brainless, especially knowing he had already been booked.



    At least the tie is still alive which is more than a lot of us expected.



    Looking forward to the second leg with all to play for.

  8. MELBOURNE MICK on 21ST JULY 2021 7:35 AM.



    I mentioned last night about the positive of having fans back in Paradise.



    I have seen the photos of friends getting back to a form of normality in the pre match ” entertainment”in the Merchant City and the Gallowgate.



    Football without fans is nothing. Especially for Celtic where it is the fans that define us as a ” big ” club.




  9. People suggesting that Christie is putting himself in the shop window. Maybe we’re just seeing the player that he could be with decent coaching.



    Either way, if he wants to continue with his “shop window” performances every week, I’d be delighted.



    As for Eddie, what’s the opposite of the shop window? Surely his performances the past twelve months would put off any of the real big clubs – even Leicester looked elsewhere.



    Rumours of Brighton coming in with a bid and personally, I think that looks far more realistic than some of the names linked last season.

  10. Melbourne Mick on

    Yes you did and I nodded my head in agreement, as being in Oz I was


    just catching up on you fine bhoys.


    I was thrilled with the efforts of the fans trying to lift our team, watching


    previous games without them was a tough gig.


    H.H. Mick

  11. Melbourne Mick on

    Meanwhile my optimism and good mood has been dampened by


    a text from PADDYMACOZ confirming our Celtic Sunday on the 25th


    July has to be cancelled due to lockdown.


    Although it was expected I always hope for miracles.


    H.H. Mick

  12. GREENPINATA on 21ST JULY 2021 7:35 AM



    He tested positive for Covid last October. The worry has to be that his decline in form is connected to that rather than anything else.

  13. quadrophenian on

    Lots to like about our team gelling around a new game plan.


    The reason we’ve kept big Bitton around for so long is because of his footballing brain, right?


    But that’s not just about seeing a pass or reading a game; it’s being composed in attitude, decision and temper.


    Yet how many times now, has the player made poor immature decisions like last night’s one.


    We won’t get much for him if he returns to play in Israel (as rumoured) but what will it cost if he stays?


    Another nir-death experience for us in a critical tie.


    Plus, I’ve never seen such a skittish goalie in any team for a long time. Crapper-flapper.



    We’ll do em in Denmark!

  14. celticforever on

    With regard to Eddie having covid in October



    I remember saying to my brother during the qualifying rounds of


    the champions league that Eddie was running around like it was


    a kick about in the park and didnt look to be trying a leg



    Admittedly after the new year his efforts did seem to improve but


    to date he hasnt got his mojo back and still trying to beat a whole


    defence himself before shooting

  15. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Midgerland will finish the job next week (3-1). Celtic will again fall to a W a fraction f or resources. The PLC will reign in the spend accordingly and we will finish 20 points behind the huns. The PLC will turn a profit. The PLC will deem the season a success.



    Next season the SB sales will drop by a further 10K to 35K. Ange will leave for a bigger job, probably in the lower half if the English Championship. The PLC will respond by ‘giving youth a chance’, selling any remaining assets and appointing John Kennedy as manager. Sevco will win their third title in a row by 20+ points. A statue to Peter Lawwell will be unveiled. It will be heated. The PLC will turn a profit. The PLC will deem the season a success.



    The following season SB sales will reduce to 25K…



    Well run club.

  16. PLB


    You really are tedious – never reply to a question just recycling the same old mantra.



    Ever try supporting your team – of course you do it’s just not Celtic.



    Anyway thankfully I’m out for the day .

  17. Celtic will sign three new defenders, a midfielder and potentially a striker and goalkeeper.



    We will beat Midtjeland 3-1 away from home.



    We will win the league. Gérard will leave for England before the season ends as he sees the writing on the wall Ange will stay for 4 years. We will be regular participants in the CL groups and last 16.



    SB sales will continue at current levels.



    Is that how you do it?



    Seems easy to predict the future.

  18. Young Welsh, don’t ne very well last night, marshalling our defence, with the dismissal of Bitton



    Question, do we need a right back ?


    We have Starfelt coming in, with Julienne and Hjelde, plus Urghohide, that can all play in Centre



    Move Stephen Welsh to the right back slot ???



    I will repeat, we have Montgomery & Hjelde that can and will make it in next 12 months ?



    She a bit of patience and let the youth develop ??



    Let us s know up front on the plan, and the fans will support



    Just my opinion

  19. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    My optimism died when Lawwell reasserted himself prior to the AEK game. You know the rest.






    It is that easy. 3 years from now the Board shills will still be furiously polishing turds. You can take that to the bank – along with the PLC’s profits.

  20. Good mor ing cqn from a cloudy Garngad but hopefully the cloud will burn out.



    Just asked my grandson again and he said there was no water handed out and all kiosks were shut, anyway he survived. That was after 5 hours at the Celtic training camp during the day.



    There is at least 5 players who should not be anywhere near our team from last night.


















    Oh and Barkas



    So 6, Ange has his work cut out.



    He will know he needs some quality in there in numbers.



    In him I am backing but for goodness sake Ralston et al…




    D :)

  21. Looking at the sheer joy on the faces of the fans at Celtic Park last night,just delighted to be there,cheering on the team.Wonderful to see.


    Then ,this morning,you come on here.The doom and gloom brigade out in force,around 7 or 8 of the usual suspects.The only thing that cheers me up,is the sheer misery watching Celtic gives them.Please God,let it continue.

  22. A game of two Israelis and a Greek tragedy.



    The young central defensive pairing looked promising. Welsh starting to look like a leader.



    CalMac very good, almost topped off with a brilliant goal (and move)


    Christie – super committed



    Would have liked to have seen french Eddie on the field.



    FOTM – Nir Bitton


    Playing Greg Taylor in a ‘converted Philip Lahm’ role will create lots of chances – for the opposition!



    First Tic game I’ve seen all season. A distinct improvement on NFL’s debacles.



    HH jg

  23. DAVID66 on 21ST JULY 2021 9:17 AM



    Decent shout but I disagree slightly on Christie. I think he had his best game in a Celtic shirt in some time.



    Not everything he did came off but he was all-action, was instrumental in the goal and if he wants away, he certainly didn’t play like it last night.

  24. Starfelt deal held up due to obtaining his “work visa”.



    First example of Brexit hitting our plans?

  25. “In fact, I don’t think we will ever be as badly prepared as we were tonight going into such an important game and that’s on me.



    “It is, I’m the manager of the football club. I’m the one that takes that responsibility of providing support for the players and staff.



    “If things aren’t happening it’s on me to make them happen”



    Ange is being very harsh on himself there but I do like the sound of someone taking responsibility for performances and protecting the players. Very refreshing.

  26. Tom McLaughlin on

    I hope Ange has a sit down with Ryan Christie and talks him into staying on at Celtic. He was oitstanding last night and apart from his excellent running and ball play, he was unlucky not to have scored a couple of goals and of course, he set-up the goal for Abada.



    Last night Ryan looked like a player freed from the chains of last season. Can we afford to let such a talent go without at least trying to talk him into a change of heart, assuming he really does want to leave?

  27. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Two nights ago Tontine Tim posted a cracker.



    It stimulated a warm, positive discourse.



    PLB came on early the next day with a mood killer.



    Last night, different subject (the match) but generally warm and fuzzy chat tempered with realism.



    Right on cue this morning – the mood killer was posted.



    PLB might very well be a Celtic fan (albeit a disgruntled one).



    One thing is certain though ….



    He is NOT a Celtic SUPPORTER.