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  1. Celtic looking hhungry and playing with high tempo on difficult pitch. That’s more like it boys. Charlie looking comfortable in his best position.


    That wee git Collum, “missed” that. Now trying to say it was a two players going for the ball.



    His lack of ability to see the obvious is dangerous for the players, and often, too often spoils matches.

  3. This performance should elevate Colum in smsm


    He is an Uncle Tom and career opportunist

  4. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Enjoyed that…the bhoys are playing with no stress…good to see.


    What struck me….Charlie playing his best position imo….looks good with Erik, strolling.


    KT…that kid is dynamite.


    Calum…playing with zip, great goal.


    SB…looks better.


    Remember though…No disrespect, but its only Morton, we should be beating them like this.


    Just do what you are good at….keep solid and alert, and keep doing it.




  5. Great first half. Terrific to see the players taking responsibility, and some risks. Showing good confidence on the ball and three good goals.



    Once again disgraceful refereeing from Collum. How that last tackle, which may have broken Stefan’s ankle went unpunished is beyond me.



    I’d really like to see Ronny show some real anger at stuff like that. Not only does it call out the referee’s incompetence it sends a powerful signal to the players.

  6. better performance against poor opposition , could do with more clinical finishing and someone who can take a decent free kick.

  7. Collum had his back to the action. On past performance he should have been able to adjudicate properly. No yellow so the video ref can do the needful, even if belatedly. So that Collum’s nose gets another rub in the poo.

  8. Don’t wish to pick on the likes of NegAnon And Big Peat of Islay but just can’t understand how Celtic “Fans” are on here watching the game. Come in with early critical posts and just disappear when the team starts to play well.

  9. saltires en sevilla on

    Another shocking tackle on one of our Bhoys – having a good influence on the game



    Whack!!! Not even word from the ref



    The guy had just been booked and should have just walked off if he had any decency



    Just not cricket CSC

  10. glendalystonsils on

    Ronny should be knocking on Collum’s door and demanding an explanation on that tackle.

  11. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    This match could well be an excellent wee confidence booster for the manager and the players.



    Progress to the last 4 obviously, but hopefully the form transfers to the league games as well.



    It’s all good.




  12. Tom Boyd is better than SuperSutton on

    Kieran Tierney outstanding again. GMS good game. Johansen was having a good game until that hospital pass.



    A word for Charlie. Looking impressive at the back.



    And McGregor providing the movement, passing and goal from midfield. Nice.

  13. Good performance, team with a point to prove? Brown looks more dominant and that is helping.


    McGregor looks as if his punishment has made him hungry , the passing is ahead of the players and we look better for it.


    The wee dim wit Collum can look forward to days out in Brora and Brechin during April, cowardly refereeing. His face at half time had the look of a man who knows he has been rumbled.


    Anyone else think the Sky team are just a bit pissed off?

  14. You would have thought Collum would have gone over and enquired about Stefan’s injury but that’s me being silly. H H Hebcelt

  15. Night and Day performance from Celtic



    Much livelier movement and support- even Kris Commons is haring around.



    Three positional changes have helped.



    Charlie moving into the back 4 lets him play football at nearer his own pace.


    Stefan moving back tot eh no.10 role has brought him to life- he seems to be more interested when there are assists and goals to be earned- maybe he’s just a greedy bassa.


    But, above all of these, and, like Charlie, not one of my natural favourites, Callum McGregor, has been the most pleasing for me. In that vital crowded midfield, he is the best example we have of a pass and move player. Despite his limitations, he has been a fulcrum today to our better passing movements.



    Morton may be lower league but, given that some of ours are now officially scared by lower league teams, this should help them calm down somewhat. I think McManus and McKee and McCluskey have played well for them.



    Well done, Celtic- so far.



    No corners turned- just a good performance which should please all but the hard core anhedonists

  16. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Give us 10…



    GIRFUY …all Hun loving Media

  17. Much better. Looking sharp and more direct.



    Morton v poor.



    Terrible from Collum at the end. Dreadful referreeng.

  18. A much improved performance. Incisive passing does the trick. Would like to see Patrick get a chance on the right in 2nd half. More goals to come and McCant should be looking even sicker :-))

  19. saltires en sevilla on

    Cork Celt



    Ahem…you know why mate :-)



    The rest of the mob are away doing Mother’s Day stuff



    I suppose



    Makes for a nice wee afternoon entertainment




  20. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    In a game devoid of any malice, that last tackle was a real shocker.



    Much better today.


    What’s th difference?





    Players are showing for the ball ,therefore it is moving much quicker.



    GMS in his correct position. His skill and vision are complementing KT’s similar qualities.



    Interesting to see who well replace SJ.



    Rogic, perhaps, or he may bring on Roberts, due to the scoreline and, overall, it is not a physical game.



    So, apart from GMS in his natural position, the rest has come from the players. Mmmmmm!

  21. Commons not really involved so far.


    Lustig still looks off the pace he needs rested.


    If we had more down right we would be better balanced.


    Like most of the season everything created on left.


    McGregors goal a good example of midfielders attacking centrally.

  22. corkcelt



    You wont see these guys when celtic are winning



    They thrive on the bad times.



    A strange breed of human being and certainly not like any Celtic supporter ive ever encountereted

  23. glendalystonsils on

    Not getting carried away as it’s only Morton, but I think this line up, playing like this has nothing to fear from any team in the SPFL.



    Even the mighty Sevco!

  24. Pass and move is a great summary of McGregor’s contribution to the first half. Others seem to be catching on.



    Notable exception for me is KC, off the pace for much of 1st half. Not sure if it reflects a lack of match fitness or a continuation of poor attitude.

  25. not wanting to be controversial but CM is playing at his level against this opposition , under no pressure and flattering to deceive .

  26. No surprise for me that we are moving the ball quicker with Calum in the CM ,the last time he played there we won 8-1-



    Collum must get back in with the orange tinted freemasons no surprise there.





  27. Just in and seen the score. Good show.



    They have just panned to where I should be sitting and it looks as if the others who site beside me are all there. Good to see.

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