Celtic v Motherwell, Live updates


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  1. DD, oh for an investigative journalist who might look into this scandal.



    Not holding my breath.



    We need a strong Rangers like we need a strong smell.

  2. Good all round performance from the Bhoys, well done Mikey and Anthony.


    And on to the next game….

  3. Just back from the game.



    Can we come to an arrangement that when we are 3-0 up at half time that we don’t need to play the second half. We were obviously conserving our energy with only the possibility of injuries to our players due to the MIB allowing the cloggers to get away with everything.



    Why was the Well player not booked for the foul on Forrest for the penalty? Actually I could say the same thing for a number of other incidents, but it’s a rhetorical question.



    Johnston and Morgan look capable players. Ralston is a conundrum. A Tank. But often he just doesn’t look like a footballer. Perfect for the game tonight though.

  4. Just seen a straight red for Hibs,and a stonewall pen for Sevco denied,Craig Thomshun added 2 mins

  5. Evening all , just a quick note to the people complaining about adverts on the site , I use internet explorer with adblock for internet explorer , I get no adverts at all and can open any links posted so if you try that you hopefully will have the same experience as myself , sometimes the old stuff is the good stuff . Great win tonight Champions on the top of the league COYBIG :)

  6. Watching the highlights of the Hun game,Morelos,FFS.Stonewall penalty denied for the Huns,which was nice.Hibs player tried to half some Hun in two,Red Card,all day long,which was just as nice.A couple Hun injuries as well.Not before time.


    Broony was sensational tonight.Not sure if Eddis was dead leg,or groin strain.Another 3 points on Saturday,with the Huns going to the frozen north on Sunday,against an in form Saints.

  7. I think all the major bloggers eventually suffer from burn out. The Clumpany hasn’t posted since 4 November. Used to be daily. John James is about 50% since his peak. Scottish Football Monitor 3-5 hours between posts. As people have said, Paul67 seems disinterested with interaction nowadays even for the modest 20 mins. Maybe I would be the same if I got the stuff he gets from some folk.

  8. My heart was warmed by the performance of the young team tonight. Anthony, Mikey and Lewis were magic.



  9. Jimthetim



    Hi mate,think clumps is still on twitter.johnjames is a windae hingin betty in need of a penny or two.


    Hope yir well my friend.so some requests


    Come o Devine messiah


    O master of this house


    Silent night


    Come come,come to the manger


    Lol right that’s me all Santa’s up





    Thoughts and prayers my friend.


    Rest in peace Esther




  10. TET


    Anthony Ralston was my MOTM.


    Predicted 3 goals and 3 points and AR to shine. Good night in Paradise.


    Hope you make the Valencia Hootenany 21st February.



  11. If Edourd is out for a few weeks,and no other recognised striker,is Brendan looking for a striker on loan till the end of the season,I’m sure Dion Dublin came on loan to us from Villa, would that be right, but for our club not having another Striker available,is an absolute crime,

  12. Delaneys


    Tony played very well as did Mikey when he came on, but I thot that Broonie was back to his best tonight, much faster and moved the ball forward more than he had been doing of late.


    It matters not, we got the three points and are back on top.


    As yet not sure, it all depends on how the Mrs is.

  13. Very well done to the Bhoys tonight


    Unfortunately down South so missed the game


    Followed on CQN



    Can I suggest those struggling with adverts, drop Paul 67 a message to inform


    As stated, not sure he now reads what is being posted ?

  14. Good night God bless CQN.


    Top of the league till May I reckon. Magical 8 in a row ahead.



  15. would take the young hibs centre back Ryan porteous , sell them scott allan and include jack henry loan deal.