Celtic v Morton, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12.15.

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  1. BOGNORBHOY on 23RD JANUARY 2023 8:48 AM


    Big Jimmy










    Dundee United v Celtic





    Scottish Premiership





    Sky Sports Main EventSky Sports FootballSky Sports Ultra HDR




    Cheers mate and ” Thanks” also to SCULLYBHOY and THE ONLOOKER.



    HH Bhoys.

  2. AN TEARMANN on 23RD JANUARY 2023 10:07 AM









    Was this the chap your dad liked?














    Enjoy jimmy




    It sure was mate, but in PARTICULAR…Jimmie Rodgers singing…” HES IN THE JAILHOUSE NOW”




    HH Mate.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TINYTIM @ 8:54 AM


    Juranovic leaves and tells us “once a Celt ,always a Celt.”



    Forgive me for spewing into my pillow.





    No probs TT. Happy to forgive



    Now, if it was MY pillow …….




  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Scullybhoy – brilliant pics of Paradise last night.







    They got me thinking….



    … When we come to expand and upgrade the South Stand ….



    … The facade absolutely has to be an iconic thing of beauty – built to last 100 years.

  5. Back to Basics – Glass Half Full on 23rd January 2023 11:20 am






    Cheers mate. In my little dream world, I would have completed the stands right round and added a retractable roof. I know that is very Davy moonbeams, or even Cambuslang (EL’s favourite Board), but you cannot but dream………




  6. SCULLYBHOY on 23RD JANUARY 2023 11:15 AM




    I was at that Final as a young 18 year old, with my BLUENOSE Mate and his BLUENOSE Uncle in the Enclosure.


    Those Two Bluenoses only went…just to see the Celtic !





  7. Kieth Jackson getting what he wants from his article this morning and his tweets, COMMENTS & CLICKS!



    por cierto

  8. Tiny Tim



    “There is no plan to build a stronger squad .



    The plan is to generate income from purchase to sell.”





    If you start with a false assumption you will always deduce a false conclusion.



    Jura leaving does not indicate that we “only” interested in player trading or that players only come here with a “stepping stone” viewpoint. It is much more fundamental than that.



    After Kieran Tierney left, nobody should be in any doubt about Celtic’s position in the food chain. If a Celtic diehard, somebody who would take his place on the terracing, after retirement, will move on to a “bigger” club. The bigger is in terms of financial power AND competitive edge- wages and chances of going to a team with a better chance of moving on to even bigger clubs.



    It doesn’t matter how romantic you are about Celtic’s “bigness” and we are a true wonder as a club with a huge, enthusiastic, loyal and resilient support, we live in the reality of a food chain. We lost Dalglish, Hay and Macari pre-Bosman. We lost McClair, McInally and LP Merde in the same summer, and a whole host of others afterBosman- Van Hooydonk, Viduka, Di Canio, Cadete, Larsson, Sutton, Petrov, Dembele, Van Dijk etc. Hell, we even lose out to Southampton and Bournemouth, and now Union Berlin.



    It is not the absence of a squad building plan; it is that we cannot build a squad out of reluctant conscripts. If they want to go they get to go- even at the big clubs. United suffered by letting C. Ronaldo go (and they suffered when they got him back too old) but they couldn’t stop it. Barca couldn’t stop Messi going and PSG may not prevent Mbappe from going as he tries to land a CL winner’s medal.



    It hurts to see good players go but there is a plan.



    A hopeful plan to keep going and replace with someone who is as good for can be coached to be as good. Ange isn’t here to do player trading; he believes he can use Jura’s money to get another ambitious and talented younger player in. Time will tell if Johnston (plus Ralston) gives us sufficient cover for Juranovic but it is , by no means, already a proven failure of a decision.



    But, here’s the killer, even Ange is subject to these market pressures. At his age and with his profile boosted by his time with us, he, too, will be tempted to gear up to a club in a higher league or even one with European prospects.



    I am worried about this summer and about Ange succession planning.



    If I was asked to say who is our most valuable employee currently- well I love Jota but……. it is clearly Ange Postecoglou who will be hardest to replace. He has made us a more attractive team, a braver team and a happier team and support. I am loving this season, despite fears for our immediate future.

  9. TINYTIM on 23RD JANUARY 2023 8:54 AM



    A lot of the players come to us on the basis that we can gìve them a stage which helps them get into a top 5 league. If we did not offer that stage most would not come here in the first place. Its the price we pay if we want to attract the best players we can. It’s not a problem exclusive to celtic, every big club in every smaller league has the same problem. The question is can we do it bette.



    As an aside, the change to european football will increased group stages participation and will hopefully help celtic by adding more competitive games for players to compete in. It should also help celtiç to negotiate better commercial deals which in turn could make it easier to hold on to our better players a little longer.



    2 of hearts, Aberdeen, hibs or Dundee United need to get regular European income over multiple years to make the domestic league more competitive. Again good players want to play in the strongest leagues possible. The spfl premier league needs to be stronger if we want our best players to stay longer. Hearts are Pushing hardest to be one of the 2 or 3




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