Celtic v Morton, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12.15.

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  1. I thought Bernabei missed a grand opportunity to stake a claim for the LB slot.


    However, against an inferior side he hardly did anything of note.

  2. Highly impressive professional performance by Celtic, fitness is exceptional leading to pressing all over the park, this causes teams to make mistakes as the pace never drops for a second. Brilliant from Ange and the team.

  3. Weebobbycollins on

    “Like a dug with a bone”.


    Exactly,and it’s people like you that provide the bone.Better if you had agreed the pitch is shit,but you would rather put the blinkers on.You never used to be like this.


    I’m not like this. I actually agree with your opinion but just found it amusing they way you hammer it home.


    Don’t take offence. We’re aboard the same boat…

  4. The pitch doesn’t look well on the Telly but it is January and the weather has been shite.


    Think we would all love to have a better surface but it’s certainly not a topic for Tims to fall out over.


    How about a Scotland/Turkey cyber handshake and we all move on.

  5. Well played Celtic after a wee shakey start, and the subsitutions also broke up the play a bit.


    i had KYOGO for a HAT TRICK with my Bookie, but Big ANGE put paid to that Bet, taking th wee man aff at half time.




    NO Matter, Celtic are more important than my Bets.



  6. glendalystonsils on

    The pitch is a hybrid pitch , the very same as those the top EPL teams play on .I’m also pretty sure our ground staff give it the same care and maintainance as those down south .


    Unless there’s some problem with the sub structure/drainage , it has to be down to the weather .


    The fact is , it isn’t bumpy or cutting up even though it might not look the best .

  7. SCANIEL on 21ST JANUARY 2023 12:50 PM


    GENE on 21ST JANUARY 2023 12:47 PM





    Billy Eckstine – 🎶 we feel like passing rangers now 🎶










    Brilliant, Gene, just brilliant…. And so quick!





    Very good GENE Mate.





  8. Turnbull seems to have cheered up a bit.



    Had to feel sorry for Ambrose conceding the penalty. That Law needs simplified and clarified. Just make it that if it’s deliberate it’s an offence. End of. No need to consider unnatural positions, making body bigger, movement of arm or anything else. It’s either deliberate or not.



    Leave it to the ref’s judgement. If they’re biased they’re going to be biased whatever the Law says (as we’ve seen).



    And yes, the pitch is in very poor condition, Something has gone wrong somewhere because the pitch at CP used to be markedly better than others in Scotland.

  9. Well Done Celtic.



    Well done the Ton too a massive support. Merchandise being sold outside too.



    Aaron Mooy seems to pop up Everywhere another qwality performance.

  10. I expect the pitch will hold out until the summer break when it will either be repaired or relaid.


    It’s not doing a lot of harm to the style or quality of our play.


    So maybe the attitude is “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

  11. ‘GG on 21ST JANUARY 2023 3:00 PM


    So maybe the attitude is “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”




    If you believe that,what was wrong with ` leave well alone` ?

  12. The returnof weeron on

    A couple of things….



    One: Not a single soul at the Ottawa CSC thought that was a penalty. Every single one of us was disappointed when it was given. That’s an odd feeling, but it implies that the sfa have learned absolutely nothing from their stumbling VAR failure.



    I had hoped that, having given EVERYTHING against us without us dropping a point, they had narrowed their ‘unnatural position’ nonsense. Seemingly not. The message is, if THAT is a penalty, EVERYTHING can be a penalty. Except Efe’s 2nd handball. With no deflection from a teammate, this was more of a pen than the one that was give. In fact, it was identical to one that was awarded in the WC. Bottom line, the storm that we had thought was passed, isn’t.



    Second point:






    Re your comment about Bernebei…..



    A home game against Morton was never going to result in a definitive assessment on his defensive skills. Even if he ‘looked’ good, it would have proved nothing. Just my 2cents….



    Third (bonus) point:



    Today’s squad must have sent a chill through our younger players. If they couldn’t get a run today, it is highly unlikely that they will ever get a shot. And yes, I know that Lawall got a couple of minutes….



    Have a great day, everybody….

  13. ERNIE LYNCH on 21ST JANUARY 2023 2:59 PM



    I agree with your `penalty comments .



    As regards the pitch, I would say it doesn`t seem to be affecting our style of play and, from my seat at the ground, it looks OK considering the rain and temperatures we have had.

  14. glendalystonsils on




    Aree about Lawal . If he had got 15 minds rather than 3 he would have felt more part of the game rather than just a token gesture .

  15. Afternoon on the way home



    Played okay after the penalty but a fairly lacklustre occasion- good goals but Morton’s heads went down after the first one. Decent crowd for a lunchtime game shown on the BBC



    Penalty was a rotten decision- not a single fan far less player called for it and in the ground I was uncertain as to which team would be getting it given the ball had been in play for a while.



    As with Wednesday the pitch played better than it looked. Maybe buy some green paint?




  16. glendalystonsils on




    My thoughts exactly . Penalties should be given for deliberate handball only , that should be easier to interpret .




    I saw younh lawal going for an interception and thought he was in two minds. I see now I underestimated his hesitancy :-))

  18. glendalystonsils on

    HOT SMOKED on 21ST JANUARY 2023 3:26 PM



    Still doesn’t beat GG’s bowel musings from earlier!

  19. `JIMBO67 on 21ST JANUARY 2023 3:24 P


    Played okay after the penalty but a fairly lacklustre occasion- good goals but Morton’s heads went down after the first one.`



    Interesting how we see see the same game differently. I felt Morton continued to give their all until the final whistle. I did watch on TV, though ( with the mute button pressed) and that can sometimes give a false impression.




    I didn`t see that one but it sounds excellent :-)))

  21. Judging by the roar I have just heard from Gayfield, I would think Motherwell have just gone one up.


    Anyway, it`s a cheerio for now from me,



  22. The ONLY way to take the referees bias out of the equation and in the process save many managers jobs is…..if it hits your hand in the box, no matter the circumstances, it’s a pen, I guarantee it’s in the pipeline.


    Great performance

  23. Hot Smoked



    They did not give up but they played like a team that knew it would not win after that first goal. I will be meeting the youngest memory of the family in an hour who was at his second ever game. He’ll not be happy Jota never came on!




  24. Hot Smoked.



    Yup left after posting early as i was meeting your sausage man in Coias.his lad was at passport office,both heading home tonight.


    Hope your good j,i take it from yours posts you decided against today



    Happy with the game and result,next :-)


    Var really needs to be shown in the ground.still to see it.


    Kobe again looked good.


    Good crowd today.


    Good to see plenty kids and families.




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