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  1. Much better. Effort, skill, enthusiasm. Score line flatters Milan.



    Still some defensive issues. Duffy is the answer to combatting the big centre forwards. But not footballing teams.



    Laxalt. Wow.

  2. didnt expect to win tonight so it was all about the perfo9rmance. Though not great, there were definitely signs of what we know we can do.


    We will win the league by 6+ points. covid or no covid.


    Oiche mhaith

  3. Better than against Sevco, that wouldn’t be hard. The players and formation in the last 30 minutes worked well, with a better final ball and better shooting (anything on target would be a bonus) .


    Duffy is all heart and a Tim however he’s shockingly bad; I’ll hold my hands up and say I was happy when we signed him as I wanted a no nonsense defender unfortunately we haven’t got that either the quicker Jullien comes back the better. I’d fancy my chances on a one on one with Duffy and I’m in my 50s!

  4. For those that say we were better than Saturday, 4 days ago was the most abject display I have ever seen from Celtic in 60 years, and I have seen a few. 100 per cent effort for 90 minutes is the least we should expect.


    Saying we only got beat 3-1 at home sets a very low bar.

  5. ST TAMS on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 9:57 PM


    Still think we need a new manager and coaching team





    Yes we do.



    Some are celebrating a 3-1 home defeat as a good result.



    How far have we fallen?

  6. Without being dramatic, that should be the end of Shane Duffy . He is no where near Celtic quality

  7. Duffy’s in the wrong movie – hate to say it as I expect he’s really hurting personally.



    But WeeBGFC said to me.



    “Da – I’d love to play for Celtic too – I’d be p!sh as well. Big Duffy playing for Celtic is just a bigger, and less buzzy-aboot version of me”



    Makes neither of them bad people – just not what’s needed for Celtic’s defence.






  8. Disappointing ending, but could see it coming with the counter. Played well first 15 and most of 2nd half, much better than last week.

  9. Well, we started to look a bit like ourselves in the second half. Rogic, McGregor, Ntcham and Christie have to be our starting midfield at the weekend. Other definite starters should be Frimpong, Ajer, and Laxalt. That leaves Neil 3 to pick from the rest of our outfield players. Hopefully Odsonne is ready, shame Julienne isn’t.

  10. Garngad to Croy on

    Shane Duffy looks like a 35 year old and plays like a 40 year old. The change of shape was required at half time but Duffy should have came off and the young bhoy Welsh should have stayed on.

  11. What tonight showed me is we can play football. Our players can perform at a higher standard.



    We can and will do better. The basic tools are there, we just need to learn how to use them properly.



    HH. Onwards and upwards.

  12. Reading back and see that big Rogic is getting praised. Quite right. He has special qualities.



    However I wouldn’t start him v Aberdeen. Bring him on when tiredness is creeping in.

  13. We lack confidence / coaching / intensity..



    RC has two opportunities to put balls into the box in the last 10 minutes and he fluffs both.


    Hugely talented player who lacks focus to make the most of his chances.



    Our corners / throw ins / free kicks are a huge waste — we just don’t seem to bothered to do the basics.


    At least we learned something from the game.



    We are a better team without SB.


    We have a huge amount of talent.


    We are a confidence team playing with no confidence.


    We should never buy blood n’ snotters CB’s based on their back story.



    To think most on here thought we were too good for SMcK.

  14. Why is Christie allowed to take free kicks and corners?



    He is consistently rubbish at it.



    And is there any evidence that Barkas is actually a goalkeeper? It’s like there’s been a mix up with the paperwork somewhere.

  15. I was desolate on Saturday. Tonight at least we gave AC a game. Duffy is a waste of a jersey against such a team. Build the team around Ajer and Ntcham. We need to get the likes of Rogic fit. Still, id we play like that against Aberdeen, we’ll win.

  16. Scott Brown should not start another game for us. Duffy at fault for 5 of the last 5 goals conceded. I don’t care if he is Irish and and a supporter. I’m Irish and a supporter and I’m not good enough. Neither is he. Back up at best. Start with the team that finished minus Duffy and Taylor and we will beat Aberdeen on Sunday. If we are beaten Lenny should walk.

