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  1. NorrieM



    That version of Come to The Manger was wonderful. Exactly how we used to sing it. The imagery of the cartoon is everything I remember about the Nativity story.



    Thank you.



    I think Ralston has all the attributes of an athlete but needs to quieten his mind grasshopper style as a footballer.


    He was very good tonight especially going forward.


    He needs coaching in angles and judgement.


    When he got beat on the odd occasion tonight it was due to him overcommitting and picking the wrong angle leaving him wrong side of opponent.


    Inexperience and youthful exuberance just needs managed properly.

  3. Broonie back sharper tonight, liked the tactic of Callum sitting behind him ,Ralston was excellent, final ball let him down a few times, stuck at it,strong in the tackle, if he gets more game time he could be a very decent RB.

  4. fanatic



    thought the same about ralston to quick to jump in a couple of times.



    needs a bit of coaching but good going foward.



    a great pass in the first couple of minutes accross the goal but no players close.

  5. Sandman- i dont do Twitter either mate,,some links i get open, some don’t, the issue for me is why a ‘reporter’ felt it worthy of posting….yeah i think we know why….HH

  6. AR not for me, looked a bit of the pace ,he has had a lot of coaching so far but still lacks the defensive qualities to make the grade , possibly a good backup at best.

  7. Excellent performance and result earlier this evening, well done Brendan and the bhoys…



    It’s a shame we need to take our foot of the gas (when it should be on their throats) due to fitness/injury issues.



    Great stuff by Ralston, thought his technique has improved massively, the composure for the goal consummate…



    Young Mikey what can you say…



    …maybe something like, if Messi had done that..:)



    Congratulations to MotM Scott Brown…



    …500 Games, LEGEND!!



    We are blessed with our coaching staff…



    And proper Celtic Players in non-shrink jerseys…



    TIMBHOY2 @ 10:50 PM,



    If Edourd is out for a few weeks,and no other recognised striker,is Brendan looking for a striker on loan till the end of the season,I’m sure Dion Dublin came on loan to us from Villa, would that be right, but for our club not having another Striker available,is an absolute crime



    We must have a striker or two lined up for January, just hope we have real quality coming in, we need it… too late to patch up with a loan IMO



    So you right it is criminal, we had someone on here the other day suggesting it was Brendan Rodgers fault for selling Dembele without a replacement…



    Still nice and quiet without the Brendan Bashers.



    AULDHEID on18TH DECEMBER 2018 8:56 PM


    Kev J (and others )



    If you want to understand why there is such reluctance to bring Res12 to a conclusion, then this, drawing on a past observation on CQN might help.






    Excellent piece Auldheid, TBB’s comments were as often the case, accurate and insightful. Did we really believe that the sanctions that HAD to be imposed would not be applied and that everyone would get away Scot-Free apart from Craig Whyte who had already fulfilled his role as patsy.



    Quite disgraceful really, though of course no surprise.



    The worrying thing , as you pointed out, the continual failure to deal with these issues in a review or to properly deal with the WTC issues, that still, let’s face it, is an alive issue.



    You get the feeling that there is something in the air o’or there, that events surrounding the RIFC PLC Chairman has made Ibrox vulnerable again.



    I’d hoped for a root & branch review of…



    The SFA LNS Inquiry


    The SFA JPDT Report


    The Five way agreement and


    The SPL LNS Commission



    Now of course that that is never going to happen. Even if Stewart Milne of Aberdeen gets his summit the parameters will be narrow, as it is his Club that has been most damaged by the current round of Ibrox financial doping not to mention honest mistakes his stakeholders may have said enough is enough.



    Yet Aberdeen had their AGM and I’ve seen no mention of it there.



    If one follows your link to TSFM, then back to TBB s comment, the lead article is interesting, calling out the heads of the SFA, the SPL and the SFL, of course only one of these fellows remain in situ…



    But as Neil Doncaster now seems to have come under the protective wings on high, it would seem change days indeed.



    Great piece though… keep~on~keeping on.



