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  1. Moisey17 on 22nd October 2020 8:45 pm



    How can you question the keeper?




    It’s bizarre, Milan waltz thru our defence, 2 players get in the way of each other, then the striker shoots thru the legs into the corner of the goal.



    CQN response – keeper is shite

  2. Duffy is a Carthorse. Completely out of his depth. Ajer only one of back 3 who resembles a defender

  3. Unless big changes take place shortly in the coaching team, this will


    not be our season – in Europe or domestically.

  4. 2-0, bright start but flattered to decieve.



    Everything stemming from a non existent defence. Damage limitation now, id got to a 4 5- 1

  5. Half time 0-2


    Bright start, but faded and surrendered possession too easily, too often.


    Confidence is very low.

  6. Apart from the goals I am happy with the team but a big ‘brick shithouse’ centre half has now cost us four goals in two games.

  7. bluegrass celt on

    Lenny and Strachan Jnr looking at emails on the lap top from Ajer’s agent to see how much his stock has went up in the last 45 mins.


    Duffy is….well, Duff.


    Laxalt the only stand out for me

  8. I think we need to take Duffy off at half time.



    Only defender on the bench is Taylor. Can he play centre back?

  9. JINKYREDSTAR on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 8:47 PM



    Much better description.



    Duffy is a shithouse

  10. Don’t know if I’ve ever said this – I can’t watch this!


    If you’re going to be in free fall, October’s the month to do it.


    No settled formation. No first 11.


    Missing FF, a rampaging JF and a back 3 who know what the others are thinking.


    Some season to unravel. Loadsa time left COYBIG.

  11. Spare me the ‘Aberdeen game is the bigger game’ nonsense. That is the kind of small mentality thinking that will have us rapidly in reverse gear.

  12. 3 at the back suits celtic attacking style – however we just don’t have the players for it. Whatever happened to play to your strengths?



    We simply don’t have the pace nor power to defend with those 3. HOW MANY LESSONS DO WE NEED?



    Duffy might be decent in a packed box but open up the field and you see howe slow he is – run all over the place like a ragdoll.

  13. Its a bad vibe im gettin when i see my captain,who usually gives more than anyone,lumbering around..mcgregor too..


    Lets lift it ffs

  14. Here is why I question the goalkeeper,



    he just does not fill the goal, he gets no where near anything, he dives sideways without fully extending his arms,



    the defense doesnt help. but see all the goals we lost this season so far would any of our last 4 keepers have saved some of them ?



    the poorest decision this summer was to let craig gordon go,

  15. glendalystonsils on

    Vital we get the next goal but can’t see where it will come from . Thought we started quite brightly but as soon as that first goal went in the plug was pulled on our confidence . Our defending seems to spread the heebie jeebies through the team….through me too .

  16. Lots of intensity but lack of ideas. Too slow to see what’s happening. But at least there’s more effort today than on the weekend.




  17. ExSlaemuirBhoy on

    We haven’t looked like winning a game all season, these players need to take a look at themselves. Turning us into a laughing stock. Change needed and needed now

  18. What was the financial package for Duffy – wages, loan fee etc?



    To be fair, I don’t want to see this this option taken up much longer.

  19. Outpowered by a team with both power and skill, thats what we should aspire to, moving it with intent right side of the field is poor Frimpong has got into a couple of good position no final ball and he wont defend, left side Laxalt good and has the stuff we need, Mcgregor move him ahead of the midfield Ntcham off put Turnbull on see what he can do

  20. Pretty poor



    No indication that the players receiving either the coaching or the motivation to improve



    We’re almost into November and we look to be in 2and gear.

  21. We have many many issues to pick out of that first half, but if anyone is saying the keeper is the the main one then that is simply nonsense .



    If we arent allowed to comment on here about something as pertinent to celtic as the starting 11 then what is the point of the blog?



    Don’t upset the clique

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