Celtic v Motherwell, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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  1. Jesus asked for Carl McHugh to be forgiven by Celtic supporters, and the door was slammed in Jesus face.

  2. Lovely day in Paradise meeting many friends and a near full house to see Celtic maintain the gap, despite new hurdles.



    Enjoyed the game, like most was mildly surprised by the starting line up and inclusion of Bitton and Henderson. The Israeli wasn’t far behind the Irishman who made his starting debut and scooped man of the match, remenicent of a young King Kenny? Bitton is a class act who played the game as if he’d never been away with his carpet slippers, but when the game got scruffy Scott Brown was missed for a bit in the ensuing Motherwell melee, who are an aggressive physical side who’ll kick and chase, any ball ball for fun.



    A cruise for Brendan in the technical area where he’d obviously made it back from the airport in good time to see the sparkling displays in a game only made momentarily edgy by a goal that a better referee would have called out, and saved all the yellows. BR neatly slipped Henderson into the side and after Christie’s weighted ball for Sinclair’s tidy finish, Henderson pitched in with a peach of a cross for Edouard to bullet head home the second.



    Normal near spring like afternoon took a nasty turn when with the ball out for Christie’s hamstring, Motherwell’s debutant, (must look up his name), who was noticeable in the first half for nothing other than fouling, forgot fair play.



    Some of the one touch stuff from Celtic was a joy to watch, before during and after the first two goals, but it took Odsonne Edouard’s sublime free kick to quell the Celtic Park nervousness, where a Motherwell shot on goal let alone an undeserved equalise, would have caused more than Mr Mannering, to panic. James Forrest never stops and stole the ball to lay on for Ollie Burke’s sweeping finish to rubber stamp Celtic’s overall superiority.



    M.O.M Ewan Henderson

  3. I can forgive the Motherwell youngster..He was very naughty but like I said I can forgive it.I cannot forgive their manager and senior players for what followed.The most disgraceful action of cheating ever recorded on a football pitch in this country.The shitbag managers reactions in interview were a disgrace.He should be booted out of the professional game.

  4. Lazydynamite…naw…a lack of sportmanship can never be forgiven…or forgotten…we’re already fighting a rigged game



    The player was a fool,he was out of order but it was easily resolved with some decency and sporting behaviour which did not follow….Besides the best defence for the Motherwell player who ‘played on’ was the subsequent actions of the manager and senior players…This is the spirit of the game in which he is being taught and schooled in.


    The Motherwell manager is a cold blooded cheat of the highest order.He made a calculated decision to try and take points from us today by cheating.Unlike the player he had plenty of time to weigh up his options,Nothing was done on instinct and heat of the moment.He is a disgrace and should be booted out of the game.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Good game and the lack of sportsmanship just added to the spectacle, I expect it to the rotten mob all excited for a wee while, it’s the hope that kills them ?

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh and thought KT was motm by a country mile but won’t quibble over the boy getting it as he played well.

  8. Great day out in Paradise today. Four crackin goals. When was the last time we saw a free kick goal as good as Eddy’s in Paradise?


    I Wanna be Edouard


    Stone Roses CSC

  9. All this week Robinson had been saying that his young players wouldn’t be showing Celtic any respect….well they certainly did not today. Not only that but didn’t show the professional game any respect either !

  10. All God’s creatures got a place in the choir


    Some sing low and some sing higher,


    Some sing out loud on a telephone wire,


    Some just clap their hands, or paws, or anything they’ve got now… ?

  11. BBC: “Celtic defeat Well in bad-tempered win”. You’d have thought “Celtic defeat unsporting Well” would have been more appropriate. But the BBC prefers an anti-Celtic headline.



    At the end of their report they then have the cheek to say that “Motherwell continue to earn plaudits”.



    So well done Motherwell and a pity about that bad-tempered Celtic.

  12. Listen to the top where the little bird sings


    On the melodies and the high notes ringing,


    And the hoot owl cries over everything


    And the blackbird disagrees


    Singing in the night time, singing in the day,


    When little duck quacks, and he’s on his way


    And the otter hasn’t got much to say


    And the porcupine talks to himself… ?

