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  1. How many monikers?






    How many fakes?……..and the urgency…………..







  2. Confident we’ll be in even better fettle by Sunday and return w three points in the bag.


    Hate – but have – to say it; the buns second goal was a ripper and their result away and in atrocious conditions was further sign of a mob w their tails up. Hope the dark stars aren’t aligning too much.


    Their penalty award was not much different to the one we had denied!!




  3. Lots saying we played better against AC Milan than we did against the huns.



    Mibbe the huns are a better team than AC Milan.

  4. Just finished a biography on Charlie Tully by Tom Campbell. Very interesting and enjoyable read about a Celtic great.



    Apparently Glen Daly was struggling to come up with a second verse of the Celtic song before settling on the words we’ve all sang. His inspiration?



    According to the author it was none other than Charlie Tully, Daly had heard him sing a song with those lyrics in a Glasgow hotel. Tully had heard a similar version to the one he sang in his native Belfast.



    Some coincidence reading Mick’s post just as I put the book down.




  5. My friends in Celtic,



    A much better performance but another defeat. Yes another defeat st home and we are all ” relieved ”



    We should never accept defeat at Paradise and it wasn’t so long ago that we didn’t. Collectively as a support we are being conditioned to accept defeat with a shocking lack of ambition to boot.



    We are better than that. We have the squad to be better and we have the infrastructure to be better than that.



    We are worried about going to Aberdeen, unbelievable but true.



    Perspective: Our goalkeeper cost £4.5m. Probably ( With one exception ) more than the entire budget of Scottish football.



    We accept this negativity and lack of ambition at our peril.




  6. Relieved to read of an upturn in performance against the Rossoneri although we didn’t get a result. Not surprised to read of rave reviews for Laxalt, bhoys a player and will only get better.



    All the posts about formations/selections has me wondering if we’re in part victims of our own with too many players at our disposal compared to our rivals. I see similarities with Man City in comparison to their league rivals. Chopping and changing all the time with no settled formation or personnel.



    I understand a lot of changes recently are injury/Covid related but I hope we can start to see a settled team selection/formation soon.



    I still trust Lenny to sort us out, he will have my full support till he’s no longer in the job.



    Huge game against Aberdeen.








  7. I think it the squad of players are just that a group of individuals, no signs of working together knowing your role, none of organisation and structure and players just do what they think is best when we get the ball.


    So no improvement for me, we need someone to organise a team lead improvement, improve fitness and conditioning and have a method of playing with and without the ball.That will no doubt be more than one person, why have we done since march, looks like nothing at all to me. Not to do so the league is up.

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    Losing by a couple of goals at home seems to be the norm now for teams that a) aren’t scared of us b) have a structure and everyone knows they’re roles and c) modicum of talent.



    Return of the sieve CSC (apol to BSR)

  9. We came out with purpose (which lasted minutes) and credit to Neil, he took off an underperforming Scott Brown and we clicked going forward for 25 minutes thanks to a Tom Rogic cameo and the curate’s egg that is Ryan Christie. It also coincided with Milan taking their foot of the pedal yet throughout we had a defense that still looked vulnerable to conceding.



    Last night will only be worthwhile if lessons are learnt as to the shape and formation and personnel in the team.



    Starting with Ryan, Callum, Ollie and Tom as the midfield diamond, in front of a back 4.



    At its best last night it still resembled 5 a side footnball with little shape. I’ll take it but it was a consequence of having the technicians on the field.



    The rollercoaster of a season goes on.




  10. Just seen Roofe’s goal from last night. Sometimes you have to put the rivalry aside and say Wow. Absolute beauty. Beat a couple of players and then launches it from inside his own half. As good as any goal of that type I have seen. Better than Beckhams famous one.



    I avoided watching any football last night. Sounds like a mixed report card. Somethings better, somethings not.


    Seen a picture doing the rounds of Strachan (young) sitting with Lenny and assisting him. Anyone see this in real time? Was it a one off or was their a change from Saturday when nobody was talking to anybody?

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    Laxalt was a stand out last night and will be be excellent addition this year I am sure.



    The question is will the manager learn anything from last night? He usually doesn’t but on to Sunday and the dAndy Dons….

  12. Looking forward to todays article to get the critique of the FM’s contribution to our downfall last night.



    The analysis should be interesting, personally I thought she was rubbish thankfully or it could have been 5 or 6.



