Celtic v Motherwell, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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  1. cliftonville celt from belfast on

    tricoloured ribbon



    14:39 on 21 September, 2014



    Bad luck


    Poor attitude


    Some players think they just need to turn up and they’ll win – yesterday was terrible last minute of the match we clear the ball that hits keeper and goes into the net 1-1 !!!!! Sort of summed up our start to this season



    Wee tommy is doin his nut

  2. My Dear,dear, dear, friend…The Singing Detective..



    Hiya,Palomine.. Great tae Greet ye..as Usual.



    Stokesy.. oould Be a Winnah.. If….




    A Big if.. If He wiz Gien the Former Commons Role.. Which..Ah assume.. wiz the Auld Fashioned ..Inside Left..



    In any Case..



    Celtic, Need.. a Good Auld Fashioned ..’



    INSIDE LEFT..n.. a Good Auld Fashioned.. INSIDE RIGHT.




    This New Fangled Team Formations…As Faur as Ah am Concerned..



    Confuse the Hell Oot Me..



    Ah Pine fur the Guid Old Days..



    Five Forwards.. Two Half Backs..



    Ye Know Whit Ah Mean?



    Ye Dae?






    Anyway.. Oan wi the Show.



    Nice chatting..as evah..






    Happy …

  3. Kojo


    Where do we find a Bertie Auld, Bobbie Collins or a Willie Fernie these days?


    The emphasis is on power and work rate.

  4. Ok getting ready to watch the game.



    I see that GLASGOW RANGERS aka “the huns” only managed a draw yesterday with Alloa.


    “The sides had not met in a competitive fixture for 93 years ”


    The don’t sound very deid to me.



    Hands up those on here who think Rangers are dead?



    Hands up those on here who think that it’s not glasgow Rangers who play at Ibrox?



    Hands up those on here who think that Hod is an elderly all powerful Caucasian fellow who looks down on wrath affectionately !

  5. Great to be in Paradise in the sun.


    Great funny meeting up at CQN corner with you lot of bams:-(



    Wekcome back to the GB, already a great atmosphere.



    Here come the Bhoys!

  6. Burgh Bhoy



    Yes… That Should Alwiz be the Aim.. tae Hiv a Settled Team..n.. Team Format.



    Ronny, is Bold is Being Very Bold..in Making These Puzzling Changes.



    Mebbe… we wull Find Oot ..



    that Ah jist Used the wrang Woid.. there..



    Mebbe, It wull Turn oot tae be



    A case of Ronny Being Very.. RASH!






    We’ll Find Oot…soon Enuff..pal..




    Haud the Presses… Virginia..





    Happy as Kin Be

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