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  1. Next season is feeling really exciting – I believe it will be Angeball but up a gear at least, faster and more aggressive. New players will give a clue as to the team makeup but I would think yesterday’s starting 11 will be in the mix. All of the Japanese players have in spades what Ange wants but can they go up a gear? I’d think with rest they can. Our goalie needs to have a bit more awareness at times and cut out the risk taking. Can TR and GT go up a gear? Personally, I don’t think so, they’re already stretched to their limits but they can still be good squad players if not regulars. Both our centrebacks need to speed up a bit and not be afraid to run with the ball. A strong holding midfielder is lacking to free up Calum. I don’t believe it will be JMcC and I don’t have a clue what Ange thinks of him. DT needs to impose himself on the game more, he has a tendency to fade out. Our frontline is awesome and if fit I think the goals will keep coming. from Kyogo and GG. I think James Forest will not fade into the background. Ange will want him to keep contributing at a decent level and I think he will. I really hope we get Jota as he really injects life into that team in a special way. I hope he won’t be a one season wonder and I don’t think he will.

  2. Sláinte Ange on

    SAINT STIVS on 14TH MAY 2022 6:23 PM



    I was nearly greeting reading that – best post on CQN ever. yer some man!



    Hail, hail

  3. DAVID66….


    I am so glad that you had a GREAT Day oot with the Family…and Celtic.



    I hope to have a Bevvy with you soon.


    HH Mate.

  4. I watched the English Cup Final yesterday.


    The commentator ” Sam Matterface” was telling the TV Audience towards the end of Extra Time, that THEY had just witnessed an ” EPIC Final”…..with his side kick ( That other Chump)…Lee Dixon agreeing and adding ” The final was a TACTICALLY FASCINATING”…??


    WHAT Game were they watching FFS ?


    Ive always hated Lee Dixon….What a DUD….and Bore he is.



    It was a complete BORE, ..


    Best bit was ” Prince Wullie” getting BOOED big Time, as he was meeting the Players before kick aff.


    Im not sure if it was the Liverpool fans that were BOOING the Royal CHUMP ?






    Cheers mate but I am still a bit unwell, and I have stayed in the hoose for the last 16 Days, so NO Pub…NO Beers etc.


    Obviously Celtic have CJHEERED me UP in recent weeks, and I hope that Eintracht make us all even more happier ?


    Who knows ?


    Thank you for your kind words.


    HH to the CHAMPIONS Mate.

  6. Have a Gr888t Celts



    I hope Celtic have officially complained about that referee yesterday


    Absolutely woeful, offering our players absolutely no protection


    And just blatant cheating on fouls being given

  7. The hand of God on

    Great way to celebrate winning the championship yesterday,was still inside Celtic Park at 4pm, also good to see Liverpool fans booing the England national anthem again

  8. By chance, I was watching Sky News at 8:00 this morning and I saw the sports update. They were talking about Liverpool being on course to win a quadruple. The male presenter interrupted the female sports presenter to comment that a British team had won a quadruple before and then turned to the camera and said, ‘it was Celtic’. I don’t know their names of the presenters, as I don’t usually watch Sky News.

  9. Larkin1907 on 14th May 2022 10:28 pm



    Splendid Bhoys


    Which other Scottish Lennox helped the Bhoys on our glorious day


    Last chance SCULLY





    Sorry for not being on CQN yesterday. I was celebrating in my home. My daughter made a stunning meal and my wife and I enjoyed a couple of bottles of a rather gorgeous Rioja Reserva.



    Thanks Celtic for the memories!



    I honestly cannot guess an answer to the question about another Lennox, and Google has let me down :–(

  10. ConeyBhoy: I thought I had your phone number so if you have mine send me I text and I’ll sort you out.



    I really appreciate your help last night.

  11. Morning Bhoys and Ghirls


    Hangover from hell but dgaf



    Sorry for not getting back on the Lennox question…



    Well done for the Brodie Lennox answers.



    From Celtic Triumphant by Ian Peebles



    ‘’On the evening before the game the Parkhead party were the guests of a former Scottish amateur golf star, Mr Brodie Lennox, who put his TV set at the disposal of the players so they could watch England beat Spain in Madrid. They enjoyed the break from hotel life and Stein was happy because they were still relaxing.’



    Not so sure Mr Stein would’ve been happy if he knew about the shortcut back to the hotel mind. 🤣


    HH 🇮🇪🏆

  12. Not sure what he is likely to choose, but given that he is well liked by many of this Parish, Bradley Walsh is on Desert Island Discs on Radio 4 in about five minutes or so with Lauren Laverne.

