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  1. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    Chances of European football after Christmas receding by the second.




  2. Man for man defending has something to be said for it.



    Defending that would be shameful for schoolboys.

  3. one of our rivals as such lose 7- 0 at home to malmo perspective is really needed, yes on occassion we will have good wins but have you noticed we are totally outplayed? our manager is just as guilty he carrys out the boards wishes, balde bangura the loan projects,not a striker among them that he trusts so why does he buy them?neil lennon is a board apologist its why he has the job.before any knicker twisting just my opinion,if you disagree so be it as its all about opinions.

  4. 0-3



    Never worry, Neil- just sit on your ass and watch us capitulate. No urgency from the bench. FFS

  5. jungle jam67 -SUPPORTING THE DAM 5 on

    bin the zonal marking debate?


    all standing watching the ball


    1st time mistake or luck


    2nd time…thats why we are a pot 4 team



    now lets see how we can make it back to this level again next year


    need to start learning from the same mistakes every year



    and ffs get someone who is a striker


    1 pen


    and a deflected shot



    just as milan go straight through the middle



    ah it was good while it lasted