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  1. Got back to the car and turned on the radio while we waited in the feckin queue to get out. First voice on the radio? The stuck record that is Tom English. He’s becoming BBC’s version of Spew Heevins with his constant anti-Celtic carping.



    And those feckin cycle lanes on London Road? Ah well, at least all the cyclists we saw had an easy journey. Oh wait, there weren’t any! But there was lots and lots of air pollution. Oh goodie.



    Yours in Celtic, Thomas Sassenach.

  2. BRRB……


    I spoke to you yesterday in the Pub about the young Jockey called ” BILLY LOUGHNANE” who is in great Form, as is his Father the Trainer ” D.M. Loughnane.”


    Young Bill the Jockey had a WINNER in the 3.22 race at Lingfield Today


    It WON at ODDS of 16/1.



    I backed the Horse EARLY this morning, cos of wee Billy the Jockey…..I had the Horse at odds of 33/1.


    Ya dancer.



    His Dad has 2 or 3 runners at Wolverhampton Tonight. ive backed them, but I cant remember ” how many” off the top of my head ?



  3. Just back wee guy loved the first half but was Bored! In the second stayed until the players did the walk around so maintained the tradition of not leaving early 👍



    My takeaways



    VAR will kill going to the game, no one near me had a clue, some were thinking it was from the previous Morton attack


    Pitch isn’t perfect but it’s fine, doesn’t impact our passing game from what I see


    I personally thought that Turnbull had a terrible game, caught in possession too many times but took his goal well


    Great attendance with the game live on BBC



    Jimbo67 the non appearance of Jota was the only downside for my son also

  4. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Do they show the var calls on the stadium screens in England?



    Is it a telly thing, if so why, the paying customer is being cheated here with this blank var screen 😡😈

  5. One other thing and I know that the standard of opposition is not the best but Mooy would be first on my teamsheet every game

  6. Morton at home is what it is. A bit harsh though to say Bernabie did nothing of note. He had an excellent ball over the top in the build up to Mooy’s second and put one on the boot of Maeda who conspired to miss from 6 yards.

  7. P O T Y


    vERY HARD TO CALL., so many brilliant performances all round.



    My top 5 is CakMac, CCV, Rio, Kyogo and Daizen


    Close behind, Jota, Abada, Big Joe, Greg Taylor






    Team was soooooperb today

  8. That’ll be Ange up for the Everton job again


    Can’t see Lampard surviving this one





    I’ve been saying for a while now, if the ball hits your arm or hand, whether accidental or not, it should be a pen. It’s the ONLY way to take the….erm….confusion out of it



    And not just because we’d get at least two pens per game

  9. Congratulations, Celtic.



    Haven’t read back but if anyone heard Radio Scotland after the game, they must be aware how much English detests us. I think the other pundits were embarassed by the rant about our benefitting from VAR. I wonder if he ranted so much when we were being cheated or when the deid team were getting advantage from it. Somehow doubt it.

  10. thoughts on the game, Bernabei not a left back ,Johnston needs to learn how to hit bye line and deliver a decent cross , all to often when he gets into a good position he is looking backwards or sideways to make a pass other than crossing the ball (confidence thing ?). Fair play to Morton set up to play behind the ball like most SPL teams but the difference with Morton was that a player would break the line and put pressure on our players to try and upset our rhythm and tempo with some success.New midfield looks assured ,mooy could have scored 5 or 6.


    VAR ,my goodness how long does it take to make a decision ,don’t be fooled ,had it been a league game other than a cup game against lower opposition there no way we are getting the benefit , this is just for thems to throw it back at us and say we don’t get VAR awards.

  11. Good win today.



    I see Radio Scotia rewriting the rule book on Pens.



    How a ref pal of hun Mcintyre called and told him ‘no penalty’.



    So, levelling up not just for the Tory huns.



    Fckn jokers.

  12. If you can show an incident to two different referees and they give different decisions we have a genuine crisis in the game and FIFA should get involved. Are we actually saying that some referees don’t understand the rules? I would also like to see referees speak at the end of games an explain decisions. If Clancy was interviewed after the game and explained how he interpreted the current rules to award a penalty then that would be it. Simple really.

  13. beofre the game, Sportsound tried to make an issue of the pitch.



    “Granty” said he had a word with groundsman, and two weeks of torrential rain and often temperatures below zero, the grass is not growing at all, and was in fact saturated with no where for water to go.



    no great mystery.



    i couldnt give a rats ass how it looks on tv.

  14. andd another five goals , but the second half was “boring”



    dearie me, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  15. Weebobbycollins on

    It was Abada’s industry that resulted in the four first-half goals. The wee man was very good today…

  16. St Stivs, my 7 year old was bored it was a light hearted comment nothing to get excited about 😀

  17. Evening all.



    Well done Celtic, through to the next round is all that matters.



    Fantastic day in EK with fantastic people,



    This tune is for BIG JIMMY.



    Jimmy Rodgers, ‘He’s in the Jailhouse now’ (i928)



    BIG JIMMY is on guitar. :)

  18. bigrailroadblues on

    Enjoyed the game, met Coneybhoy in the Drovers pre match, walked back to town and had a few in spoons with him and his mate Alan. A fine Celt and great company. HH M.👍

  19. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Laurieston Bar. I should add that Coneybhoy, BelmontBrian and Big Jimmy really tell the most hellish “jokes “. 🙄

  20. Snake Plissken on

    The penalty today was a joke but Celtic have been on the end of similar so I’ll stick with saying there needs to be uniformity with this law in how it is administered or binned. It’s not just in Scotland. We’ve seen it across the board in recent months.



    Regarding VAR, there is still one team who have not been on the end of a call against them yet that beggars belief. Guess who they are?

  21. Ange after the game today:



    “I said at the AGM we have just got to be really agile and aggressive in the transfer market if we want to make the gains we want to make. I get that it is unsettling and disconcerting, particularly for our supporters, because they love these players, and I totally understand that. But my role is to try to make decisions that I think are best for us and our continued growth as a football team, and realising when an opportunity comes along we have to be ready to take it.



    That’s what we have done with Josip”