    Hail Hail

  8. Sandman



    Lol one of the best scenes of one of the best tv shows of all time (maybe second only to the Sopranos)






    How many times do we see the ball played across the 6 yard box and there’s no one there to knock it in



    Desperately need a goalscorer

  9. This is the Norman Collier blog of trying to post something, no wonder there are fewer posters these days,posting from a phone btw….

  10. Well , if we manage to beat lowly Dundee on Saturday, then many of us can have a less angst ridden Christmas.



    Then we have to face up to consecutive away games against the Sheep and the Sheared to see if we have a New Year hangover or not.



    One match at a time- hopefully Edouard can soldier on for the 2 away games. Otherwise we go with Forrest or Sinky or Mikey as a false CF and put young Aitchison on the bench.



    Enjoy the sight of us at the top of the table- Long may it last.

  11. Just catching up with CQN before bed… heartfelt condolences to Lisbon Lion the OHG and one of CQN’s finest and a quality human being – BT



    Prayers will be said for the passing.



    YNWA☘️?? Hail Hail

  12. iPad with Java Script off and an Ad-Blocker works just fine.


    Second half tonight was a wee bit of a let down as we just set out to manage the game.


    What was a wee bit concerning was the lack of protection from Mad Hun.


    The number of agricultural tackles that went unpunished points to a criminal lack of care for the safety of our players.


    Ralston looks like the type of guy you’d hate to face in a square go.


    He will be handy on the 29th. Not necessary to play but just to protect the bench.

  13. Macjay, Don’t remember that one but so glad you linked it. Lovely pictures too.



    Every time I see the baby Jesus lying in his crib, awake, with his wee arms outstretched, I wish I was there to take him in my arms and cuddle Him, keep him warm. Rock him to sleep.



    Hope he does the same for me one day!

  14. succulentlambstinks on

    RAYMAC on 19TH DECEMBER 2018 9:57 PM


    This site is impossible to load on Safari(Ipad).


    It is now as bad on Google Chrome.


    Ages for comments and pages to show.It takes about 6/7 tries on the \ipad.


    Laptop now nearly the same.


    Don’t think I’ll bother much anymore.



    I agree. This site has more bloody adverts on it than posts and more than there is in Times Square.


    It’s also as stable as Celtic tv.


    It has a mind of its own scrolling out of control.


    As frustrating as a Lustig back pass.


    Poor show Paul.

  15. The summer transfer window saw the PLC ‘tann’ £27 million, the Moussa and Stuart money +, VVD money etc.



    £27 million of quality, stripped from the product on the pitch.



    How much of that £27 million will reappear back onto the pitch ?



    How much of it will find its way to Ibrox, to keep the Old Firm competitive ?



    How many of Celtic’s £49:00 green-huns will bat an eyelid ?



    What the hell do we care, has a ring to it!

  16. BLANTYRETIM, thought’s and prayers for your heartbroken family, and for all wh love them.



    God bless.

  17. Gooood morning CQN from a happy clappy Garngad



    All round good performance. As for the Ref MadHuns performance, well he is a Mad Hun.



    Hope French Eddie is ok, any word??



    Ralston done well as did Mikey when he came on.



    Let’s keep up the good work with a good performance and a few goals against Dundee.



    I see sevco had another 300 penalty calls last night, Hunbelievable. ? Once a cheat always a cheat.






    D. :)

  18. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims.



    Game of 2 hawfs last night.



    First half—- play fitba, second half—— dont?



    Frustrating for the fans, but hey ho its back to the top we go.



    Young team looked the biz first half, second half they looked a little lightweight against the clugger world champions.




    Hiv the huns written to someone/anyone about the ref not giving them a penalty last night , and allowing begbie utd to finish the game with 11 men on the park, c’mon dont these refs know the script yet.




  19. 50 Shades- on that note about sevco complaining about refs.


    I see wee Column has not been given a Huns game for a while.



    Maybe we should complain about the refs and SFA would be forced to bring in impartial refs from abroad. ? again.



    I wonder when or if Collumn will get another sevco gig. It will be interesting.



    D. :)

  20. 50 shades of green on

    David 66…….Zombies will soon be running out of refs imho, whatever happened to all the handpicked ones that went on the


    “journey “with them.



