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  1. Jinkyredstar on

    Stivs – there was a Neil McLaughlin at school with me and I remember a family from Gibshill- my mothers’ close friend was Margaret McLaughlin


    I was born in Thomas Muir St (not literally)

  2. Estadio Nacional on

    What a turn around since lawwell left.



    As many said for many years.



    Great to have Celtic back from that ***t




  3. Auch………



    Bed time






    Any youse good ole bhoys in the Whifflet arms in Coarbrig tonight???




    D :)

  4. garygillespieshamstring on




    Was the guy the players visited the night before the game and walked back taking a dodgy short cut back to the hotel called Brodie Lennox or did I just imagine










    Was the guy the players visited the night before the game and walked back taking a dodgy short cut back to the hotel called Brodie Lennox or did I just imagine




    Jim Craig bang on

  6. St Stivs, magic wee story. Well played.



    Cycled to Falkirk Wheel then Kelpies then Carron Lock today with phone beeping with score updates…put wind in my sails.



    Just thanks to the team.

  7. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Brodie Lennox ex golfer:


    I think CQN did a piece on Alex Gordon’s book about Lisbon 67.

  8. Who would win in a fight between Chapmans and Babbitys?



    “ Just a perfect day “ © Lou Reed of Parkheed, with old friends and our league win with nations, was more joyous than any Celtic league win I’ve seen, man or bhoy. No points drama, no tension, no Bratbakk size six, just a day of goals and celebration. Celtic’s art form of rightfully entitled wins, now with disco to boot nearly made old men feel young again, they fill our place by getting more right than wrong. The latest big young Hoop that took two shifts of stewards, to stop him taking one for the team was dragged out just the twice, not that he cared with the sounds of perfected Celtic songs that now span generations.



    AP’s side was Jock Stein’s well oiled down under machine, and Motherwell couldn’t wait to get on the motorway at 12.16 pm, had they the chance, the passing game soon kicked in and Rogic, Jota, Maeda were already hamming it up, by the time Kyogo scored his second it made a mockery of his meagre transfer fee, a goal of sheer class. David Turnbull in between Kyogo showed his pedigree and a vape or a pie in the Celtic end, sets one up for the second half, with or without three Ange goals.



    The procession towards us in the Camlachie end started ‘the second half shootie in’ , Jota and Giakoumakis picking spots, one of them that will surely make take your pick of Mr Pig sick?. Looking for explanations as to why we’re looking down on the Rainjurz, ain’t that hard to find, this is a good Celtic ensemble, that will come back bigger and better © AP. Careful spend will determine group stage football that AP ‘s Celtic won out of the park, despite obstacles that are as old as tea.



    Hail Hail



    M.O.M Kyogo Furahashi







  9. I don’t drink much these days , however today was an exception .like many on here , ive been watching Celtic from early 70s or longer.


    At the game today , don’t think think ive ever felt as emotional watching any of our previous title wins . Or maybe its just the guinesss and my memory going . A fantastic day , it really was .


    Exciting times ahead , with this big guy leading us , we are lucky to have him .

  10. Fair play to AP for all the work put in to the players leaving us — TR was choked when he left and giving NB the captain’s armband when he came on was a touch of class.



    Allowing them to bring the SPL trophy onto the park was an unexpected joy.



    If this is the amount of thought that AP puts into players leaving then we could be in for a few surprises with the players coming in.



    He really does seem to be relishing the responsibility and the opportunities that managing us bring.



    Hopefully he gets some rest over the summer.


    Hopefully he gets more coaching talent in to help him and re-stock the youths.


    Hopefully he gets the full support of the board to make us CL ready — remember we never stop.



    I think more change is coming but AP has made a huge start.



    Incredible what we can do when the total focus is on the football on the park not the bonus levels in the boardroom.



    One question — was DD at the game?


    Golf season is in full swing but a visit would have been nice.

  11. ….ahhhhhhh, the health angle…………………….Sleekit oar wit?



    We Never Stop.




    Thems Never Stop.

  12. If you have been well behaved and made it home like I have, Spinal Tap is on bbc 2 now.



    Smell the glove CSC🍀

  13. A Cracking day.



    Nir and especially Tom have been Superb Celtic players.



    We will miss Nir’s versatility as much as Toms Genius individual skill – not seen any Celt like this fusbal player!!!!



    Thank You Nir & Tom for awesome Celtic contributions.



    I know Nir & Tom will get good moves because both are quality players who gave their very Best years to Glasgow Celtic.







  14. BANKIEBHOY1 on 14TH MAY 2022 11:13 PM



    Nigel St Hubbins!






    Already sniggering 😂🤣😂

  15. Saint Stivs.



    Utterly brilliant. The way you relayed the events had me gripped. A few twists and turns with a lovely ending.



    Celtic really is family,

  16. ” I love Celtic and The Club,………. ( honest)…….. but does anyone know if the infrastructure is affected by the mica issue that has caused awful issues in Ireland?……….”

  17. Playing the CL tune had me asking what is the DJ daein?



    No Lights yet.:)



    I am deelighted that Daezen has signed. He is gonnae be the Biggest Cult hero ever, his interplay is starting to really excel.



    No so much ping pong fitba ala Fifa now!!!!!




    its crazy the High Speed the play is now. It negates bad fouls by Cluggers in maist Countries!!!!!






    Ange – Thank You.

  18. Ange is getting everything right, he says all the right things, handled Tom and Nir perfectly and gave a run out to guys who needed it today to keep them invested. When he said, we never stop, into that microphone today, my goodness what a moment.



    The sky is the limit next season, if he gets the recruitment spot on this summer, we will have one hell of a team. The key now is to keep the hunger to avoid a drop off next season. Some changes in personnel will help keep things fresh and there is enough there to suggest standards will be maintained.



    Ange and Celtic are a match made in heaven.

  19. That arse of a Referee today annoyed me so much with Everything he did.



    He added on 1 minute.



    I’m not moaning when I didnae win, I had over 5.5 goals in the game. The LRA/Cheat with a whistle could have lost someone with a lot more at stake.



    Hugh Dallas Sh!t in effect?



    Apply the Rules arsehole.Substitutions……… Tin pot Administration in Scotland to stay in the Dark ages.

  20. David17



    The new element of Surprise with this new Crew of players will hopefully get us into the knockout stages.



    Kyogo arrived early doors, He is MEGA, Daezen is not as unassuming as Furuhashi but OMG he is Gonnae NJOI unsettling so many BIG NAMES.




    Our Bhoys deserve a good rest before another, Hopefully, Incredible Season.

  21. leftclicktic on



    I had Celtic-4 at 6/1.


    Hope you are well bud.


    Goodnight all we are living in special Celtic times.