  13. Robinson and fir park a breeding ground for cheating,you learn about the spirit of the game fae yer five year old.



  14. Doc


    Motherwell pulled one back by cheating.


    Celtic looked ragged for a while till Ollie scores from 25 yards out with as sweet a FK you will see this season.


    Ollie scored a 4th to ram home our superiority.


    Goals and Well cheating on links above.

  15. Chelsea miss first pen. Poor poor attempt.


    Chelsea keeper goes wrong way.


    The keeper refused to be substituted

  16. Chelski score second pen. High into corner


    Aguerro scores for City. Keeper went right way but couldn’t stop.


    2-1 City

  17. As someone said earlier, the Motherwell player who was carried off, imo, has only himself to blame. He, like the player in the first half who earned Eduard a yellow, should both have been booked. Imo, they jumped into the Celtic player.



    I had little respect for Motherwell before today. After their performance today, I have none. Their manager must take a lot of the blame for coaching his players in thuggery.



    Great to see Bitton back. Best passer from defence we have.



    Hope we have a midfield that includes Ajer at Tynecastle, as that is sure to be a battle too.

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    Never seen anything like that Motherwell in my life, no excuses given to the management or senior players, any self respecting man would have known that was just plain wrong and did something about it

  19. Chelski must score. And do.


    City 5th penalty. Sterling in off bar.


    4-3 City win what was once known as League Cup.

  20. David66


    Hope you had a few quid on your pre match prediction of 4-1?


    Great score forecasting. You are on a roll.



  21. TONTINE TIM on 24TH FEBRUARY 2019 6:14


    Murderwell goal wasn’t illegal it was against the spirit of the game.



    *Might be a donut but didn’t big PVH do something similar a few years back, think it was against the arabs.




    Tontine Tim


    It was PVH , it was 1995 against Raith Rovers. League cup game at Paradise , late in extra time . Their keeper sportingly put the ball out for a Celtic player to receive treatment.


    When we took the throwin we threw the ball back to their keeper …..however Pierre intercepted the ball and headed it out for another throw in at the corner flag.


    From their throw in we contested , won the ball and and Simon Donnelly scored. It was very late in game.



    We got stick for it at the time.


    Jimmy Nicol was their manager so i quickly got over it ?.

  22. 50 shades 7.21pm



    Brendan is going nowhere … although seemingly Chelsea improved Stevie Clarke’s life choices :-)



    I have never known a Celtic manager while collecting trophies giving so many young players a sniff of the first team, while also improving the young players already at the club… plenty of young Scots enhancing the Hoops these days … ????????



    As someone said earlier, the Motherwell player who was carried off, imo, has only himself to blame. He, like the player in the first half who earned Eduard a yellow, should both have been booked. Imo, they jumped into the Celtic player.







    I said it. And I’m only just calming down now.




    HH jg

  24. Robinson post match interview was a joke. He mentions how much the young player James Scott gets paid as if thst has a bearing on his actions !!


    As my ma used to say ” Money counts, but breeding shows”.


    Robinson had the opportunity to save the day and do the right thing , allowing us to score , but he chose to hide behind another lame excuse… ” this has never happened to me before , I didn’t know what to do ”



    The one upside however is the galvanizing effect this had on the team.,



    I hate the song “Here We Go 10 In A Row”


    It smacks of entitlement and counting chickens.


    I have never sung it…..untill today .


    I joined in as an angry GIRFU to Motherwell, Refs , SFA, radio listening Huns etc.



    We will win the league and as always it will be Ourselves Alone….


    If only I could translate that into Irish ?



    The Onlooker

  25. Robinson still saying, its not as if someone got sent off, we [Celtic] were still winning 2.1, this will be chip wrappers in a couple of days, everyone should remember his words representing his family club, clearly thinks nothing was wrong with what happened today and will excuse it. Is there PR man still Grant Russell who worked for STV when the statement from UEFA came through about the pursuit of Sevco but UEFA couldn’t as the were in UEFA’s eyes a new club/company which mysteriously disappeared from his copy of the UEFA statement?

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