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  1. GENE on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:35 AM







    He’s always been there – just no-one could see him.🤭






    GENE he frustrates the life out of me , but , when he produces the goods he’s a game changer no doubt , a bit like Rogic .

  2. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I’m reading this morning about a planned meeting next week between representatives of the Board and the


    Celtic Trust.



    A good opportunity for the Trust members to encourage Peter Lawwell to join them in the summer when he leaves his post, always supposing he isn’t moving sideways to the subsidiary board.



    Exactly the type of recruitment the Trust needs. Successful local business operator, prominent in media, good contacts at the club, his half a million voting shares alone are the equivalent of 1,000 supporters such as me with the original 5, now 500, same shares.



    Might want him to dye his hair black right enough to keep the young team onside.




    Now now , how do you know he’s not posting under another name ?😊



    Ps…i enjoy his take on things , he maybe goes a bit heavy on JF but that’s his view .

  4. GENE on 8TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:10 AM


    Good morning from a snow dusted North Staffs.



    David 66 – think it’s Tuesday






    Cheers Gene



    D :)



    I’m reading this morning about a planned meeting next week between representatives of the Board and the


    Celtic Trust.”



    I hope the Trust ask him why Celtic players, Manager etc still refer to the `Old Firm` and `Rangers`.





    Is that an oxymoron ……PETER LAWWELL and TRUST .



    Surely that’s a wind up .

  7. We’ve missed wee James Forrest, the player, but wishing for a return of a near 30 year old right winger speaks volumes for our paralysis as a club.



    Where are the alternatives? From too many wingers to none?



    Same with Tom Rogic and Scott Brown. Believing in some dewy-eyed, mythical ‘winning mentality’ formula to keep declining players in the team is the kinda thinking that bites you on the arse after a while when their legs get left behind against younger, fitter, faster and at times better.




  8. Bhoy From The Boyne on




    Will we get an article this week on European club restructure plans from 2024 and your take on consequences for Celtic?







    Totally agree on the long term . Brown and Forrest should be used sparingly on match days . More importantly their wealth of experience for Celtic in Europe and for Scotland should be utilised every day at training.



    We’re running out of players with this winning mentality left in the squad.


    we need them ( MCGREGOR too ) next season to pass the baton to the next batch of players . When Lenny , Mcgregor , Broonie and Forrest leave there ends the dynasty of the last ten years .



    Hopefully the new recruitment strategy will build quickly and successfully , whoever we have in place to take us forward has a mammoth task in front of them …imo.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Can fully understand using Brown sparingly.



    Why though apply same to a 29 year old?

  11. BW @ 10.41



    Not quite getting your comments about TR.


    He is struggling at the moment — has been since his injury in 2018 before the WC.



    However he is a huge talent / class player.



    He is worth the effort and we should be trying to get him into the team.


    However that will take work / energy / tactics / coaching — so no chance at the moment.



    He played some good stuff on Saturday.


    In contrast CMcG was poor and SB was sloppy at times.


    TR will never shine in a MF where 50% of it is well of their best.



    He needs energy / runners around him so that he can work space and get his passing game going.

  12. JF is a hugely talented player who needs support from his manager.


    He needs focus / encouragement / boot up the erse in equal measure.



    He did not get that from NL in any way / shape / form.


    All he got was pressure to play when he was not fit to the point he got a stress fracture in his foot.



    Comparisons to KT are apt in this situation.


    Both events do not show NL or the club in a very good light.



    Can fully understand using Brown sparingly.







    Why though apply same to a 29 year old?






    I don’t think James is a 90 minute guy now .



    Therefore imo , he should be played against certain teams ( protect him ) , not on plastic pitches …keep him fresh and get more out of him .

  14. See photo above



    Ajax 3 Celtic 0



    Williams, Hay, Gemmell, Callaghan, McNeill, Brogan, Johnstone, Hood, Wallace (Davidson 72), Auld (Lennox), Hughes. Substitutes: Lally, Craig, Connelly.


    Scorer: Johnstone (28)



    We squeezed 90,000 into Hampden for the return which we won 1-0

  15. BSR @ 11.34



    Not a great team to put out for a game of that importance.


    Looking like the last hurrah of the LL generation.



    MF pairing of TC and BA — looking a bit threadbare.


    At least TC was there to take the blame.



    Plus there is always the issue of the lack of pep pills when playing late 60’s / early 70’s Dutch teams.



    Big changes in the team over the next 12 months — PMcC / GC / KD / LMac all coming in with DD available to miss the penalty.

  16. BSR @ 12.01



    Trying to work out who JS bought during the original 9 in a row run?


    From memory he seemed to be allowed one big buy every season.



    65/66 — JMcB?


    66/67 — WW = Emergency buy after JMcB got injured.


    67/68 — TC = brought in to take the blame / Left MF?


    68/69 — HH = winger / inside forward with a goal threat.



    Trying to work out / remember the others.





    SM — bought one year too late?