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  1. jimbo67 on 21st January 2023 3:24 pm



    Afternoon on the way home



    Played okay after the penalty but a fairly lacklustre occasion- good goals but Morton’s heads went down after the first one. Decent crowd for a lunchtime game shown on the BBC



    Penalty was a rotten decision- not a single fan far less player called for it and in the ground I was uncertain as to which team would be getting it given the ball had been in play for a while.



    As with Wednesday the pitch played better than it looked. Maybe buy some green paint?








    We are in 401 so had no realistic view.



    What you said was what my Son said….. what way is this going?



    I feel the excellent Morton Support were cheated Yesterday with that decision.



    Chelsea – CHEATS and to think some parents call their kids Chelsea.



    I’m just pee’d aff as, again they let me Downtown.



    I had over 3.5 Celtic First Half Goals



    Liverpool Chelsea over 2.5 First Half Goals



    Coventry Norwich CITY btw – Teemu – over 2.5, you guessed it, FIRST HAUF GOALS.



    550ish to .



    Chelsea – me no likie.



    They Hoover up players.



    Chelsea – me no likie.



    They just don’t care.



    I know another New team that just does not care.



    They are getting SMASHED……..




  2. cornflakes……






    Nothing ever Happens…….



    I hope TT is right when he says Pedro is Bach to sort them (not thems – they Liquidated) out.



    I will keep singing F the SFA, until I see a sea change there.



    That Bellend Madden left Scottish Fitba right after wan of the most attrocious Refereeing displays.



    They, those at the Top, they knew he was going.



    Bent as an Arabs dagger – Scottish fitba is to 1 – lets get paratroopers absailing……Scottish Fitba is ruined by this Poisonous New Club.



    We shan’t Ever be mastered by no Ora… Barstewards.




  3. Good morning all from another mild morning in the Garngad



    Big Jimmy – I actually liked Ronald Villiers his dead pan demeanor and punchline, I should have said they were like him but without these traits. In other words bores.



    The 3 of them were saying the penalty changed the game. Feck right off. Sure Morton came at us in the 1st 5 or 10 mins but we would have pumped them eventually without the pen.



    Hope you are well big man.



    D :)

  4. I’m not superstitous but the Wan Time me and ma Son got Tickets he was in the East End. I was in the maist AMAZIN’ seat.



    F the SFA.



    The North Stand lights wurnae even all there – Terrible lighting too.



    Fake the SFA.



    F the SFA.



    Rally round the Purple (masonic) colour, oor refs – Orange scum.



    Once again for Clarity….




    Believe it or not I’ve tempered my comment.




    Fu*k the SFA.






    It cannae be played enough.










    I’m Glad we didnae do the “You Will Never Walk Alone.”



    Save it for the Biggies.



    Europe cannaecomequick enough!

  5. Other onjoyment peronified occasions:



    1) Big Jimmy with a winner;


    2) BRRB with pint.


    3) Kyogo with a goal


    4) Scottish commentators after a disallowed Celtic `goal`.



    peronified occasions…



    Occasions when drinking Italian beer enhances the situation 😁

  7. Sad to see JJ go, but I congratulate them for getting him in the first place and then being pragmatic about selling a player who wanted to go. To make a profit of £5 to £7.5 of a million on a player who is 27 yrs is not bad.



    I hate to see JJ and Gio go, but again if a player is unhappy then you have to be pragmatic about it. As Gus Poyet has said, ” this season, he wasn’t playing regularly. He felt he wanted to play.” He was acting as a back-up to Kyogo and the system does not accommodate to central strikers. So again, I congratulate the Board for finding Gio and making a profit on a player who wants to leave and is 28 yrs.



    The harsh realities of life in the SPL.

  8. DAVID66…


    I knew what you meant about Ronald Villiers.


    As soon as heard what Maloney, MacFadden and…that HUN EBT CHUMP Thompson began to say about the Penalty, I pressed MUTE on my TV.



    I do NOT think it WAS a Penalty and I felt a wee bit sorry for EFE, but lets NOT forget about the penalty that Dundee Utd got, in the case a few weeks ago of BERNABI NOT KNOWING WHERE the Ball was, and HIS arm was BEHIND Him ?


    Equally importantly, WHY was BERABI BOOKED on that occasion, and yet other players such as EFE yesterday are NOT Booked ? When BERABI was unfairly Booked, THAT decision, ( in the interests of CONSISTENCY ) ……SHOULD have led to EVERY Player being Booked for HAND BALL ?