  17. DAVID17 on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 9:40 PM


    Duffy been like Baresi 2nd half.



    Baresi is 60……

  18. Why did we play that way tonight.


    We haven’t played fast forward football for a while


    Did our manager listen to outside voices


    That makes him weak

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    After a terrible first 45, a stiffer 30 followed by an excellent last 15.



    I think we might just turn this around.



    Nothing for it now but to run, scrap and snotter our way to some wins domestically.



    Duffy – get to the treadmill and target the “10”. (lbs lost).



    Diego – get fit and last 90. What a difference between your levels of tenacity and those of that guy who replaced you.



    Lennie – if you want to unshackle Olivier, take Scott Brown off.



    Lennie – your old pal Tommy Wright is out of work. Give him a six month contract as consultant defensive coach. Four weeks with him will put an end to cheap goals from set pieces.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  20. Watched game and strangely I thought there were a few grounds to be optimistic


    On positives Laxalt, Ntcham, Calum, Moi, Klimala, Ajer Rogic, were above average


    Frimpong was decent going forward but poor in defence.Christie wax ok but he is attrition on set pieces.


    The keeper should be dropped. I can understand why he was played as soon as he arrived, but he should have been gradually introduced. Dropping him now will make it harder for him to settle, but needs done.


    Duffy needs dropped and should be exited at Xmas, but we will struggle to offload him

  21. Keep that midfield – youger, faster, more skillfull.



    Leave out Broonie – and drop Duffy as soon as either Julien or Bitton is fit.



    Play big Elhamed at RB when we are playing against better teams – where we might need a defence – Wee Jeremy only when it is a tight defence we are up against.



    Not saying anything personal about any of the players – good Celtic men. But get the team on the park with the best chance of winning – that’s the most important.






  22. Mad Mitch,



    I wanted us to sign Scott McKenna and to reitterate it’s a bigger loss to us than John McGinn.




  23. ST TAMS on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 9:54 PM



    Spot on, called Griffiths bluff tonight



    Totally unprepared for top level football



    Yesterday’s man

  24. Well, just when you get your hopes up….. it kills you.



    Got to disagree with most of the punditry. The change from back 3 to back 4 did little to change that game. Our full backs Laxalt and Frimpong were just as advanced as ever so I reckon it was more a case of AC slackening off, thinking they had this under control. Until Elyounoussi scored they were pretty sound but had a nervous 10 minutes before the late irrelevant sickener.



    Again it was a technical rather than a tactical fault that caused the 3rd goal. Duffy went to sleep and hadn’t the pace to recover; it was the only goal he was responsible for.



    I saw enough to believe that we can manage a resurgent Aberdeen whether we play 3 or 4 at the back, but with Jullien, Bittton and Elhamed out, we are asking a lot of the fit defensive players.



    We recovered a bit of attacking flair tonight (Rogic’s role was overplayed by the pundits too) but almost every player choice we have comes with a plus and a minus.



    I like Griff and Ajeti. Though Griff was subbed and was not terribly efective, his dead ball delivery is a big miss. Christie brings more energy but his free kicks are “meh!”; it was an AC mistake to give Mo a free header, not a great delivery. Similarly, Elyounoussi was up for it tonight, brave and creative but he is too often diffident in domestic games. On balance, I’d stick with Griff & Ajei but I don’t think Neil will if he listens to the press.



    Game turning points tonight for me was when we had scored and we worked the 1:2 to put Frimpong in- he tried to deliver to the ball to Patryk, twice, but each time a clued-in AC defender blocked it. They were much better in the defensive arts than us.



    On the whole, it has restored my spirits a bit but we will need a more solid defensive for our next half dozen domestic matches, starting at the weekend.

  25. Your average pub team player can be coached to take free kicks and corners.


    In fact two working legs and half a brain is all you need.



    Yet we are terrible at them.


    One of many things wrong with the coaching.