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  1. leftclicktic on 14th May 2022 11:46 pm






    I had Celtic-4 at 6/1.



    Hope you are well bud.



    Goodnight all we are living in special Celtic times.






    Pat, You and Everyone knows that Internet access is shocking @ Celtic Park. I managed to get the over 5.5 goals by rebooting and Airplaining ma phone a Multitude of times…. Why? Because Aidan mentioned the previous 7-0.




  2. Really pleased to see you back posting Petec.



    Really great to see you back at Paradise also.



    Great. Really great Celtic times indeed.



    Novak doing well again too !

  3. Burnley78,



    twas guid seeing so many posting.



    CQNers Love CQNers



    I took on board every jibber jabber.



    Kojo well he was before……




    GG is Hardcore Wow that Overhead!!!!

  4. Hrvatski Jim on

    Even above the excellence of the performance, the emotion of bidding our appreciation and farewells to Tom and Nir, the joy at receiving the league trophy was the sight one row behind me of a young father dancing with his 2 year old boy in his arms throughout the celebrations as the little one patted the Celtic crest on his tea shirt.



    I think it was my most magical ever moment at Celtic Park.

  5. GG looks to me to be a Monumental player…. Gavin Strachans Corner yibididiba stuff Might be true?



    Celtic Celtic.



    Ange Celtic.

  6. Petec: Cheers. Hope you are well. Stopped by Garry’s memorial stone today. Sent a picture to Ryan.

  7. Almore,



    Goin tae Mass that Sunday Morn in Kirckaldy was an achievement,



    It was awesome 2 as the Sermon was sensational.

  8. Ange is Wise, when he releases high Towers…..be in no doubt,we dinnae ken Who’s gonnae be brought in. Smaller players than Nir & Tom? :)




    Energy is there with Daezen, seeing good 1-2s that wurnae there previously.



    Rome was not built in a Davie Hay.

  9. lets all do the huddle on

    “Police Scotland is a human rights-based organisation that puts our values of integrity, fairness, respect and a commitment to upholding human rights at the heart of everything we do.”





    that is surely a piss take

  10. IniquitousIV on




    I suspected the Police would do anything to equate today with the George Square trashing by the Unwashed. Let’s see how they handle them on Wednesday and Saturday.

  11. Anyone whom lives in this part of the world knows every filthy racist hun in a Police Scotland uniform would die for a shift in their Bridgeton Division. Don’t ever give them an excuse and remember the golden rule, “Say Nothing”.