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  1. mike in toronto on




    While in the modern world it shouldnot be an issue, in Scotland it would be. This, plus his speech at the Church, will certainly rattles their cage … if they didn’t hate him before, they will now. and, I suspect, he must have known that would be the case. Is he trying to work his ticket… get a decent payoff to leave zombieland?

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    LEFTCLICKTIC on 20TH MAY 2018 12:40 PM







    yes i heard that yesterday





    Thanks. That puts a better look on his absence from the team.

  3. mike in toronto on



    Glad to hear that.. couldn’t understand why he wasn’t getting any time of late and was worried that something had happened. I like the Little Guy, so I hope he stays




    I was thinking that yesterday, good player..gets forward well, bags of energy, gets a good cross in, not sure how he is defensively though???




  5. Double treble, does that make us Sixers??


    Fantastic day. Couldn’t help myself last night winding up a few of the dark side, suggested they could move to another league, again, and see how that goes for them! Not happy.


    At my age will be quite happy with half a generation of dominance:)


    Anyway enjoy today if you go. It will be party central.





  6. Congratulations to all the team members, the Manager, staff and the Board for making these last two years possible. I have lived through some great Celtic moments like seeing Charlie Tully, Lisbon, Nine-in–row, Seville, and now a double treble. Yes my age group have seen some of the greatest moments in our club’s history.



    It is difficult to pick out who contributed more than any other yesterday or indeed over the double years, but it cannot not be denied that Broonie has been truly inspiring. Have a great day at the stadium today, Scottie.



    One thing I noticed yesterday was that Lustig had a very good game. Most of the season, he has not been at the top of his form. Yesterday I was very close to the touchline and I really appreciated his efforts. I was also more conscious yesterday for some reason that he has had a very tough time with injury these last few years. So well done the lhad in the polis hat.



    In the midst of the euphoria, give a thought to those like Paul McStay and others who were robbed of the possibility of achieving more awards because of the cheating that was going on during their time at Celtic Park. Those ghuys are also part of our history and will be remembered by those of us who were privileged to see them play.



    Hail, hail!

  7. Scott Brown deserves his day in the sun today, an inspirational leader on the park and a player I think who responded to Brendan’s challenge to be the best Scott Brown he can be:))



    Some of the skilful moments he had yesterday made me realise that Scott is a far better footballer than he is often given credit for!



    We’ve talked a lot about the Brendan effect on different players and in my opinion Scott is one who has really raised his game under BR, his influence permeates through the whole team and when he plays(which is often) we play.



    And Oli is Scott’s bhoy, those two together are forming a formidable partnership.




    Hail Hail Scott Brown..

  8. Still loving the weekend.



    Sun and a bit of Pharrel and avoiding all the social media royal crap.



    Just loving everything Celtic and wishing I was there today.





    Re Lustig: I like listening to the players, it gives you an insight into the club’s inner workings from a personnel, relationship point of view. The hierarchy.


    During the interview with wee McGregor he referenced both Scott’s AND Mikael’s standard setting, demands if you like.

  10. Great times. Really great times. We will build on this too. Even getting better at celebrating !

  11. JIMBO67 on 20TH MAY 2018 12:02 PM






    Good point re 2 years ago but I also think he has been rejuvenated in other ways too.










    Agree mhate.


    Burnley 78



    That’s exactly right in my opinion.



    The doings in CL are Brendan sticking to his principles of trying to improve players by letting them try their skills, rather than set up just to limit the opposition. The latter might offer short term gain, but does nothing in a developmental sense.



    “better at celebrating”: Yes we are yesterday’s post match fanfare was a joyous event. I generally go down to the ground after a Hampden trophy win sometimes there are 200 sometimes 3.



    Yesterday, it looked like 5 or 6000 on the routeway. A really wide fanbase too: a lot of guys coming back from the match, families, toddlers, pensioners.



    It was great to see the players enjoy the celebrations and several of them were clearly taken aback by it all.

