Celtic v Morton, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12.15.

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  1. A good deal for everyone. I hope he does well, he never stopped, even when it was obvious he was away.

  2. Actually a very good deal for Celtic.



    We have a very young squad that’s getting younger in each window without dropping quality. Very good signs for the next few years and beyond

  3. Croke Park surface ‘anaemic’



    There’s a fair bit of talk about the pitch here.



    The weather has obviously been rough in recent weeks, and there’s been a load of club games played on it over the last couple of months, but it does look startlingly sandy.



    Speaking on the radio a moment ago, BBC Sport NI’s Mark Sidebottom described it as “anaemic” and says an unnamed former GAA president told him it’ll favour Ballyhale today.



    Interesting. We’ll see how that pans out.

  4. I liked Josip better going forward than defending, his National team play a 3 with 2 wing backs, Ange has brought in Al Johnston who has hit the ground running, with Tony Ralston who Ange rates in the same position, so the club moves on reinvest the money where it’s needed. Hope he enjoyed his short time with Celtic.

  5. https://www.glasgowworld.com/webimg/b25lY21zOjhiZDEwODVmLTNjZjUtNDU2NS1iMWIwLTY4NTRlNTU3ZTJhNDphMzNmZmI3NS05MTQ5LTQ5N2MtODc1Yi0yZmQ3YmEzZmUzYTc=.jpg?quality=65&smart&width=640









    “Daizen is my friend and I congratulated him because he scored a goal in the World Cup and that is every player’s dream,” Juranovic told Sportsmail afterwards.



    “But I also felt sad for him because he was crying. Football is about sportsmanship and I gave him a little kiss.



    “He is a good friend of mine and he had such a good World Cup with Japan. I feel sad for him tonight, but happy for Croatia.

  6. ADifferentView






    Jan 19


    We travelled to Celtic Park for @CelticFC v @saintmirrenfc in the @spfl to Review the brand new Disabled Facility, View 67.



    View ✅


    Atmosphere ✅


    Facilities ✅



    Is it the best Disabled Facility in Scotland? Watch to find out! ⚽️🎥



    LINK: https://youtu.be/F9EKLwO4mcc

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The “Glasgow born Irishman” the best player on the pitch at Easter Road.

  8. Lovin all this scoddish fitba havering by scoddish unionists.happy as pigs in shit as long as their union stays wi their 1 mp,an nuhhin is done.


    Done nuhhin to change any anti catholicism in power


    Will do nuhhin to bolster any anti catholicism in law.


    These unionistysocialisty types show how cheap life is, go all quiet on Tonys murder of a million.










    The “Glasgow born Irishman” the best player on the pitch at Easter Road



    John Collins thinks the player is called MiGiddy, or MiGeddy

  10. Personally I think we don’t need another Japanese Striker , surely the young B team player Joey Dawson needs to be at least on the first team bench ,that’s if G G has left the club,still can’t understand Celtic letting Juranavics leave ,ok in the summer ,but not now ,he knows how to win the league and that’s more important.




    Ken Buchanan at Edinburgh derby………………..What a guy the greatest!



    What a boxer 4SC, to win his title in the US,he was a great technical fighter who(just) lost his title to legend Roberto Duran.He had his problems after but i wish him all the best for the boxing talent he had.




  12. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar. Hibs v Hearts followed by Arsenal v Man U. I need to get out more.

  13. TIMBHOY163


    Dawson couldn’t get on the bench yesterday against Morton.


    So I wouldn’t hold out much hope of seeing him soon.

  14. Apple


    BRRB has tasks akin to the labours of Hercules except in his case it’s to forever wander the pubs of Glasgow and from time to time gather with his disciples aka the shipbank shipwrecks.


    In fact in today’s Gospel it was about disciples leaving their families and follow Jesus – so a parallel there.

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    It was a well taken goal, but Hearts have had 2 chances all game and are 2 up. Hibs really poor around the box. Nisbet has been completely anonymous.

  16. Anyone watching the club championship finals today will see the usually green carpet like surface of Croke Park with some patches of brown on it his afternoon.



    January pitches is one of the many obstacles that need to be ovecome during a season.

  17. Shankland red card,which was nonsense, misses next round…..and you now know it will be the huns now

  18. Decent game in Edinburgh. Hibs have huffed and puffed but not good enough. Great third goal there by Hearts. Good luck to JJ. Johnson has looked decent and certainly more robust.

  19. !!BADA BING!! on 22ND JANUARY 2023 3:59 PM


    Shankland red card,which was nonsense, misses next round…..and you now know it will be the huns now




    It was a joke. Does he miss a game for a second yellow?

  20. MAN CITY – 3 v WOLVES – 0…..@ odds of 7/1.


    HIBS – 0 v HERTZ – 3….at odds of 22/1.



    Those are the first to Correct Scores on my Bookies line Today.



    I am waiting on ARSENAL V MAN UTD Correct score @ odds of 16/1.


    I have THREE DOUBLES, 3 SINGLES and a TREBLE on the above games.









  21. Good luck to JJ. I liked him as a person and as an attacking right sided player.



    Not so as a defender.



    I understand everyone is very taken by AJ as a replacement. Personally I think he has a lot to grow in order to be the offensive strength we need as a Celtic full back. I am hoping AR gets back fit soon to allow AJ the space to grow at his own pace.

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