    Apart from that there is a nightmare scenario looming over the next 4/5 weeks, if she puts in some good anti Celtic performances we could potentially go 10 matches in a row without a convincing victory according to the strenuous fixture list. Still nothing to worry about at Celtic Park all our problems are external.

  13. lets all do the huddle on

    The analysis should be interesting, personally I thought she was rubbish thankfully or it could have been 5 or 6.





    to be fair she was having to cover for duffy half the game so she couldnt impose herself on the game

  14. lets all do the huddle on 23rd October 2020 10:34 am



    Singing policy has let us down again, we should have signed James Kelly I’m sure his unionist abilities would have helped us get a result last night.

  15. DBHOY @8.50


    Glen Dalywas due back in Pye Records,Marble Arch studios in one hour to record The Celtic Song, but the final version of his second verse had yet to be completed.He stared intently at the menu and tried to think of where he’d first heard the song.Of course! The clown Prince of Paradise,Charles Patrick Tully had obliged the company one night in the Kenilworth Hotel,Queen Street where Celtic billeted CP on his arrival from Belfast.


    He smiled as he recalled the magical Irishman and his soft brogue as he sang;


    We don’t care if we win, lose or draw


    Dam the hare we care


    Because we only know


    That there’s going to be show


    And the Belfast Celtic will be there.


    My late father was a member of St. Peters No. 1 CSC and had close connections in Springburn and Linwood and I remember him telling me St. Peters club singing the ‘song’ when they were at the Celtic v East Fife game in 1954.


    N.B.The Celtic Song was first aired over the tannoy system on October 14 1961 v Stirling Albion.

  16. Her mind was confused. If Boris has 3 tiers, I must have 5. If Boris goes to Tenerife, I must go to Elevenerife.


    No wonder she couldn’t concentrate. She should have been subbed.

  17. Ffs, so Sevco are better than AC Milan who are top of Serie A and the favourites for the Europa League



    This place used a place for intelligent discussion and debate but that’s me done with it at least for a little while

  18. lets all do the huddle on

    lets all do the huddle on 23rd October 2020 10:34 am



    Singing policy has let us down again, we should have signed James Kelly I’m sure his unionist abilities would have helped us get a result last night.







    correct – our defence’s support for separation last night was taken to the extreme



    though they did achieve independence



    from each other!

  19. lets all do the huddle on

    Her mind was confused. If Boris has 3 tiers, I must have 5. If Boris goes to Tenerife, I must go to Elevenerife.



    No wonder she couldn’t concentrate. She should have been subbed.




    are there any celtic minded pubs in Elevenerife where i can watch the games?

  20. BHOYLO83 on 23RD OCTOBER 2020 10:42 AM


    Ffs, so Sevco are better than AC Milan who are top of Serie A and the favourites for the Europa League




    Where on earth have you read that.??


    Certainly not on here. ( I hope )




  21. I agree Brown needs to sit out some games,but the Sheep have Ferguson and McCrorie in midfield hitting anything that comes near them,so I would play him on Sunday.

  22. I agree re Roofe’s goal, I also watch nearly every Hun game, obviously hoping they drop points but I’m sad to say, they have developed into a fairly formidable team.


    At this moment in time they are clearly playing better than us,


    We can hope for an implosion, or disruption through injury or Covid.


    Alternatively we can rise to the challenge.


    Yesterday was an improvement and we are still missing, Julian, Bitton, Elhamed, French Eddie & James Forrest.


    Duffy doesn’t have the speed to play in a back 3.


    Still think he has a lot too offer but only in a back 4.


    Welsh is a great prospect but throwing him into the Lion’s Den last night was a step too far at this stage of his Development.


    Disappointed in Griff last night, with Eddie likely to be out for a bit we need Griff & Klimala to step up, Ajeti is doing OK but needs support.


    Sunday now becomes a huge game,


    Lenny needs to get this one right and I really don’t envy him the task.

  23. Hi Bhoylo,


    How are you doing pal.


    We are all hurting right now and because we care so much are sensitive to comments & remarks which we would otherwise simply shrug off,


    Stay the Course my friend, things will start to get better.


    Hail Hail

  24. Yep Lennon needs to start introducing players like Turnbull and Soro or not ,if he deems they are not good enough like ie Shved,Arazani,Bayo,incidentally they were never given a chance by Lennon and co ,Could be these two players are in that bracket,still say the 3 players I mentioned would have done a good job for us ,but the 3 Wizards thought otherwise,

  25. AN DÚN @ 7:28 AM,



    “Any Celtic fan lambasting Lennon over a defeat to AC Milan isn’t being very grounded in their expectations I’m afraid.