  13. glendalystonsils on

    The Motherwell keeper Carson reckons they lost because they showed us too much respect. Strange way to show respect ,by assaulting everything in hoops. He said “Obviously, they are a great side, but unless you get close to them and stick a foot in, you are not going to win anything.


    They left more than a foot in all afternoon, just ask Keiran Teirney who was systematically targeted.



    Maybe Mr Carson is just a bit peeved because he could have been on that open topped bus.


    Respect = putting the boot in


    Proximity = Being close enough to “respect” your opponent.

  15. Generation of domination?


    Nah , bit too authoritarian for me and is a better fit for the ‘ rule Brittania ‘ mob in Govan imo.


    Enduring the barren 90s makes these achievements all the sweeter. Never in my wildest class A fuelled imaginings could I have forseen the transformation we would undergo to where we are now. Remember seeing the Rangers squad split into three different elevens in one of the red tops . A team for Europe,league and cups we were told. While we had the likes of Muggleton, Biggins and Payton in our starting eleven. I think we finished 5th one season.


    Well here we are now some twenty odd years later and the vista of history making back to back trebles to look back on. Truly incredible.








    Like you,I’m fed up with oppo players commenting that only thuggery can stop Celtic,and that the reason they lost was because they weren’t thuggish enough.



    Comments like that-and Shinnie last week,Levein,et al-should be an automatic Bringing The Game Into Disrepute charge.



    It’s called The Beautiful Game. Not the booting them game

  17. So many memorable moments from yesterday, from the goals, the individual and team performance, the joy of the players, the joy of the fans, to the words of Brendan after the final whistle, and the proof that Karma does exist, when the wee nyaff Ross went Arse over tit on the touchline, humiliating himself in front of the nation. ???


    The Parade was brilliant. Our teams have been denied this for far too long – all other teams are allowed to celebrate with their fans after a big cup-final, so long overdue, and well done to The Club for giving everyone a chance to do so, rather than just those lucky enough to be able to get tickets for the game. I hope this continues for years to come


    ??? ???

  18. Well done, great. The Team, The Directors, The Manager, the Players, The captain, all the behind the scenes staff and most of all, the fans.



    It’s brilliant being a CELTIC supporter , is it not. Loving it.



    To get from 99% euphoria to 100 % would be for the hunbigots to die.



    Hail Hail and enjoy the summer knowing we support the record breaking Celts.




  19. Davidopoulos on

    I’ve not had much time over the last couple of weeks to post my usual nonsense and drivel after a hectic time at work. However I am now away in Kefalonia on a very, very, very late honeymoon and will have much more time to post ouzo soaked nonsense and drivel. And my wife says I’m not romantic…



    Btw the nonsense and drivel will not resume today (unless you uncharitably deem this nonsense and drivel as nonsense and drivel) as I have been up since 2 am for a 6 am flight and I’m shattered.



    But in the meantime I would jut like to say that the magnitude of the achievement yesterday has only just begun to sink in for me. I think I need time to come to terms with the fact that this team and manager have achieved something that not only has never been seen before, but will possibly never be seen again.



    As an aside, a wee fact that the history books may overlook in years to come is one of the most important aspects of yesterday for me…hoofbaw will only get you so far, and if you show up to a cup final hoofing and booting you will get what is coming to you.



    Anyway, here endeth that nonsense and drivel I wasn’t gonna post…

  20. Davidopoulos on

    P.s. if I gave a single monkey’s flunky about the Scottish National Team, I’d say that Alex McLeish should be sacked for being pished live on BBC coverage of the SCF, but as it were…




    Have a great time D:))



    Big McFreak not a legendary pishheid???



    Just what we need in Scottushfitbaw, hoof it tae Kenny…oh my God they killed Kennnnnnnny:))




  22. BIG-CUP-WINNERS @ 1.59 –



    Thanks for posting that half hour link, really enjoyed it. Hopefully someone will have a source of the actual game later…



    Mon the Partick…

  23. And Wee Paddy Roberts gets a goal as he leaves the Celtic stage for good



    Good Luck to him wherever he ends up