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  1. I was pleased with the Duffy signing. Doesn’t look the part this evening.



    The board have backed the manager and I’m not usually generous in my praise of them.



    However, we are very very poor on the park.



    Can we win anything, without making major changes? I would suggest not

  2. STEBHOY :



    Go back to your bed until you sober up.



    Duffy has played the last three seasons in the EPL, and five before that in the Championship which is a far higher standard than the league we play in. He’s been dreadful tonight, but watch the second goal; he’s pulled right because we have no full backs defending, because we sacrified width at the back tonight against a team playing with three up front … for the second game in a row by the way.



    Where are the other defenders when the pass inside catches him cold? Nowhere. It’s Callum who has to charge back from midfield to bail him out.



    The defensive positioning and the shape are out of whack tonight completely; Lennon changed the front two tonight. The system is the same one Sevco played through with ease at the weekend and I said then that a REAL team would have turned us over, and tonight we’re playing one.



    We are all over the place, because nobody is working on the tactical shape … we are a disorganised mess.



    And that is NOT the fault of the chief executive. The on loan full back has put in a performance tonight. The on loan central defender was an EPL player and almost universally acclaimed on his signing … the problems do not lie with the personnel but how they are organised.

  3. When does the elastic snap?


    When does DD get up aff his fat erse and show some leadership?


    We are now a EuL laughing stock.

  4. BANKIEBHOY1 on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 8:59 PM


    full hoooose?



    four corners, another 4 will be along in a moment .



    Ignore the Hun.






    which wan?




  6. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Im not bothered about EL – HT 2 nil down no surprise



    At least we are playing with a bit of passion



    The concern remains not just tonight not just Saturday but all season



    NL needs help



    10 is under pressure




    BTW who is surprised at their result tonight ??? no me neither



    If you change nothing nothing changes




  7. Amusing to think Duffy will be the highest paid player in our team. Neil must be so glad he got his man.



    Rank rotten.

  8. Looks like a Tony Mowbray inspired team loads of effort achieving nothing …..sad how far we’ve fallen in such a short time.


    Lennon looks tired and the players look tired of Lennon.



    Need a change.

  9. Napper Tandy O' the Jungle so green on

    It’s not the best first half we’ve ever seen, I for one am thinking that, a wee bit of shape is needed.


    We could swallow our giant pride of the “Celtic Way” and, become unbeatable, with a shape that, even invincible Brendan found difficult to breach. We are Killies AC Milan. So Killie put up a shield, that’s difficult to breach. Its not about losing face, it’s about facing another way. Get a ‘solid’ 4-4-1-1 play over the top, and the bottom line is, at least we’ll get out of our own half. Two years back, Neil took us to Ibrox, and he did what I describe above, and we won 0-2. So, Neil is a master of the above, both playing, and managing, as described above. I don’t mean to hex anyone, but Brendan breached Killie’s shield, when Scot our beloved captain wasn’t able to play that day at Celtic Park, and Callum emerged as a £10 million player. Good luck, Hail Hail.


    Oh, I’m not a h** :)

  10. JF – Did you just watch duiffy pass the ball straight to the Milan defender , then pass to frimpong . he supposed to be leader and has been too slow and cumbersome.



    If you read my post , I implicated brown, mcgregor, Duffy and Ajer for not closing down the first phase ball. Basic basic defending.



    Our problems with let back and center back positions have been known and un resolved for over a year now – we just didn’t get the negotiations over the line for the top targets – this is down to penny pinching and therefore we end up with this nonsense.

  11. `There is no direction belief or confidence about this team,`



    That being so, `this team` is simply reflecting the personality of CQN since the season started.


    I think I`ll do a Corkcelt.


    Cheerio for now.

  12. James Forrest.


    If it’s not the fault of the ceo I guess it must be the fault of the manager?


    Who appointed the manager?


    The buck stops with lawwell.

  13. No happy and definitely not in a clique 😡


    But jerrsybhoy is a Hun 😉


    Happy to clear that up

  14. bluegrass celt on



    I’d never heard of Shane Duffy before he signed.




    What joy The ROI captain and a Celtic supporter to boot.




    What could go wrong?




    From what I’ve seen, I’d rather have signed Shane McGowan.




    We should have signed Duffy, the wee blonde Welsh signer 😳

  15. Hot Smoked – agreed! The Stelvio climb TV coverage was breathtaking, rarely seen a more beautiful backdrop to a race.

  16. There are many talanted and capable players on Celtic’s books.


    At the start of the year a forced change in formation allowed them, individually and collectively, to start to play to their potential and Celtic took flight and nine was enivitable.


    Luck is difficult to define. Perhaps it is a combination of circumstance and what materials are to hand. But surely it also has to include a degree of self-awareness of being in the moment when things are open and not already cast and closed.


    NL was lucky once. Can he be lucky twice?

  17. 2 nil down philbhoy, we’re a bit more zippy this half with RC and a diff formation; however we’re playing against italian masters

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