  13. The unlikely outcome of a title win this season has been put together by a manager who has shown his worth. He has galvanised a support, but before that he had to do the same with the coaches and players already in the building. He told the board what he needed and he told them again when it was taking to long only this time in public. The message was very clear and Nicholson and the board responded. The idea that he was a ‘yes’ man was well and truely put to bed. The media also found out that Ange is a one step ahead kind of guy who won’t be easily ruffled and will quickly put you in your place if you try to come the cunt or simply ask stupid questions. It’s possible a lot of the media actually like his quick wit cause at least its not boring and the fact he is never boring endeared him to the support. Ange has cultivated ‘buy in’.



    Walking out the stadium yesterday I said to my bro, you know what when big Ange said we will be bigger and better next season I believed him but it’s not the first time I have heard managers say that kinda stuff. The thing is I get the feeling that message was geared towards the coaches, players and celtics board as much as it was geared towards celtic supporters.



    HH an thanks Ange

  14. Did our support gather in the City centre for extended celebrations? Someone told me they were going to George Square but all I saw there ( I was catching a train from Queen Street) was a group of SNP supporters.


    I did see a few flares and hear raucous noise from the Tongate area so is that were the support celebrated?

  15. Tom McLaughlin on




    The FA Cup Final was so predictable I stuck a tenner on 0-0 @ 11/4.



    11/4 was the lowest odds on offer for a correct score which tells you what the bookies expected.

  16. SCULLYBHOY on 15TH MAY 2022 9:52 AM


    I hope you are OK Big Jimmy.






    Thanks for your kind post mate, but its been ” Touch and Go” whether I got a Taxi to hospital or not in recent weeks, due to Losing Blood and Bowel problems etc.


    Like most Folk…I HATE being in hospital, especially during these Covid times, and the staff are over worked etc.


    Sorry about the depressing stuff above, but I will give it one more week, and see IF I get any better or worse, but I will need to get out for some Beers REAL SOON, but I am very wary about going out just now.



    HH Mate.

  17. Just reading back and came across this. If it hasn’t been reposted it should’ve!





    SAINT STIVS on 14TH MAY 2022 6:23 PM


    That was a wonderful day, emotional and memorable, and is right up there with my favorite occassions. Ange is an inspiration, Calum choking up got me the same, Tom going off had me quivering lipped, then Bitton getting the arm band, an end of an era and beginning of a new one.



    A friend gave me his season card as they are away at a wedding. High up in 444, I normally sit in 122.



    I chose to take wifes old uncle 80 recently, diagnosed with ahlzeimers couple of years ago, he gave up his season book after getting confused in the saint johnstone car park snd not being able to find the bus.



    Pandemic hasnt been kind to the old people, he really did feel lonely, isolated, and no celtic either, Couldnt even go to mass, which really affected him. Last time i asked him to go he said thanks but no thanks, i would be scared i get lost.



    This time, last night call him ……. do you want to go to ………




    no hesitation this time.



    he called our house, before i was even up today, talked to wife, is stivs up yet, when is he coming for meshe told him quarter past eleven, stay in the house he will call you when he gets to parkhill.



    he is in the new flats built on top of saint stephens ground, kind strange getting to southfield road, and the old jannies houses are there, and a whole newly built estate, and quite lovely it is to. people deserve good houses, i like that this is happening, however long it takes.



    But, where the nameplate is , there is old owen out in the street.



    whit you dain, i was pickin you up at the flat,



    aye but you dont know where my flat is, so you might have got lost and then we would be late.



    and how long you standing there for ?



    since quarter to eleven. ………. like i was told.



    anyways he yapped away whole way up like a kid going to their first game, super excited to be out, without a mask and no palaver, and back to celtic park,


    Tricolours are everywhere , well in the celticsupporting areas, we got to Tesco, and walked out, he walks faster than me, even a couple of little jogs across the roads. He was playing non-contact fives, up till the beginning of pandemic.



    I took him to the gate i go in, explained where to go, realy just in front of where he used to sit, and near two other nephews, who are waiting on him. I told him, after the match you stay right were my seat is and i will come get you. He gets through turnstyle goes to go left, i said, no go right, he tuns to go right, i turn to go, and he turns again and toddles off left.






    so i go up the 444, move into the north stand, hang about one of the tunnels, the view of a mtch up from up there is just incredible, and the view of south glasgow, but i keep scanning down to see if i can see the old fella.i enjoyed the first half, the goals, the movement, (kyogo 2nd was a special touch) the atmosphere, but still the worry over the old fella.



    no signal i walk round at halftime, i ping the nephew, he never turned up stivs, we have been looking out for him whoole game. damnation.



    watch second half a wee bit agitated but not about the game for a change. 15 to go, decided to get downstairs, tried to jook through the number 7 level, steward at door wouldnt let me.



    so outside and wait on the gates to open, then in i go, goes to my are, no owney, up and down each of the tunnels no owney, asked stewards if they had seen hom, got poils involved just in case anything had been reported in, nothing, i was getting a wee bit panicky now, goes up last tunnel at the original corner i sat in, 144 all these years ago, and there he is. happy as larry, laughing and singing away, buddied up with a bhoy from easterhouse who seeing he was a bit lost, said, you stay next to me, and dont move, and your nephew will find you laters, and thats what happened, well done big Paul, what a lovely celtic thing to do.



