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    Agree about the GB.



    They’ll be handing their season tickets back next.




  2. New presenter on CTV.Bright,bubbly,obviously a Tim,and gorgeous.


    Ticks all my boxes.


    Glorious finish from the Wizard.

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Be delighted to see this out today with a decimated attack. As Packie is saying on Shortbread the absence of Kyogo allows Motherwell to squeeze up. They’re in form and present a threat.



    Forrest going off with what looks like yet another muscle injury is a scanner. Again pulling up in the course of normal play, not being assaulted by opposition cloggers.

  4. I’m offend by Bonnar calling himself “Packy”.#



    Something needs to be done about that.



    In fact I’m offended by bonnar full stop.

  5. the long wait is over on

    Believe me I take no pleasure in saying this but Mikey Johnston


    is very short of the standard of player that should be wearing the hoops.

  6. Abada through the middle,Mikey left and Juranovic pushing up the right.Let Turnbull play where he is comfortable.


    Deary me.

  7. MJ is the kind of player who would be a star elsewhere in the SPFL. Plenty of game time and not playing against packed defences week in week out.

  8. Johnston? What does he do, exactly? Misses most of every season. Doesn’t score, doesn’t create goals, loses possession frequently, doesn’t help out his full back. Has been with us since he was 9 years old. Has not scored in his last 34 appearances. Has never improved his upper body strength. What are our expectations of him after all this time? We have punted many, many more productive players. Baffling, really.



    We punted a hard working, productive Kenny Miller first chance we could. 3 teams later (!) he came back to haunt us with the Huns, giving Lawwell the GIRUY every time he scored against us.



    Just to be clear, I would love Mikey to have some sort of Renaissance. But can anyone see that happening after all this time?