Celtic v Motherwell, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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  1. Cowiebhoy



    And as for that linesman



    He missed a blatant offside, and the raking of Ryan Christie, a few seconds prior to the goal incident



    How does he get so many Celtic games ????




    FTSFA and its refereeing fraternity





    Cos the wee pr1ck is a Tory MP

  2. celticrollercoaster on

    So Stevie G calls for a small number of fans to stop signing sectarian signing.



    I suppose it’s a start and if we get 500 of those reprobates to comply each week , we will be sorted in 90 or so weeks :-)







  3. Brendan to take charge of Chelsea Monday and Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday Leicester coach and Celtic boss Friday,saturday and Sunday.There that’s it fixed,no more paper talk please!!!!!

  4. Sportscene on…be interesting to see how they interpret/justify some of the decisions made over the weekend







  5. DD 10.23pm



    It’s been a slow burn … but just bide your time until the they think it’s their choice ….



    The Kano foundation / her school done more in 10hrs than I done in 10yrs … the Kano foundation has all the wee girls in my daughters class taking about Celtic … whit a legacy, I was in McChuills that day when the family was there little did I realise the Kano foundation had more Celtic influence on my own daughter than I had … it’s terriific and quite humbling

  6. There are few things better than watching one of our academy bhoys getting and taking their chance. Henderson you done well, keep working hard and you have a real chance here.



    There is often lots of debate about the merits of having an academy. it would be hard to argue the academy has not paid for itself many times over when you think of the mcgeady’s, mcmanus, wallace and marshells etc… Of this world.



    In this team along we have forrest, 27, calmac, 25 and Kt, 21 as first team starters. ajar, 20 but signed at 17 years old. we would struggle to purchase these boys now if they did not come through our academy.



    We also have Ralston, 20, johnston, 19 and henderson, 18 on the fringes with dembele, 16 and oxo-flex, 16 looking every bit and possibly more promising than those than have gone before.



    Celtic should always make sure there is space in the team for these kids. No problen with signing young players from around the globe i.e. perez and gutman etc if they appear good enough or better than what we have.




  7. Did Walter the tax evader ever get asked if domestic dominance was ever enough …..



    Away and gie me peace

  8. Tontine Tim


    We were discussing the origin of putting the ball out when player is injured.


    Can anyone remember?


    I think it was 1995, just before PVH incident. although I may have constructed a false memory ….



    Ppreviously..’play to the whistle’ was always the mantra. I think I remember that teammates would put the ball out, but not an opponent.


    However in a televised game ( EPL?) a player did put the ball out to allow an opposition player to get treatment. At the restart the ball was thrown back to the team who had put it out…..round of applause from players and crowd.



    Everyone thought it was the right thing to do and it became a discussion point over the next few days.


    This very quickly became the norm. Rounds of applause from the support when it was observed, boos on the few occassions when it wasn’t.


    Anyone else remember?


    A possible night howler discussion thread.



    The Onlooker

  9. Guys I know what that linesman is


    The question


    How does he get to officiate at so many Celtic games ???



    FtSFA refereeing fraternity again





  10. Getting seriously pissed off listening to such pish as Hamilton not won at home over the The Rangers/Sevco since 1939…was liquidation jist a wee bump in the road?










  11. TET


    Have they applied for permission for this ?


    Polis can kettle them, and that’ll sort it out ??

  12. GFTB


    The KANO FOUNDATION is a magic legacy.


    Glad the wean enjoyed herself.


    You are close to taking her to Paradise I suspect.



  13. SFTB,



    I’ve got no problem with Pegasuses/Pegusie producing records…by towing dirigibles…naw ;-))







  14. DD 11.00pm



    She always refers Celtic as “us” and whatever entity from Govan as “them” but since the Hibs game she has been more inquisitive… the Kano foundation should be promoted through the club… we are as skint as the next family but letter from the school instructed all parents not to give their children money with them… plenty of families could not afford to take there kid(s) to the football… it’s pretty dam amazing getting youngsters loving the hoops… humbling stuff

  15. glendalystonsils on

    I can’t imagine why the BBC (and the rest of the SMSM) are so desperate for Brendan to go to Leicester/Southampton/Newcastle any-feckin -where! Jist go! gie us hunnies a chance…!

  16. DD 11.16pm



    We all have our own wee piece of Celtic and every bit means just as much



    Bedtime … delighted with another home victor, as the vultures (& Cqners) would have pounced on Brendan’s team selection if we avoided 3pts today …



    Fellow Celtic fans good night n god bless

  17. The Exiled Tim@ 10:51



    The original post on twitter called for the ” bears” the protest over the BBC’ s ” impartial and biased” reporting of all things sevco. Someone must have pointed out the oxymoron. I blame the schools!



  18. I thought Burke brought the game back in our favor when he came on today.


    His singular high press disrupted their rhythm and forced them to play deeper and hurry their out ball.


    See should have came on a little earlier in my opinion.


    He is a belter.

  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    FAN-A-TIC on 24TH FEBRUARY 2019 11:51 PM


    I thought Burke brought the game back in our favor when he came on today.


    See should have came on a little earlier in my opinion.





    Agree – me and Wee BGFC were talking about this at the game – I thought Jimmy should actually have been replaced by Burke about 10 mins earlier.



    Shows what I know with Jimmy seeting up Burke for a cracker :-))









  20. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    THE EXILED TIM on 24TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:51 PM







    Oh Dear





    In a perfect world, wouldn’t this be a perfect opportunity for the BBC to take off the gloves and go to town on them.



    They have all the evidence, going back to the EBT exposure, and all the newspaper headlines.



    They could lift the lid off the 5WA and the SFA’s compliance.


    They have footage of all the refereeing anomalies.



    In no time at all, the game could be cleaned up almost overnight.



    As I said, in a perfect world.

  21. Some thoughts on the game.



    Was looking forward to getting a proper look at Henderson and I have to agree with KT’s post match assessment on CTV ‘ wee hendo’s class man ‘ :)


    Technically very good, good game awareness , very promising full debut.



    Edouard’s free kick was a thing of beauty and his celebration nonchalant in the style of the legendary Cantona only added to it.



    Thought Toljan had a tough day and was bested by his direct number.



    Delighted for Burke to get his goal he finished with the aplomb of a seasoned centre forward.



    Thought Bitton looked very good considering how long he’s been out.



    What a disappointing way to lose our clean sheet record of 2019, the response from our players was encouraging and showed how much they care. Shame on them. Seen pictures on CTV of Robinson giving instructions to the young player just prior to the throw in .



    Great squad management from Brendan today, not something he always gets right but was spot on today.




  22. FWIW


    I think the reluctance to put Burke on was because he was the last sub , once it’s made we have seriously few options to change pattern/formation.


    Think we got caught out a few weeks ago when someone got injured after our last sub and we had to finish with 9 men .




  23. THELURKINTIM on 24TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:54 PM


    Getting seriously pissed off listening to such pish as Hamilton not won at home over the The Rangers/Sevco since 1939…was liquidation jist a wee bump in the road?






    A swept away for the price of an o## f### ticket.

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