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  1. Attitude miles ahead of the last few weeks ; so I’m very happy about that



    The goal was poor by Welsh but really it is the closing down issue that caused it. Laxalt shoved the winger inside but no AJer or McGregor to step in to tackle the guy. Easy to chip the cross in

  2. Duffy injured.



    In other news a peace of a ball the entire width of pitch from Ntcham to Laxalt. Came to nothing but very well played.

  3. Frimpong very Agathe like. Beats his man but cant cross. Simple pass was on there and he blindly crossed

  4. Laxalt has made more tackles in the last 2 games than the whole team all season. Great aggression

  5. The game is pretty even overall, they scored from their only real chance. We are a bag of nervs at the back and on the ball, we seem to have really lost our confidence. We just seem to give the ball away so easily, you eventually get punished.


    referee and his cohorts all from Slovenia….country which neighbours Italy. How is that allowed?