Celtic v Motherwell, Live updates


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  1. Watch out for a red card for Broonie either Saturday or on Boxing day in an attempt to keep him out of the game with the filth at the theater of Bigotry.

  2. FT 3-0 hoops good to see the youngsters get a run out,some of them have school in the morning lol


    onwards and upwards COYBIG

  3. I didn’t see the game against Hibs on Sunday but judging by their performance tonight against Sevco we must have been really bad.



    Great to see us bounce back though.

  4. Have a feeling Edouard may be out for a least a couple of weeks



    Pulling up when there is no one near you is always a bad sign



    Ridiculous situation to be in

  5. JimTheTim53


    Your campaign paid off tonight.


    The Celtic DJ played Paradise by George Ezra tonight at half time. Sounded magic ?????

  6. The site is incredibly slow to load pages, to move between comments. It’s been like this for weeks now. Is anything being done to resolve this?

  7. Good night with what turned out to be an easy victory.



    A well earned draw for Hibs. Didny watch it as I selected the hoops stream. Easy choice.



    MWD Sack the Bonus us Collector

  8. This site is impossible to load on Safari(Ipad).


    It is now as bad on Google Chrome.


    Ages for comments and pages to show.It takes about 6/7 tries on the \ipad.



    Laptop now nearly the same.


    Don’t think I’ll bother much anymore.

  9. 50 shades of green on

    Mikey J’S goal was a peach tonight.



    Broonie is not finished yet ???.




    Awfy quiet tonight.



    H.H fae the bus hame.

  10. Raymac, go to setting, Safari, Advanced, Java Script, and disable it, site works fine then.



    For other sites you’ll have to enable javascript again as functions on those won’t work.

  11. Not sure Paul bothers much with the site now either. I remember the days when he participated in the chat, not now. And the days when there were so many users the servers would topple over and he would come on and apologise.


    Is he aware about how bad it has become? Does he care? Would be good if he would take the time to come on and tell us if he has any plans to improve the situation and how.


    Perhaps some of you know him, see him at games, have a beer with him . . . please tell him the site is dying a slow death because of the pop ups, constant reloads etc.

  12. Delighted with the 3 points after a scrappy opening 25 mins. Fair play to Ralston for taking his chance, he did very well. We never exited second gear in the second half, ideal at this point in the season. Back to the top of the table is wee bonus too. Hope Eddy is ok, looked like a groin strain.

  13. Anthony Ralston had a fine game tonight.


    Mikel isn’t finished yet, still a fine footballer, despite being the scapegoat with no legs, but on this showing we have a replacement who can take on that mantle, and can support for now.

  14. Doc


    I now think they are cheats wi whistles. Huns or not. Madden tonight cheated as he always does. It is a sporting scandal.