Celtic v Motherwell, Live updates


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  1. What is the Stars on



    It had been closed for a few months. Only opened again yesterday




    And of course Grahams Road is named after Sir John de Graham, a 13th century Scottish noble killed in July 1298 at the battle of Falkirk whilst fighting, alongside William Wallace (the 1st), against the Normans, or rather Edward I. Buried in Falkirk and all.

  3. Another we note


    Any Bhoys post from the Galashiels & Selkirk & Peebles parishes ?


    Announced today we are getting your priest Fr Kevin from2nd June


    And lucky you, you are getting The Cowiebhoy Fr Nicky


    He announced to us at Mass this morning



    After quoting a weekend celebration which included a Double Treble ???




    Enjoy your parishes Fr Nicky



    Hail Hail

  4. THE BATTERED BUNNET on 20TH MAY 2018 6:26 PM


    Robert de Brus was a Norman.






    Naw he wasn’t. He was an Ayrshire Tim!




  5. WHAT a weekend and so proud of myself that I’m still awake!!


    No more morning countdowns (although I get to see The Rutles at Oran Mor in just 6 more sleeps!).


    White shirt and bright green tie already looked out for work tomorrow.


    This is how it feels to be Celtic.

  6. I know it was only a friendly, but I think Kouassi looks a very good player. Calvin Miller had a very good game. I’m not sure yet if Jack Hendry will be good enough, but he is really quick and used his pace on a number of occasions to snuff out danger.



    The boy on guitar lead a brilliant set of anthems before kickoff. Two brilliant days in a row. Glad that wee Paddy scored and amazing to see the king of kings again.

  7. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    double treble holy ship, in hindsight I think ON’s goal was better than cmac’s, two great goals,

  8. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    Hampden yesterday, Chicago wednesday then New York City next Mon/Thu, so a visit to the Parlour a must. Any local Tims still in drinking – pints on me. HH.??? ???

  9. dr live from the game today – hurtin hun.




    Larsson’s free kicks still as bad as ever


    He’s one of Celtic’s greatest ever marksmen but set=plays were never his forte. The Swedish hero has a pop from the edge of the box but fires well over the bar.



    Scott Brown takes his ovation and is replaced by Callum McGregor for the final few minutes.

  10. I enjoyed my wee day out at Paradise today. Last one for a few weeks.



    Kouassi looks the business and it was great play to set The Griff up for his goal. I thought the young lad Hendry who came on look strong and fast; Johnston had the trickery of an old time winger but I don’t see Miller making it without some further progress.



    A fantastic day for our current captain (and next manager?) which was well deserved.



    Paddy Roberts has made his choice and I think he will regret it.



    So has Moussa:



    Moussa Dembélé





    What a week end that was ! Historical, emotional, unbelievable… DOUBLE TREBLE and the reception after the game…???. This club is special, the fans are special ! Is this how it feels to be @CelticFC ?..? I’m loving it ??⚽ @dembelition


    18:28 – 20 May 2018



    Disnae sound like he is heading for the exit!





  11. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Enjoyed today with my Dad, Letterkennybhoy.



    Broony what an amazing captain, leader and player and then there was Henrik, an icon and legend.



    #thesearethedays #DoubleTreble #glasgowsgreenandwhite







  12. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Well thank you very much “the famous Glasgow Celtic” it’s only quarter to eight on a Sunday night and I will have to go to my bed because of “you”


    Can’t take any more singing, laughing, drinking and dancing ! Hope your proud of yourselves doing this to a middle aged man. Tell you this. . . . . . . I’m proud of you.


    Thank you and goodnight !

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Was in the pub and the locals were trying to wind my up that their Hibs women beat our girls 9-0, you being bloody serious was my reply, take a double treble said I …….

  14. Bateen Bhoy on 20th May 2018 6:26 pm


    Nice one! :)))


    I Spent way tooooo much time in wahala country!!


    Best I spotted was on the Agbara – Ota highway, an okada a rider, two kids and FOUR mattresses!! Unbelievable!! I have been in traffic chaos in most of the garden spots of the world, but for me, Lagos takes some beating!!


    HH, great to be a Tim,



  15. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Unless you have only been supporting Celtic for the last 7 years then you will have had good times,bad times,shit times and glorious times,but,what you won’t have had is a double treble time.


    Thank the Good Lord,or whomsoever is your go-to guy,that you are here now.


    It has all been said already on here.









  16. Delaney’s Dunky.



    It’s a good job you didn’t come to the BV on Friday,I just went into the Blane for some practice for the 25th,I failed in the drinking practice,I went home on the train but fell asleep and ended up in Edinburgh,conductor woke me up and said that’s the end of the Journey,I looked out the window and it certainly wasn’t Falkirk Station I saw,I asked him if the train was going back to Glasgow,he said yes, but he wasn’t going back in the train,He said the next Conductor would charge me the return fare,but he never come round to check the tickets so got a free trip back to Falkirk.



    Wits you should have said you were coming to Falkirk, I could have met you in the Star,I think I’ll need a bit more practice before Friday.

  17. I took my son Daniel to his first Celtic game when he was 5. It was THAT game against Inverness CT. I remember thinking it was just possible that Celtic might never again be the top team in Scotland.



    Yesterday I drove him to the pub to pick up a supporters bus to take him to Hampden to see Celtic win back to back trebles – something not even Jock Stein achieved.



    We sat together today in block 105 and I was thinking back to that night against ICT. Things are now so rosy that MON never even got a wee song from the faithful ! I wouldn’t have ever thought that this could ever be possible!


    DD and PL have got it tight on here over the years, including from me, but I think even the mineshafters have to accept now that they got it spot on with their gently does it approach as opposed to the manic behaviour across the Clyde.



    Glasgow is most definitely Green and White!

  18. Thank you Celtic for a great weekend. Need to crash early which means beers left over in the fridge. Have a 5am check in for Amsterdam flight from Edinburgh, so no beers since 6pm.


    Take care everyone and try to remember as much as you can about this weekend, it’s been a bit special.


    The Lhad had a blast at the game and afterwards yesterday, he heads back to West London CSC tomorrow after having a memorable weekend.


    It’s great to be part of the Celtic family. Hail! Hail!

  19. Thecelt45,


    Aye, it’s something else. People would complain less about the roads back home if they’d ever driven on the streets of Lagos. Potholes that you could fit all 4 wheels of a family saloon in at the same time. ?


    Will never forget my first trip there. On the bus trip to work, first day there, ( c/w armed police on board ) we passed a body at the side of the road. Watched the body decay day-by-day every morning for the next 14 days. ?




    The Wellington in Manor St was a Celtic pub in the 60’s,it may have changed now,mind you.