Celtic v Paris Saint-Germain, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.


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CQN went behind the scenes with BT Sport at Hamilton on Friday evening and this is all covered in the new CQN Podcast which is out today and includes an interview with Chris Sutton…

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  1. I’m disappointed but not disillusioned.


    Brendan is a student of the game and will use as a learning tool.


    Larsson was right about us sitting off to much.


    Rogic for Armstrong

  2. Scott Brown has been composed when he’s in possession and intelligent use of the ball too.



    So glad he’s playing tonight .

  3. According to the BBC website PSG are only ahead 4-3 on shots, but Celtic lead 2-1 on corners, with freekicks conceded at 3 apiece, so it’s pretty even really. But as is so often the case at this level, it is the small details that make the difference. Small details like the c.£680M difference in the cost of the respective teams.



    Secondly, some of the media and blogs had us losing this 0-18 ahead of tonight. So PSG have massively underperformed in that first half, managing just a third of their anticipated number of goals… and one of them should have been a freekick to Celtic!

  4. Cracking team!, and so they should be.



    Read last week celtic fc as a whole where valued at 173 mill.


    The Brazilian sandal certainly bought fir 198 mill ffs dae the maths.



    Ralston will go tae the top.



    One love CELTIC.

  5. Great run earlier by Ralston.


    Foul was worth a booking , lifted the crowd.



    We’ve showed a bit too much respect to them IMO