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  1. Meant to add that Laxalt looks a player; strong on the ball, good tackler and defender when our front players figure out that he hits first-time crosses and get on the end of them he’ll get a barrel load of assists

  2. Barkas getting the thumbs down from some. Not sure why. Which of the goals should he have saved?



    I like him. Though admittedly he hasn’t pulled off any save of note yet.

  3. TBH this team looked unshackled without Broony…i seem to remember this was also the case a couple of seasons ago when broony was injured. Scott is still very important but we need to groom a young pretender. We really moved the ball at lightning speed sometimes.

  4. And another thing — no more LG talk.


    He was given the stage and got lost coming out the dressing room door.


    Shown up by AA and his own lack of concentration and effort.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    At times in that second half I felt like I was watching Celtic again . Buzzing around their box but unfortunately let down by a wide open back door. It’s a case of recruiting better in a couple of positions and getting the organisation /system/ coaching right which it certainly isn’t at the moment despite the hopeful signs.

  6. Glibby McShameless on

    Been going to see Celtic since 1955.


    Shane Duffy is the biggest DIDDY I’ve EVER seen at centre backfor us.


    Derry boy or no Derry boy. Absolute DIDDY!!

  7. NTB @ 10.09



    CG and JS — yes if they had played we would have be a stronger / more capable team.

  8. the problem Lennon has with leaving Brown out is that we don’t have a ball winning mentality in the midfield. I so want Ntcham to be that guy – he has bags of ability but often lacks bite and off the ball defenisve work. If we leave brown out I’d go for Turnbull or Soro for that energy.

  9. dearie dearie , we are easily pleased , Milan went from first gear to neutral back to first gear and won at a canter.


    if we go to a back 4 both frimpong and Diego can’t be part of it , they both want to go forward so they both have to play in the wide midfield positions.

  10. I think Duffy could be a force for us but he needs 2 guys beside him that can cover his lack of pace – he also needs some protection in front of him. Our midfield really struggles to break up play

  11. CaddingtonCommon on



    Re your comment about our goalkeeper.


    When I read it at first I thought it a bit harsh and a tad funny. Read it again not harsh enough and very funny.


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  12. glendalystonsils on

    We should try to buy Laxalt but send big Shane back with our blessing. Broony should no longer be an automatic starter but big Tam needs to get more game time . Griff needs to decide if he wants to be part of this Celtic side or not .If he had been a trialist tonight I would not be asking him back .

  13. The hand of God on

    Very decent 2nd half…fell we have to go young and dynamic in midfield and pray that Eddy returns firing on all cylinders.Hope Julien is back quicker than anticipated because Duffy needs help In many ways (trying to be kind).

  14. No sentiment with Duffy..this is THE year.Just a bad move all round, I am sure he will be hating his football just now.



    Get Julian back ASAP and buy CH in January

  15. Has Barkas ever got a glove on a chance so far? Goals are not obviously his fault but very worrying that i know its a goal before he has had a chance to intervene.



    My top 3 are



    Laxalt, Ntcham, AJer





    Dundalk did OK against Molde

  16. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Hooray! We scored a goal at home.



    Everything is indeed for the best in this the best of all possible worlds.



    Professor Pangloss CFC.

  17. I really don’t get the hype surrounding Frimpong. Can’t find a man with a cross and can’t defend at all. Ball watches all the time.



    He has good energy and with the right coaching could improve. Will he get that at Lenoxtown though

  18. our greek goalie is 6ft 5 in , haven’t seen him come for a cross ball. looks timid and seems to react to shots/headers far too late to have any chance of saving, also agree duff y has to go back down to where he came from pronto , what a liability he is.

  19. I am perplexed about Callum McGregor’s performances of late. We all know what he is capable of, but it saddens me that he is regressing.



    Should he be rested for a period and hopefully he can return as the dynamic player we know he is. ?




  20. Not meaning to moan, but where have we gone wrong?


    Who is wrong, fan’s, board, manager, player’s?


    First concerned post, hh.


    Definitely no hun btw. Peace. ✌ 🍀

  21. think CmcG playing all these games has caught up with him , far too many international appearances lately imo.

  22. Weejoe


    Mick the goalie


    I was at school with his wee brother



    As to Barkas – looks like a head waiter in a comedy and commands no territory- glued to the line at every cross ball

  23. 13 shots at goal …… whoopee doo…. 2 on target, 1 goal… 50% score rate for shots on target…



    Lesson…..practice yer feckin shooting get them on target and we score more goals… Boom simples.




    A wee bit better in the second half.



    Bring on the sheep.



    Ps is Barkas a goalie 😂😂😂



    D :)

  24. Must say I thought Duffy would thrive in the SPFL.


    The 3 at the back doesn’t suit him but that is no excuse, his dream is turning into a nightmare.


    I’m gutted and I’m sure Duffy himself is gutted, still hoping he will turn it around but if any of Bitton, Elhamed or Julian become available he should be dropped.


    Thought Welsh was very poor as well but he is young & throwing him in 2nd game against Milan was unfair on him. I think he will become an excellent player for us.


    Overall thought we played well, Ajer & Laxalt were the stand outs for me.


    Didn’t think I’d be too bothered by losing tonight providing we put up a decent performance but I’m bloody gutted.

  25. By the way it was excruciating watching Gordon Strachan not want to criticise Celtics tactics/formation set up etc…. Gordon if you feel compromised cause your Lhad is in the dugout then do not commentate on his games.



    D :)