    we waitid in the celebration, ange stood right in front of us, we did our own photo bomb with him in the background. it was somethign special.



    back to the car, i said lets go down the gallowgate see whats happening, then another thought, have you ever been in saint marys, no he said, off we went. he was overjoyed to be there, very devout, can i go in and say a prayer, aye, what else would you do. looked at the mural and the pctures of the brothers, and then he went to the front pew and did his thing.




    i explained the memorial, by this point he was filling up himself. we drove down the rest of the gallowgate thousands on the street flags up every post, wonderful imagiry, incredibly on hitting erchant city, i spied the other nephew , walking to town staying out, putting on his own show, window down, see you ive been lokking for you the whole match.



    Onwards, up high street, couldnt get on motorway, drove all the wat to bishopbriggs and across the north of the city, those wee toons you think are not celtic strongholds,and guess what, there is indeed green white and orange all over the place, then hiy faifley roundabout and its like an irish town.



    got back to the port, got to his flat, can you come in and fix my telly, it went blank after the guys installed the box. aye, it was just he hit the surce button, and took it off hdmi,



    when did it go off ? oh a couple of days ago.



    dearie me, no tv for a few days, no wonder he was desperate to get out.



    fixed, content, he says “can i shake your hand that is one of the best days of my life”



    now, i need to get changed for 5 oclock mass , aint going to holy family as hill is too steep, buut will go to saint francis and see my gardens (he did them for years)



    and then as a aprting shot



    “those chinese players are really fast, i like the baldy wan even more than the bhoy with the hair”



    i didnt know whether to laugh or cry,



    one of the best ever days for me as well.





    CQN at it’s finest!



    Magic and thanks for posting!





  18. HOT SMOKED on 15TH MAY 2022 11:06 AM




    The Celtic supporters took over The Merchant City and Glasgow Cross areas in celebration. The Polis had to CLOSE The Saltmarket for hours as bhoys and Ghirls celebrated long into the night. i could see the Polis Cordon from my Window over looking The Saltmarket at The Old Shipbank Pub.


    HH Mate.

  19. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 15TH MAY 2022 11:14 AM









    The FA Cup Final was so predictable I stuck a tenner on 0-0 @ 11/4.







    11/4 was the lowest odds on offer for a correct score which tells you what the bookies expected.




    Well done Tommy Bhoy.


    I also considered a Bet on 0-0, but I got too greedy and went for 2-2 obviously at bigger Odds than 11/4.


    I had an older drinking Pal, who also enjoyed a Punt every day and whenever I would moan about backing a horse at ODDS ON……He would always tell me, ” A 4/6 WINNER….is better than a 4/6 LOSER, so stop moaning ya eejit” !




    HH Mate.

  20. BIG JIMMY on 15TH MAY 2022 11:20 AM



    Thanks for that. Looked pretty lively but happy rather than angry.



    Did you see my post yesterday referencing you re Half Way to Paradise?


    All the very best with your health problems.




    How ye doin?






    So thats where the shout .”tongs ya bass” came from.😉



    Hail Hail

  22. Hot smoked



    One or two gathered 😊






    Did your bus go back after the game?








    Hope each and everyone of you Celts enjoyed Celtic


    It was a special day if you happened to experience Celtic Park yesterday,to all our global diaspora your spirit was in attendance,phone has been pinging from every corner what a delight,Oz,Japan,Canada,Chile,Nigeria,God bless Celtic.





    Big Jimmy take it easy and a Celtic hug for you



    St.Stivs 6.23 Celtic💚




  23. St Stivs. Enjoyed your piece about your uncle. You really gave him a great day out even though he must have caused you a problem or two. Great how that lhad looked after him. The spirit of Bro Walfrid lives on.



    Great to hear about the new housing on the St Stephen’s old site. Mention of the jannie’s house took me back many years. I am sure you know that I visited that area on many occasions.



    Enjoyment to from the many articles on here sharing thoughts and emotions from yesterday. I was unable to attend the game as my great niece made her First Communion yesterday. Since she lost her dad thirteen months ago, I felt it incumbent on me to make my attendance at her special day a priority.



    Watched the game and the celebrations on the Tele. As one who has been at three European Finals and the Jock Stein era, yesterday’s celebrations were up there with the greatest occasions in Celtic history.



    Sad to see Big Tom and Nir going but I wish them well in the future and thank them for their contributions to Celtic’s history. I will remember them in company with Jinky, Bertie, Wallace, Mc Neill, Mc Stay. etc. Oh nearly forgot… and my first Celtic hero Charlie Tully

  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    Big Jimmy



    I missed the first half but decided to watch the second half of the English cup final.



    TBH wished I had went to penalties, a bore feast😕