    As for us and refs, dont even know were to begin with that, I suppose a start is getting them to declare a team, then introduce VAR, o look I do know were to start ?




  21. RON67 on 19TH DECEMBER 2018 11:03 PM



    Very good shout re Porteous.



    If Eddy’s crocked, we could look at an Aussie-based poacher to connect with those rasping near the 6-yard line we seem unable to get on the end of: Bruno Fornaroli, frozen out at Melb City. Uruguayan goal sniffer.

  22. A few years ago I thought Ralston was a great prospect and would be our right back for many years. I actually thought he looked a bit shaky last night, albeit it’s his first game in ages. Still need a better quality right back brought in during the transfer window.

  23. In ither news………………







    How horrible an’ hurtin’ are thems!?




  24. G-D on 19TH DECEMBER 2018 10:58 PM



    AT please please tell me what this means?



    is a windae hingin betty in need of a penny or two



    Hi G-D.i was opining that john James is a windae hingin betty in need of a penny or two.


    By that I would mean I don’t rate his site.bit gossipy,bit self important and a bit sad at other times when pleading.for dosh.windae hingin is what the wimmin did in gorbals,laughin and chatting watchin the weans playin in street below.if you read him and enjoy fair play to you




    Hope your good.



  25. Not sure about Ralston. I do think Johnstone is going to be a serious player for us though.



    Future midfield of Forrest, Christie, McGregor, Johnstone and one hard ass ball winner. Seriously though with those players and Ntcham, Edouard and Tierney we have the start of a great squad. It is a shame we didn’t get McGinn



    Need to get rid of about 10 players (Allan, Bitton, Mulumbu, Gamboa, Lustig, Izaguirre, Hayes etc.) and replace with 5 like the above.














    Dear Sir / Madam








    I refer to the above and your previous objection in relation to this proposed Order.



    During the consultation period, objections to the proposed scheme were received that require a public hearing to be convened. The hearing will be conducted by an independent reporter and the provisions for such a hearing are set out in the Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 1999 (as amended) (“the Regulations”).



    Following appointment of the Reporter, he or she will determine the precise format of the public hearing. However, in the meantime under regulation 9(1) of the above, I am required to notify you of your right to be heard at that hearing.



    If you wish to be heard in support of your objection you are required to confirm this in writing to Andy Waddell, Director of Operations, Neighbourhoods and Sustainability, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX or email saferparking-celticpark@glasgow.gov.uk . Your written request must be received by this office no later than 5.00pm on Friday 25 January 2019.




    Yours faithfully

  27. Didn’t see any after match comments on N’tcham, For a lad who had been receiving pelters on here for recent performances, I thought he was excellent last night.




    Surpassed yourself today, managed to mention 27 million and 49 quid in the same post. You should get with Canalmar and ask if he could revert to his original blog name and you could use his OCD obsession part. You’ve been saying the same thing for ages which i normally pass but but it’s a slow news day ;-)

  29. 50 shades of green on




    Agree with you about Ollie last night, it was good to see Brendan took my advice (?) and swapped him with CalMac.



    All kidding aside I think Ollie prefers to play more as a CAM than a CDM…



    Oops I’ve been playing to much Fifa 19, and on the subject if anyone has any ideas on how to beat a bloody smug 17yr old at fifa I would be grateful ??.

  30. Posted by EMERALD BEE and works a treat! Stops all ads on CQN only so no need to turn Javascript on and off. Thanks also to JOBO BALDIE for reposting yesterday.




    So, to turn off Javascript on CQN (if using Chrome as your browser) then it’s –



    > Click on the 3 wee vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen



    > Click on Settings



    > Scroll down and click on Advanced



    > From the list that then appears select ‘content settings’



    > From the next list that appears click on Javascript



    > 3 options then appear – on the one called ‘Block’click on ‘Add’ and then type in ‘www.celticquicknews.co.uk’ [THIS IS PROBABLY WHERE A MOD DELETES THIS POST!!!]



    And that’s it – simples! My limited understanding is that Javascript is then disabled but only on the CQN site.





    Many thanks again Bhoys (or Girls).