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    Foresters Arms is indeed the place,mate.



    Make sure you go to the one in Ashley Down Road,not the one round the corner in Gloucester Road. Surprisingly easy mistake for a taxi driver to make,it seems(!)

  2. I totally agree …..totally, it should be moved, soon as I saw it a said to myself who the f… came up with that little gem? It’s absolutely astounding, dangerous, and mad.



    A campaign has been launched to move the date for the Hogmanay Old Firm game by a series of businesses and pubs. The Bells not Brawls campaign is aimed at persuading Justice Secretary Michael Matheson to veto the timing of the fixture. Police and the SPFL have refused to move the game, despite fears that it will lead to trouble. (Daily Record)



    Read more at: http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/competitions/premiership/rumour-mill-celtic-could-have-scored-six-campaign-to-move-old-firm-fixture-joey-barton-set-to-exit-rangers-1-4259701

  3. I notice that comments are possible on this article Tony – would be nice is someone could explain to the world why Jimmy McGrory only played 7 times for Scotland despite being the greatest…



    Well we all know that’s not going to happen, they would just have to say because he was a Roman Catholic playing for Celtic, it’s that simple, but not that easy for some to say, I’ve no problem saying it, or debating it with anyone who has any other reason, there’s the floor….

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    A veritable tour de post from Jimmy





    Lest it be missed.





    BIG JIMMY on 16TH OCTOBER 2016 9:12 AM





    1968 ( October / November ?)



    I was almost 12 years of age and already a six year ” veteran” of attending Celtic matches albeit with my dad, uncle etc ?



    My memory of that Wednesday morning was that it rained heavily in Glasgow , and this was to last all day and into match time ?



    My excitement of knowing that I was going to the Celtic match that night, was heightened in the knowledge that ” permissions” had been sought and granted that meant that I was going to this match with my school mate, without our dads, uncles etc!



    This would be the first time that we were entrusted to travel on public buses ( Glasgow East end) on our own by our parents/ guardians !



    Arriving at Celtic Park in plenty if time, we quickly got soaked as the rain battred down, but we didn’t care a hoot. We also took advantage of the opportunity to save our Bhoys gate money that we had been given, by hanging around outside the ground ( not for to long), and working up the courage to ask complete strangers, ” mister gonny gies a lift o’er” ?



    My mate wee Johnny G was maybe mair gallus than me about approaching strangers, and maybe I thought ” he’s done this before ” given how little wait we had to have Celtic adults happily oblige ?



    We were in !



    We took our place in what used to be the enclosure a few yards behind the Celtic dug out.



    Those of you old enough will remember that the Celtic Park enclosure wasn’t exactly ” enclosed” ? We were standing there getting more soaked, but still we didn’t care as we were there to see our heroes without an adult interventions !



    Not long after the game kicked off, some other Celtic Bhoys were jumping onto the track right next to the Celtic dug out, and saving into the dug out etc.



    After this happened three/your times, big Jock Stein the Celtic manager had had enough !



    He stormed out of his seat, and shouted at all of us to stop jumping onto the track.



    ALL of US ?



    I remember me and wee Johnny G being not only being f##king terrified at the fact that Mr Stein appeared rather angry, but that he also wrongly assumed that me and my mate were with those other Bhoys ?



    As the other Bhoys ran away, I stood my ground and faced this giant of a man Mr Stein ( in all honesty I was probably frozen with fear ?), and said ” Mr Stein, it wisnae us, it wis they big bad Bhoys” !



    Mr Stein appeared satisfied that it wasn’t us to blame, although he’s maybe took one look at me and we’d Johnny G shaking with a mixture of fright and being freezingly wet, and thought, they wee bhoys are suffering enough ?



    As the game went on, Celtic were 2-0 up and coasting .



    At some point me and wee Johnny G must have looked at each other, and thought ” the games won, and we’re F##king drenched” ! Neither of us was wearing a watch, and in all honesty in all the excitement we had lost track of time.



    We decided to make our way home, very pleased with ourselves that we had got to see the Celts without the need of any adults ( apart from Mr Stein), telling us what to do, and given that Celts had played well and were 2 goals up .



    I can vividly remember as we walked quickly to get the green SMT bus home after leaving Celtic Park, looking back and being amazed at the sight behind us.



    The rain was still falling heavily, but when it was against the Celtic Park floodlights it seemed so magical to us wee Bhoys !



    We got home safely, and my grandad was shocked at the state I was in.



    He said, ” Jamesy your soaked wee man” and then wrapped me in a large bath towel in front of the blazing coal fire, and started drying me off whilst ma granny was heating up the Cadburys hot chocolate ( I had been in Paradise and now Im in heaven ?)



    It was while he was drying me my grandad asked, ” what was the score Jamesy, cos your hame a bit early” ?



    ” Two nuthin for Celtic ” was my reply !



    ” ya wee dafty, you missed EIGHT Celtic goals cos they won TEN nothing” was his response !



    Not that I doubted my grandad, but he explained that he had heard the score on the wireless, and that Lennox and Chalmers had scored FIVE goals each !



    As I went to bed that night I have no doubt that my grand parents would have been having a chuckle at the fact that I had been to a Celtic game, and had missed EIGHT F##king Celtic goals !



    The Celts had beaten Hamilton Accies that night in what used to be a League Cup Section, and I think Celts won the away game 5-0 ?



    Me and wee Johnny G decided not to bother with the away game !



