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  1. JJK needs to be more direct.



    They are giving him space so he needs to make more of it rather than doing 50% of the work and looking to pass inside.

  2. Eddie header should have seen us comfortable. A number of other “nearly”s. Looking forward to the second half.



    Assuming we don’t fall foul of the dreaded half time team talk.



    To James Forrest – it looks like caffeine is back on the menu they way we have been closing down, let’s see if we can keep it up.

  3. garygillespieshamstring on

    I know they have to employ females, but how that woman got the job as the tv host is beyond me.


    Makes Gerry McCulloch seem decent.


    Should be a prerequisite for the job that they know something about football.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    First half stats show Celtic on 70% possession and fouls 10 against Motherwell’s 3 😱😕😵



    How does that work😵

  5. PPB @ 4.01



    We need to publicise these numbers.


    We do not get fouls in their half unless it passes trhe baseball bat test.

  6. Really enjoying the punditry today, giving a real professional insight into how the games unfolding.



    the contrast to dareen Odea (and others) is startling