    With all due respect I must disagree. The Lenny thing is a bigger concern than just one game, so let’s park it for now and give him his chance at Pittodrie on Sunday.



    Yet thirteen and a half years ago I stood on the terraces of the San Siro and watched Lenny and the bhoys compete with a very good AC Milan side.



    A piece of Kaka brilliance in extra times was the difference in the teams.



    Milan: Dida, Oddo (Simic 116), Bonera, Maldini, Jankulovski, Gattuso (Brocchi 79), Pirlo, Ambrosini, Seedorf, Kaka, Inzaghi (Gilardino 73). Subs Not Used: Kalac, Favalli, Gourcuff, Oliveira.



    Booked: Ambrosini.



    Goal: Kaka 93.



    Celtic: Boruc, Telfer, McManus, O’Dea, Naylor, Nakamura (Miller 106), Lennon, Sno (Beattie 97), McGeady, Jarosik (Gravesen 62), Vennegoor of Hesselink. Subs Not Used: Brown, Wilson, Kennedy, Riordan.



    Booked: McManus, Naylor, McGeady, Lennon.



    Att: 65,000



    Ref: Konrad Plautz (Austria).



    Then later that year, in the October we beat AC Milan 2-1. Our Captain Scott Brown was playing.



    Celtic: Boruc, Perrier Doumbe (Kennedy 79), Caldwell, McManus, Naylor, McGeady (Nakamura 85), Hartley, Donati, Jarosik (Killen 84), Scott Brown, McDonald. Subs Not Used: Mark Brown, Riordan, Sno, O’Dea.



    Booked: Scott Brown, Donati, McDonald.



    Goals: McManus 62, McDonald 90.



    AC Milan: Dida (Kalac 90), Oddo, Nesta, Bonera, Jankulovski, Ambrosini, Gattuso, Pirlo, Seedorf (Gourcuff 55), Kaka, Inzaghi (Gilardino 76). Subs Not Used: Emerson, Simic, Favalli, Brocchi.



    Booked: Ambrosini, Nesta.



    Goal: Kaka 68 pen.



    Att: 58,643



    With the exception of the Rodgers Seasons we have downsized hugely in those thirteen years and it has been a deliberate policy.



    Having a bit of a better display against an AC Milan side who played us off Celtic Park at a canter, than we had on Saturday – a display that imo is rightly regarded as our worst display in a Glasgow Derby, is absolutely nothing to feel good about.



    I’m afraid it’s those supping big Pedro’s coolaid, with their expectations very much managed that are not grounded.



    Hail Hail

  26. BHOYJOEBELFAST on 23RD OCTOBER 2020 10:39 AM



    Thanks for the reply, brilliant!



    I wasn’t sure if that was a bit of poetic license on the author’s part, glad that doubt can be put to bed.




  27. The Battered Bunnet on

    At the risk of sounding a little like a scratched record…






    Talking about the difference between the first and second half last night, a lot of folk are focussing on the switch at half time from 3 to 4 at the back, but to my eyes, the big difference was the withdrawal of the two wide players and the introduction of Christie and Moi narrow behind Ajeti.



    When I’ve figured out why this is important I’ll let you know (don’t hold your breath), but it’s pretty much the orthodox shape for a pressing team these days.



    Elsewhere, I thought Ajer had a very good game, and he and his team mates were once again let down by the most experienced defender in our squad.



    It’s a little harsh to say it, but it’s starting to look like the one positive about Shane Duffy is that he’s here only on loan.



    Be interesting to see what Lenny does now with the shape in the coming matches. Certainly there is little to support continuing with 3 centre halfs, and his full backs were more effective last night in the second half than as wing backs in the first.



    Finally, can I start a new debate?



    Centre halfs?




    Centre halves?




    Centres half?

  28. Anyone who had the notion we could beat Milan last night.Dreaming.I never expected anything else.They are a class act.We at the moment are hamstrung by having half a team missing.No room for Lenny to juggle.We have to go with Duffy,who is in the middle of a nightmare loss of form.Dont even know if going to a back 4 will help,but hopefully we try.It would need to be,Welsh,Ajer,Duffy,Taylor moving Laxsalt further up.Not the strongest,but thats it.Frimpong ,Broony,need to be dropped.Who Lenny puts in the midfield is the key.Has to be solid.


    Anyway,on to the more important game on Sunday.