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  1. First one……….( but only if pronounced “hauf”)……….



    Second one’s too posh………..




  2. If we play with the same energy, quick passing as we did second half last night, we win 3-1 on Sun



    If we play Scott Brown , I see a draw



    4-4-2 and don’t leave creativity to full backs and centre backs





    Frimpong Duffy Ajer Laxalt


    Christie Ntcham McGregor Moi


    Ajeti Griffiths

  3. Chairboy – Last time I seen AC Milan at Celtic Park they beat us 0-3. They’re currently on a 21 game unbeaten run and will finish in Italy’s top 4 this season.



    Aberdeen on Sunday was always the big game this week. Anyone arguing otherwise isn’t given Lennon a fair hearing imo.



    Sunday is Lennon’s must win not last night.

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    Interesting that we’ve yet to see the annul results published. We’re 4 weeks later than last year’s release date and counting.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    I don’t think it has done Duffy any favours being heralded as the great saviour . Despite the difference in quality between our league and the EPL , sitting comfortably in the lower half of the EPL v’s playing a leading role in history making .

  6. CB @ 11.06



    The squads for those 2 games against AC 12 / 13 years ago are a shock to the system.


    Some real quality in there but so many journeymen and stiffs it is incredible that they achieved so much.



    We have a very good squad but we are playing so far below our potential that we are difficult to watch.



    The Last 16 game was a heartbreaker — we had a very good chance / penalty shout with 3 mins to go that would have won it for us. Obviously we had a very EUFA friendly ref in charge — when in doubt give it to the bigger economic entity / potential audience.



    Brutal that WGS achieved so much with so little.


    Doubly brutal that he run out of steam in 2008/09 and PL ran out of ambition after we went 7 and then 5 points ahead.



    PL is the constant in all of this — hopeless for 17 years.


    That takes some doing.

  7. If you go with a back 4 on Sunday and it’s a big if. Who to play at right back is a problem, as all teams are going to target Frimpong if he’s playing there as he is so poor defensively.

  8. Chairbhoy



    I was at the Milan game in 2007 (last 16 one)



    Really disciplined performance that night . We were set up not to lose



    Nakamura ran the show and worked really well with Jarosik



    a few passages of play are etched in my mind where Nakamura refused to pass to Lennon, even when in a tight spot



    Cue lots of shouting, swearing , arm waving. Pretty sure Lennon was captain



    one occasion was obvious; a Milan layer was closing down Lennon and he did not know; but on a few others, he was free.



    always wondered if that was because he thought possession would be lost or that he was confident of hitting a positive/risky pass (which he successfully did each time)

  9. AN DUN


    But surely last night could have been used to play 4 at the back and try and get some structure to the formation.


    Even after suns last night, cwe were still all over the place.


    Personally never saw much improvement

  10. I’m not too worried about the delayed accounts – Accounting firms will have a backlog of accounts to audit this year. My own company were 5 weeks later than usual.

  11. GDT @ 11.24



    SD has the look of someone who has not settled down to a routine in a new environment.



    He needs three meals a day.


    The love of a good woman / the scolding of a bad woman.


    A settled bed time and a good night’s sleep.



    He currently has the look of a salary man away on a week long residential training course.


    Hopefully things will settle down but he does not look settled.

  12. Medical data, like the results of heart scans and blood tests is owned by the player and not the club



    A doctor sharing that data without the players permission would be in serious breach of his/her code of ethics



    If someone from the club is leaking that information they should be sacked.



    It’s not our business

  13. CHAIRBOY: Thanks for reminding us about those grand ‘old’ Celtic teams:


    But when I see last night’s team and squad, I don’t see evidence of the claimed downsizing or degrading:



    I don’t see how our old defences – Telfer, McManus, O’Dea and Naylor is anywhere near the quality of our best available defence: Elhamed, Jullien, Ajer and Laxalt.


    Mid’s too – Naka, Lenny, Sno, McGeady – is just one man better than: Ntcham, Brown, McGregor, Christie.


    Up front: Jan Vennegoor and Jarosik were/are inferior to an ebullient Eddy and a fit and firing Forrest.



    Two areas of true current concern: In goals, our best ever modern keepers have been Fraser F and Artur B:


    The current glovekeeper is struggling to convince many of us he’s worth 5m and the odd private jet ride.



    I suggest we were clearly better coached, managed and trained when we took Milan to the wire back in the day.



  14. The Battered Bunnet on

    Football is like a naked woman with a small towel.



    She can cover either the top half, or the bottom half, but not both.




  15. It should also be mentioned that our best player by a country mile has not yet been completely ” coached” by us.



    Diego Laxalt would have been playing by instinct.




  16. ST TAMS



    3-5-2 imo will need to be ditched until we get some CBs returning and Eddie back to full fitness. Griff and Klimala don’t warrant a place in the side.



    I’m sure Lennon and the players know the importance of Sunday.



    Lennon’s decisions this weekend will decide his future. I hope for his sake he drops Brown and goes 4-2-3-1.



    Laxalt and Ajeti looked well last night. I thought we did ok overall against a top side.



    We’re up against the best sides in Italy and France. I wish we were a club that sacked managers over defeats to Ac Milan but we’re a world removed from that.