Celtic v Motherwell, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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  1. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Bhoys, we’ve got to be honest. That was a real setback this weekend. We only gained 3 points from the win and after terrifyingly beautiful displays by the hordes , we’re only 8 points ahead and got a 9 + better goal difference. The writing’s on the wall.

  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    For those daft enough to consume the SMSM, look out for stories about abusive posts on the Motherwell chap’s social media accounts. ?




    16 Roads, are you the porcupine ?






    Had to Google what a porcupine is TLT.



    There are worse creatures out there I suppose,happy enough to be the porcupine. ?



    HH. ?

  4. That cockend Robinson on shortbread he didn’t know what to do. All his adult life in pro football and he said he didn’t know what to do. Every other guy in the park knew what they should have done.

  5. Shameless stuff from Robinson, which won’t be forgotten, he could have sorted it by letting us score from the resulting kick off.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Superb result. Proud of the team.



    And the manager. And the support.



    The place rocked today.



    They’ve thrown corrupt referees, partially sighted linesmen, cheating thuggish opponents, rabid Sevco lovin’ journalists and a bent football association at us this season.



    We’ve won the league cup, are still in the Scottish cup and are 8 points ahead in the league.



    Now is the time to stick together more than ever.



    Don’t be sucked in by any nonsense aimed at dividing us.



    Oh and for what it is worth, the Motherwell manager LIED about the Celtic supporters tonight.



    The South Stand applauded McHugh off the pitch.



    Admittedly, Just before that, the GB chimed a chorus but it was CLEARLY to lift the team.



    Hail hail

  7. i feel sorry for rookie today



    i mean in his debut (think thats what they said to justify)



    He came across a scenario thats never happened in a take 15 years


    of schools youths football.(team throws ball back to opposition)



    Must have been frightening experience for him



    ps i had > 4 goals at 9/2 maybe explains my sympathy




  8. Great fun reading back, underlines the full satisfaction of winning the game. Angry, angry, angry at the cheating Murderwell bassas and their manager’s justification of their cheating – made the win all the more satisfying.



    What mustn’t be overlooked is the pitiful display of the pwick that passes for a referee! He had more or less lost control of the game by midway through the second half. He is SO concerned that he isn’t seen to have any Celtic leanings (with his name) that he is the absolutely worst ref we could have, ever, anywhere as he shows that he won’t pull up any opposition player for any type of foul. It was well in to the second half before he booked a Murderwell assailant for a foul – how many of our guys had been booked by then?



    A total, and dangerous, muppet! I think he was auditioning for the Sevco game at the end of March.

  9. Hi Bhoys



    A quote from the motherwell monkey manager on bbc website



    “It’ll deflect from how good a performance we put in. There’s so many good things in that game. Did we deserve to lose 4-1? No, we didn’t.”



    Naw it should have been 4 0 ya cheatin’ shameless monkey so and so.




  10. THELURKINTIM on 24TH FEBRUARY 2019 8:47 PM






    I know chief.



    Brilliant wee song that is, only posted some of the lyrics because was in good form after today’s victory.



    HH. ?

  11. hi ghuys completely off topic, was speaking to another cqne’r tonight about depression which I get from time to time,, and believe it or not this hymn always takes me through it, if not interested just scroll by I understand, https://youtu.be/VTeWWa4J700

  12. A very small gripe about today’s events.


    When RC came off Hendry appeared to take an eternity to get ready to come on. Clancy waited , and waited as Hendry was putting his shin pads down his socks. Eventually he re-started the game without him.


    Motherwell took the throw and scored.



    If Hendry had been ready ,he would have been allowed on. If he was in position at the restart, the goal may not have been scored.




    If a player is not ready to come on when required he should be fined.



    The Onlooker

  13. JAMESGANG on 24TH FEBRUARY 2019 8:24 PM



    There is indeed graffiti on the wall…



    What does it say?



    HH jg






    It’s says we’re magic, we’re magic! ?



    And Brendan Rodgers is a genuis.

  14. David66


    Magic mate.


    Love the bookie gettin bashed.


    Had great day out in Paradise



  15. Bada



    I see what ur saying but he does make contact






    I was also wondering about Ntcham, when he was taken out of the squad at the last minute a couple of weeks ago there were conflicting reasons as to why. Celtic tv said he had a virus but Rodgers said he was injured



    So who knows

  16. 16 roads 9.30pm



    Brendan is going nowhere …



    Does Brendan have failings ? Don’t we all.,, I am delighted he is at the forefront of our club … exceptional times :-)

  17. A rather eventful 2nd half! Need a holiday to calm down. Just like The Onlooker I too sang, for the first time, here we go, ten in a row. It was a release of anger! Won’t sing it again until August 2020 ?

  18. I have seen a video clip when just before the incident when play was stopped where Robinson took two of his players aside. He spoke to both of them and gestured to Scott pointing towards the Celtic corner flag a third player approached and took the throw and threw the ball up the line. Scott ran on to it hesitated and then made his way towards goal, he shot and Bain saved the ball, knocking it out to another Motherwell player who had run on to it from deep who shot and scored.