    As for EFE hand balling the Ball in his Penalty area in the 2nd half, DID the Sportscene Panel say … THAT decision NOT to give a penalty ” AFFECTED the RESULT” ?



    Im ” reasonably” okay just now, apart from the ongoing Bowel problems and yet again I canny STOP Peeing after the beers on Friday.


    YOUR Company was missed at the CQN/SC Session in EK….THAT SQUAD just NEVER STOPPED Talking………I COULDN’T GET A WORD IN !




    HH Mate.

  9. HOT SMOKED on 22ND JANUARY 2023 9:49 AM


    Other onjoyment peronified occasions:







    1) Big Jimmy with a winner;




    AND Many Beers, any Celtic Victory, and a Burd on my arm, also help.





  10. On penalties, Foster on Sportscene last night thought St Johnstone could have had a penalty had Brown went down after a side on challenge from Kent but he stayed on his feet, any coverage of this anywhere, do you need to go down, cant it be looked at by VAR ? Incidentally Sportscene was like a sedative, unbelievable that producers think this is value for money and the presenters are the best they can get, dreadful show.

  11. Reading through old ‘Celtic View’ from 1966 and came across photograph of Greenock CSC in celebration mood.Photo at clubrooms Westburn Street,features John Porter,Thomas Cannon,John Cannon and John Dougan.If anyone would like this issue ( No 69) November 30,1966,I would gladly send it to interested party.

  12. Big Jimmy,


    The horse racing course in England is Lingfield,


    not Linfield,although I’m sure that there are loads of horses there too,lol.





  13. Unprecedented crowd numbers



    The interest in watching Celtic is currently higher than it has been at any juncture this millennium. It is beyond dispute that Postecoglou’s exciting brand of attacking football is truly box office. On Wednesday night, Celtic posted the sell-out signs for their hosting of St Mirren. No-one could recall a midweek game not involving Rangers (a new club in Scotland) or a European team where effectively every seat in the 60,000 had been paid for (even if far from all season ticket holders end up sitting on them).



    Likewise with the 40,011 crowd that attended the Morton tie. Assisted by a superb turn-out of the Greenock faithful that exceeded 2,500, the figure was 10,000 in excess of any such home Scottish Cup tie since this century. Consider the closest parallels. When Morton came to Celtic Park for a quarter-final in the competition five years ago, the contest was watched by only 18,255. They were also at the same stadium for a last-eight clash in 2016. A mere 14,858 turned up then.



    (Taken from the Scotsman – slightly adapted by me)

  14. Graham Spiers talking about “a return of sectarian singing” at the Sevco game”



    Graham, it has never went away, it is always heard whenever Sevco play.



    Why mention it now ?

  15. PHILCOOL on 22ND JANUARY 2023 11:54 AM


    Big Jimmy,





    The horse racing course in England is Lingfield,





    not Linfield,although I’m sure that there are loads of horses there too,lol.














    Just a wee typing error mate.



  16. paulsthroughball88 on

    Sportscene don’t look for charisma in their pundits, presenters or commentators, they look for continuity.



    And, bhoy, did that commentator on yesterday’s tie fulfill his remit.



    Shortly after half time, he explained that Celtic were going for their 41st Scottish Cup this season, which is 8 more than the next team, Rangers (sic), who won their 34th last season, he hastily added.



    So hastily, he went all Kwasi Kwarteng on us with his figures. But in the context of a 12 year old club winning an annually-held cup competition 34 times, what’s an adding-up error?



    A bit of Doctor Who, Alice in Wonderland, and George Orwell, all part of the harsh unrealities of Scoddish football.



    And of course not all the blame for that can be attributed to the SMSM.

  17. 1. FC Union Berlin








    Replying to




    We know how much you have treasured Josip, and how much he loved playing for Celtic. So please know that we’ll look after him, he’ll be a hero here, and even though there’s not as many of us here, we’ll try to shout his name as loud as you ever could. Cheers and love. Eisern!

  18. paulsthroughball88 on

    The same commentator also got it wrong when he stated that the last club that “wasn’t Rangers (sic)” to beat Celtic in the competition was Inverness Caley in 2015.



    Sorry, the last club to beat Celtic in the SC wasn’t Rangers either, mate.