Celtic v Paris Saint-Germain, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.


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CQN went behind the scenes with BT Sport at Hamilton on Friday evening and this is all covered in the new CQN Podcast which is out today and includes an interview with Chris Sutton…

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  1. Stebhoy


    I have it on good authority that we made an offer for Mbape but the player didn’t fancy having to play on plastic pitches on a Friday night.

  2. Technically, they are excellent. Finally getting their monies worth.


    But, the first goal should have been a free kick for Sinclair. The third was a stupid penalty. Griffith nearly scored as did Sinclair, who would have got a penalty had he gone down.


    Neither Bayern or Anderlacht will be as good.




    I just said much the same to the lhad watching with me. He had said the deid team’s supporters will be lapping this up. I replied, imagine them playing PSG. They would be lucky to get nil.

  4. Liam McLeod – how did he get this gig? Was it his enthusiasm for life in general? Perhaps just his infectious sense of fun. I felt all my pre-match excitement drain out of me as soon as i heard his doom laden voice….

  5. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    we’re beaten 1-11 at the moment , hope they slow down in the second half and rogic gives us some ability to hold onto the ball

  6. You get what you pay for in this sport unfortunately, and no matter how ambitious our board may (or may not) be, we are never going to be able to compete financially.


    That said, I was hoping for a better showing than this. Still, its only half time.

  7. the glorious balance sheet on

    Any time we get up the park they have 3 men swamping our attacker.



    And when they get the ball off us they are cutting through our midfield and defence as though they aren’t there.



    Their delivery from crosses has been exceptional. But we haven’t got close enough to stop the crosses, see Tierney at the 2nd goal.



    Throw in an unnecessary penalty and we haven’t helped ourselves at all.

  8. awesome performance from psg , that’s what paying top dollar get’s you, no complaints but would rather go down heavily having a go. ML imo never a centre back.

  9. We would struggle to sign CL seasoned pro’s they could earn 4 times what we could pay playing for the perennial relegation candidates of every major euro league. Few, if any, would want to play in Scotland.



    We cannot compete with the mega rich clubs, we can’t even compete with Southampton ffs. We cut our cloth accordingly and hope for the best if we qualify for the CL,




    Little financial risk?



    How much of a financial risk do you reckon it would take to challenge the likes of PSG?

  11. Their pace on and off the ball is far superior to barca…This is a team that were far too good for most teams lat year and now they have upgraded …These guys are contenders to win it….admire their talent..try not to get a hiding….learn..and beat anderlecht

  12. This team beat Barca 4 0 then added a couple of players since then. Get fired right into them Celtic f

  13. Our financial circumstances favour us in Scotland and hamper us in Europe.


    That’s just the reality.


    We are in Europe. where we are financially dwarfed but the experience and cash from this journey is valuable. Both for coach and players.


    Our young full backs are having a torrid time but hopefully will learn.

  14. If you’re sitting behind me in Upper North 408 and you’re only contribution to supporting the team is “f****g hit him” followed by “get him off”, do the rest of us a favour and feck right off.

  15. PSG very impressive side going forward but defensively they look equally as strong , especially on their flanks as PR and SS always have two defenders to beat when we break forward.



    Tough going for us against our financially doped opponents .



    Hoping we can adjust our formation , get more possession and show a bit more going forward.

  16. Be interesting to see what Brendan does at half time, whole new set of circumstances for him to deal with.

  17. Our onLy hope is for me to continue to stick pins in the Neymar, Mbape, Cavani dolls


    Henrik making loads of sense.

  18. Don’t understand why football supporters can’t appreciate what they are seeing.



    Individually brilliant; even better as a team.

  19. Will we learn anything from this?


    We are playing with the fear.


    The game was lost in the dressing room.



    We are very poor.


    Hamilton would give us a game on tjat performance.



    The worst thing is mot the goals we have given away bit the cjances and opportunities we have squandered

  20. PSG are a fabulous team to watch, better than even Barca in their pompI I would say but I’ll tell you what if some Quatari bought Celtic and filled us with these kind of players and financially doped us into the later stages of the CL I would chuck it.



    The Paris team that beat us in ’95 were a proper football team that their support could be proud of this lot, Galaticos working for the oil buck, that’s fitbaw these days…



    Give me Celtic any day, we might get spanked tonight but I’ll still be a Celtic supporter tonight and tomorrow knowing that a least we don’t need to bend the rules to play the game..




    Michel Plantini talking about financial fair play, don’t make laugh ya maddy ye:))





  21. make no mistake psg will do this to bayern and anderlecht ,we’re punching above our weight here,lets give them a bloody nose second half COYBIG

  22. No complaints, getting beat by a far, far superior outfit, the ref seems overawed by them as well.


    We have to stop giving the ball away when we have it, so I suppose that is a complaint

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