    I contend that Robinson told Scott to run on to the ball and gestured where the ball would go. Robinson duly celebrated the goal. It had happened as he planned. Robinson told the boy what to mere seconds before play restarted. He is a cheat.



    Celtic have the evidence, we should call Robinson out.



    Celtic should also tell all teams that we will no longer hand back possession and will no longer expect this. We should only stop when the referee blows the whistle.

  19. GFTB


    Looking good for Treble Treble. Brendan would then want quadruple treble and more Euro progression for sure.


    Cannae see BR leave for Leicester.



  20. Jobo 9.44pm



    Enjoy your break …



    You deserve them all :-)



    Accrington could have secured a few more Euro’s :-)



    Only gamble what you expect to lose




  21. Jobo, you go on so many hols…work must be interfering…enjoy…;-)



    Jamesgang…the graffiti says…we ourselves alone…am at a loss as to how we can reform the SFA…except starving teams away of our cash…but it won’t happen ;-((







  22. DD 9.50pm



    One trophy at a time :-)



    Not sure if you have saw some of my posts but MissGFTB was at the Hibs midweek game through her school and the Kano foundation, and has become a mad crazy Celtic fan… she was slagging the Green Brigade for their song choice that Wednesday evening :-)



    I still think our grounding not winning was far better …



    Easy typing that now :-))

  23. THE ONLOOKER on 24TH FEBRUARY 2019 7:51 PM



    Tontine Tim It was PVH , it was 1995 against Raith Rovers. League cup game at Paradise , late in extra time . Their keeper sportingly put the ball out for a Celtic player to receive treatment. When we took the throw in we threw the ball back to their keeper …..however Pierre intercepted the ball and headed it out for another throw in at the corner flag. From their throw in we contested , won the ball and and Simon Donnelly scored. It was very late in game. We got stick for it at the time. Jimmy Nicol was their manager so i quickly got over it ?.



    *thanks I was sure we did get scheidt about it tae but our excuse was we didnae score directly by intercepting the ball like what happened the day, but like big Roy’s shy in the cup final it took legs.



    If my emery serves me well during naesurnames time that scabby mob NEVER gave the ball back no matter who they were playing, nothing said either as its no against the rules just sportsmanship we they’ve NEVER had.

  24. ‘GG on 24TH FEBRUARY 2019 7:10 PM





    Motherwell pulled one back by cheating.



    Celtic looked ragged for a while till Ollie scores from 25 yards out with as sweet a FK you will see this season.



    Ollie scored a 4th to ram home our superiority.



    Goals and Well cheating on links above




    Thanks GG, Motherwell, Huns without the bus fare.

  25. Have to say


    I was delighted to see so many Celtic players get angry at the goal we conceded today


    Even, though, we need to get more professional in these situations




    If a professional football player is only earning £200 per week


    Can I suggest Motherwell are paying players less than the National Minimum Wage


    Or the National Living Wage


    Hope they are taken to task on this by those who allegedly represent professional players



    Good Evening Contestants, and welcome to Week 9.


    Still tight at the top after week 8 with a number of contestants still within striking distance of first place, but Postie148 has been delivering (sorry) for the last few weeks and remains the man to catch!


    In the mini competition (GG4 Treble ), played over the final 3 weeks of Goals Galore 4,the leaders are……everyone who picked Celtic ?


    So sad that no-one benefited this week via the MIB enhanced Zombies, who continue to lead the way in the one-horse race to see who can get the most penalties in one season – probably the only honour they’ll ‘scoop’ this season.


    Fixtures for next week below. Picks should be mailed to cqnpredictor@gmail.com or via Whatsapp.



    Celticrollercoaster pick for this week is MANCHESTER UNITED


    Bateen Bhoy pick for this week is MANCHESTER CITY



    Good Luck !



    Saturday 2nd March




    Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal (12:30)


    AFC Bournemouth v Manchester City (15:00)


    Burnley v Crystal Palace (15:00)


    Manchester United v Southampton (15:00)


    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Cardiff City (15:00)




    St Mirren v Livingston (15:00)


    Scottish FA Cup


    Hibernian v Celtic (17:15)




    West Ham United v Newcastle United (17:30)



    Sunday 3rd March


    Scottish FA Cup


    Aberdeen v The Rangers (13:30)




    Fulham v Chelsea (14:05)


    Scottish FA Cup


    Dundee United v Inverness Caledonian Thistle (15:30)






    Everton v Liverpool (16:15)

  27. Incidentally well done Scott Bain


    Totally blanking several of the opposition players at end of today’s game


    Refusing to shake hands with a few of them



    And as for that linesman


    He missed a blatant offside, and the raking of Ryan Christie, a few seconds prior to the goal incident


    How does he get so many Celtic games ????



    FTSFA and its refereeing fraternity

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