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  1. Duffy all at sea again. Sadly looking like a Colin Hendry at the moment. Needs to forget his Perf tonight and be solid at the weekend

  2. onenightinlisbon on

    Better in the second half. Lennon should have started with that formation. Rogic excellent and Christie did well apart from his terrible delivery. Still pumped as expected right enough…that defending…..

  3. Switch to a four at the back. Duffy out.



    Would like to see two upfront but not sure how we do that without ditching the 3-5-2.

  4. Maybe Sevco’s European advances will work to Celtic’s SPL’s advantage.


    That’s the only game in town for me.

  5. we really didn’t deserve that last goal – takes the sting out of a great performance in the second half.



    Duffy is all heart – when you know you don’t have pace you need ensure your positioning is good – unfortunately he was watching Ajer man instead of tracking the center.



    Overall – great response and indicators that there is a team there.



    Get Julien fit , Eddie back and stick with the mobile midfield and we should get the season started.




  6. You could drive an articulated truck through the middle of our defense. I am so f@cking pissed off with how naive we are.

  7. Game ends 1-3


    Second half hopefully fires up the team.


    Sorry to say, we didn’t really open up until Broonie was subbed. Rogic has always had a special quality, and we’ve definitely missed that.




    We scored from a corner 👍

  8. DESSYBHOY on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 9:50 PM


    Fkin space he got does Duffy read the game,could’ve done what he wanted






    he didnt see the boy until it was too late. Frimpong was too high on the right but understandable as chasing a goal. Duffy didnt get his body in the correct position, had he looked second earlier or had a bit more pace would have snuffed it out. His limitations unfortunately.

  9. Duffy cannot start again – he might have got ten minutes fir Greenock Juniors back in the 70s but he has now cost us four goals and an assist in the last two games.

  10. Better second half.



    I’m almost satisfied with overall performance, though may be due to such a dire performance at the weekend.



    Still huge concerns

  11. bluegrass celt on

    Duffy and Barkas are about a ten steps backwards too many for me.




    Laxalt- superb


    Ntcham and Ajer – just tell them that there’s an AC Milan scout in the stands every week and the two of of them might just turn up and play for the hoops.


    To be fair to Ajer , there’s a player there, just maybe no in a back three …..or four

  12. O.G.RAFFERTY on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 9:52 PM


    Maybe Sevco’s European advances will work to Celtic’s SPL’s advantage.



    That’s the only game in town for me.






    Sadly this concept of staying ahead of a team called Rangers at all costs is a virus at Celtic park, on the park, in the directors box and in the stands.

  13. I really wish Frimpong would lift his head before crossing. 4 occasions tonight and not once was it near a Celtic player.


    For all those screaming for Griffiths. Tonight is your answer.

  14. 3-5-2 has surely been killed tonight. Three halves too late.



    Welsh will need a therapist and Duffy a one way train ticket to the south coast.



    Frimpong —– Julien—–Ajer—–Laxalt



    And we need to talk about Scott. From the bench please. From the bench.



    Enjoyed a Tom Rogic cameo and a 20 minutes period of nice football.




  15. A very good second half. Talk of this Celtic side being divided and against their manager was nonsense. Good changes made at HT.



    The blue print is there for Pittodrie. Plenty to look forward to and be hopeful about going forward.



    4-5-1 for Pittodrie – I’d ‘rest’ Broonie and start Tam.






    Pleased with tonight, pretty much what I realistically was hoping for.



    Sorry. Irish bhoys but either your bhoy is pish or can’t play in a 3 back formation




    He’s a Celtic player. He is all our Bhoy.

  17. As I said at the end of the first half – I am pleased with the overall performance but the goals are just soul destroying- a lot of positives tonight but can we keep them going at the weekend, I really hope so, ther us some light.

  18. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Did’ not expect anything from this one.



    As I said earlier in the week, the narrative going in to the weekend will be ‘Celtic looking to avoid 3 consecutive defeats’.



    The pressure is on.



    Play with the same tempo as tonight and we’ll win easily.



    Drop points…….goodnight Neil Lennon.