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  1. Saint Stivs



    this nureyev has for decency’s sake hung up his pumps



    will dance for money and fags when needs must




  2. weebobbycollins on



    I thought he traded in the hat for an unreliant robin to get himself up here as fast as he could to take over the next best thing since sliced bread…the infamous sevco govanites…where he could get hold of some over the clint hill players to set up the ‘last gen series’…maybe I’m confused…




  3. Just had a flash back…last night Derek Rae said that Motherwell’s strip was denin blue.



    No wonder we trounced them if they were wearing jeans…especially if they were skinny jeans.



    Also, they deserved a hammering for going “double denim”….

  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Roy Cropie / others – I saw all the good news re: weans’ exam results – congratulations all round!!



    Just like to add that my my very own Miss BGFC is delighted to have achieved 5 A’s in her Highers



    (Wee BGFC still thinks she is a stupid, smelly big sister, though).



    Had a ball at the game last night – great team performance, and many first class individual players on show. – Rogic was sublime


    – Jimmy survived an injury(!!!!!!!)


    – Sinclair was super-fast and skillful


    – Broonie was commanding


    – O’Connell was calm and assured


    – Lustig was solid (much better defender now he doesn’t have to gallop up and down that left wing all night) – Wee McGregor was excellent – some great vision and passing, coupled with real appetite to press the game very high up the park



    Good performances from everyone – even BR in the post-match interview.



    Watched the game when we got home – that Norn Irn numpty on BT sport is nothing other than a bigot – Sutton has his number.



    All stating to click nicely. What to do when wee Paddy-Joe and the rest of the gang get fit…? Plus two other players BR wants to go right in to the first team … ?? Could get very messy for everyone else.








    Relatively low crowd last night – pity so many missed such a great display. Hope everyone gets along to see Celtic as much as they can this year – it is a real treat!!!!

  5. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Ard macha


    Just reading back , I can order u two and give u them next week if u wish

  6. I can’t believe some posters are still prattling on about draw fixing. Last night before the draw, about a dozen people assured us Sevco would be at home to Alloa. Where did Alloa end up?



    I watched the draw live on TV and it was completely above board, but that won’t stop the daft conspiracy theoerists embarrassing themselves yet again when the semi-final draw is upon us. Sad thing is, no matter how many times they are proved wrong, they come back for more.



    Oh mammy daddy.

  7. S4TB @ 11.41



    Your list is showing DF as having left rather than been loaned.


    The initial report had him — from memory — being loaned.



    If he has gone I hope he does well.


    When he did play for us he played well.


    Always seemed to be on the end of some heavy challenges though.

  8. KEVINLASVEGAS on 11TH AUGUST 2016 12:05 PM




    Good article again mate.


    Summing up the mood perfectly.





    Thanks KLV; it just goes to show that 48 hours is a long time in this old game! When I wrote the first piece on Monday I did feel that Tom Rogic may be off and was disappointed in that. He showed last night just how good he can be – now to transfer it to the big screen so to speak.



    I was thinking about it last night, wondering if this was a good result against a bad team, but in the final analysis, we played exceptionally well and made them look very ordinary. So I decided to write the second piece to reflect that.




  9. Half 1st team Celtic 5 – arseholes 0












    KevJ….mcgee for Staleybridge Celtic……..;-))