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  1. TURKEYBHOY on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 8:51 PM


    Anyone blaming the keeper,you are talking shit.






    Honestly it’s embarrassing.

  2. Philbhoy- Tonight, I could make a better job of Centre back than Duffy and I can get under a turnstile without ducking😀

  3. They are literally walking through Brown and then are met by an equally slow Duffy. Both of them look scared of big Zlatan.



    It’s like watching Father Ted’s over 75 football team in green and white down the middle.



    Love wee Frimpers but just bereft of a final ball.



    Laxalt looks good tonight and Ajer up for it.




  4. DANSO_1888 on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 8:48 PM


    do our players get coached?



    It really doesn’t look like it.

  5. absolute shambles


    Duffy is useless


    Welsh is slower than Duffy


    S. Brown is done


    McGregor, anyone know what position he’s meant to be playing



    Ibrahimovic is playing like is 5’s game.

  6. Even when we were doing well- with Ajer, Laxalt, Ntcham and Ajeti prominent- I never felt confident about the defence.



    It is not the tactic of 3 at the back that has done us; it is technique errors. A set piece wherre Duffy misread the flight and Welsh was not physical enough to bump his opponent, followed by Callum busting a gut to help out but then running straight into Duffy (who is blameless for that 2nd goal- he did his job till his tem mate bumped him).



    I don’t want a humiliation and I’d like a wee goal for confidence but I still cannot work up as much enthusiasm for this as I had for the domestic games.



    Might be interesting to give Welsh a rest and play Broony in the back 3 as most of our subs are midfielders.

  7. Did anyone really expect anything different?


    Why not try and make it difficult for your opponents to score, with a 4–2-3-1 system?


    Playing at Celtic Park is now a doddle for any half-decent team, including the Huns.

  8. Milan are a decent team and are top after four games.



    Lazio were top half-way through the season when we met them. There’s definitely been some regression.

  9. God watching this back, the goals are utterly dire.



    Duffy in the wrong movie, young Welsh looking totally lost

  10. Peter Lawell !!! if you’re reading this ! this is what you get when you fail to do your job – We have a center back ON LOAN , we have a left back ON LOAN, we have a youngster playing beside a donkey at the back and his confidence risks being shot! And we have a 5m goalkeeper who looks timid and scared.



    I’ve been playing and watching football for 50yrs – EVERYONE knows the spine of the team wins championships.



    Your penny pinching and lack of ambition has weakened and embarrassed this team!!

  11. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    There is no direction belief or confidence about this team, and I suspect the reason we won the league last year is that sevco fell apart.



    This won’t do and radical change needs to come as a matter of urgency. No chance of ten in a row or a quadruple treble while the present status quo pertains.



    Urgent action needed Mr Desmond, if you’re at all interested.

  12. onenightinlisbon on

    As expected so far. Laxalt obviously giving it his all against his parent club. Ntcham and Ajer trying to impress other clubs. Lennon trying to impress no one again. Tick tock…

  13. We are playing without a MF.



    ON gets pass marks but he seems to be playing the guest star role.


    SB is putting in a shift — just a case that he is just not moving at the speed of the game.


    CMcG is a squad player at best — he is so lightweight he couldn’t keep weans out a close.



    We still have a VW sized hole in the MF.

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’d never heard of Shane Duffy before he signed.



    What joy The ROI captain and a Celtic supporter to boot.



    What could go wrong?



    From what I’ve seen, I’d rather have signed Shane McGowan.

  15. Have to say very lenient reffing too. Not booking Dalot for a prolonged jersey tug, another defender did the same to Ajeti in the righ wing area without being spotted and then there was the rake down the instep of Ajeti by their Midfielder Kesi.



    Don’t think he will be so lenient if we give them a taste.

  16. I really though Duffy was going to bring stability and organization to our defense but it’s the exact opposite. I can see why some folks think Ajer is doing well, but he isn’t. He has completely given up on the shape (if there ever was one) of our defensive line and looks like he’s playing for himself. Get Christie and Rogic on in midfield with McGregor and Ntcham, and get the central back 3 to play together as a unit.

  17. I don’t know how anyone can be blaming the goalkeeper.


    Welsh and Frimpong on the right and side are woeful.


    Then we’ve got the 2 up front , well that’s why theyve not been playing

  18. lets all do the huddle on

    on the plus side we have had infinitely times as many shots on target as we did on saturday







    Lennon trying to impress no one again. Tick tock…




  20. onenightinlisbon on

    But hey, Neil is a legend, we must protect him at all times, no criticism allowed on here…. Must be full of huns/pantywetters/mineshafters…..

  21. A period of humility would suit us well. We cannot match the top teams but we appear not to change our tactics to reflect that anymore.



    Famous wins against bigger names came from a solid defensive shape and an ability to spring into attack quickly.



    We haven’t the players to play this way against top teams. Duffy thrives in compact teams. Not in expansive ones.



    Somebody needs to get a grip.

  22. the difference between Lennon and Rodgers is that Rodgers wasn’t afraid to tell the board what they lacked – balls and ambition!

  23. Call_of_Juarez on

    Ajeti looking like he could do something, but we cannot get the ball to him.



    Don’t think we will be knocking Brighton’s door down to sign big Shane in the summer:-)



    Pittodrie is a must win for the manager.

  24. SFTB @ 8.54



    Point of information — we have been crap in the SPL all season.


    Just a case we are playing against a better class of opposition and they can show up our regular mistakes.

  25. Match your resources close to, but better than, your competitors- yup, no problem!


    Go for the ten – yup no problem!


    We guarantee the ten by magicking up a better squad that season – dunno know.




    From what I’ve seen, I’d rather have signed Shane McGowan.



    that did make me laugh,



    would that not be a singing




    But hey, Neil is a legend, we must protect him at all times, no criticism allowed on here…. Must be full of huns/pantywetters/mineshafters…..



    —and of course, winning 67 million in a row, in a Sunday pub league, is more important than replicating the feats of our Lisbon heroes.

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