    In 2001, I was to meet and speak to Bobby Lennox about that night and he remembered it well. Along with Buzzbomb was auld faither Ronnie Simpson and Tommy Callaghan, and before I was finished Tommy asked me ” Was I playing that night” ?



    Quick as he was on the park, wee Buzzbomb said” Naw Tommy, you couldnae get a game for us” !



    Magic memories of a wee Celtic Bhoy.







  5. Gerryfaethebrig on




    The lack of caps for the Lions is a total joke…..



    Enjoy your day fellow Celtic fans, we have a cracker in Scott Sinclair he gets us

  6. Pretty comprehensive display from Celtic yesterday – even though the final score didn’t quite reflect our 90 minutes’ superior performance.


    Young KT is a joy to watch! His progress this year has been outstanding – a superstar in the making. It’s good to make comparisons with the great Danny McGrain – and it would be wonderful to see KT go on to have similar legendary status.


    Me? I see something a bit different in him (to DMcG) – I think this Bhoy has all the hallmarks of a young Philipp Lahm. As he matures – his game intelligence and versatility will improve – all the makings of a great captain.


    Hard to say if we will be able to hold on to him longterm – he could easily slot into a number of top European sides and not look out of place. Bayern? Barca? At Arsenal – imagine him and Héctor Bellerín as your attacking fullbacks in a team geared to passing and counter-attack?


    Long may he continue to maraud like yesterday!

  7. Anti Celtic yup,


    Anti catholic,nope I disagree.


    From what I know of Mr McGrory, he had a beatiful and simple faith that carried him as a man and nothing shook it.not even the scottish fantasy association..


    I for one am content he was a world record holder at our club.


    A Celtic Titan



  8. Word of The Day (inspired by a conversation with ACGR)



    ullage /ˈʌlɪdʒ/





    1. the volume by which a liquid container falls short of being full


    2. the quantity of liquid lost from a container due to leakage or evaporation


    3. (in customs terminology) the amount of liquid remaining in a container after such loss



    verb (transitive)


    4. to create ullage in


    5. to determine the amount of ullage in


    6. to fill up ullage in



    Derived Forms


    ullaged, adjective



    Word Origin


    C15: from Old French ouillage filling of a cask, from ouiller to fill a cask, from ouil eye, from Latin oculus eye



    FAC the Act




  9. I have it on excellent authority that The Rangers FC are in clear and present danger of having their water supply cut-off by Scottish Water, a move that would result in the immediate and indefinite closure of Ibrox Stadium and its environs, including the club Superstore.



    I am not at liberty to go into more detail on here, but I can tell you that the issue is not simply one of unpaid water bills. It goes much deeper than that and criminal prosecutions could very well ensue.



    They are heading for a big crash, on so many fronts.

  10. VFR800A8 – spilling a 12 year old single malt is ‘sacr-ullage’!



    How’s the foot this morning?

  11. Auld Tam



    Water they going to do this time??



    Will they pull the plug?



    Tap into more funding?



    It keeps getting better…….

  12. So who do we think will be our centre halfs mid week ?



    I think kolo is 1st choice.. Hard to pick between jozo and Erik

  13. TD67 agree with the New Years game against zombie fc as being a huge mistake and i agree Scott Sinclair has been the best signing by far, what a player , hope he really does get us and enjoys winning ten in a row with the hoops. Hail Hail

  14. I’m in Mahon, Menorca so will miss the Gladbach game. Anyone with local knowledge of how to best see the game? thanks!

  15. Morning all from a fairly drab Clyde Coast. Still jet lagged but enjoyed watching Celtic yesterday.



    Young Tierney continues to get better and better. Best full back since the great Danny. Quite possibly. Who was the last player to be given a spontaneous standing ovation? No idea but he well deserved it yesterday. I think Scott Sinclair has helped him improve. Am I glad James Forrest is playing as we all knew he could? Great stuff.



    We are playing really entertaining football.



    Can I also say something about the choice of songs? Why all this unnecessary “IRA” (imo) supporting chants? A deceased former member and well-respected contributor to CQN said we shouldn’t be singing such stuff inside Celtic Park. Imo, he was quite right. There are plenty of other songs we can raise the roof to.

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    Water rates unpaid, good grief!



    I’ve got so much water falling from the sky here in Bowness-on-Windermere that you don’t need it plumbed just put out a bucket. Pubs will be dry though……..:)

  17. The hand of God on

    Greetings from New York been awake since 3am haven’t acclimatised to the time difference yet have been investigating Celtic bars in New York is the Parlour bar the best choice to watch the BMG game …any tips appreciated.

  18. Brilliant play b Kieran Tierney yesterday and that is a great clip of him and his family in the Naka documentary.



    Andy Murray wins in Shanghai . Close to being world number one.



    Off to finish painting up my son’s flat and then a family meal with our grandson.

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Gospel the day “persistence” for a wee minute I thought the priest was going to speak about the Res12 bhoys



    Persistence beats resistance :-)

  20. Away from football,is there no street cleaners ,or scaffys,there nickname’s,absaloute disgrace ,also bins over flowing,with rubbish,and they wonder why there is a problem with rats,

  21. THE HAND OF GOD on 16TH OCTOBER 2016 11:18 AM


    Greetings from New York been awake since 3am haven’t acclimatised to the time difference yet have been investigating Celtic bars in New York is the Parlour bar the best choice to watch the BMG game …any tips appreciated.






    New York Celtic Supporters Club


    The Parlour


    250W.86th St. Between Broadway & West End Ave. NYC



    Hotline: 212-330-6857-6857

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