Celtic v Partick Thistle, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.

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  1. craggy island gaa on

    Have one of the craggy twins with me tonight, she’s dead excited!




  2. Missing game tonight, not long in from a wee trip to Ireland, updates on game welcome



    Oh and top Ten :-)

  3. Different game to Friday’s on a narrow, rubbish pitch.Our two fullbacks with ability to overlap now on a much wider pitch which looks great from photo earlier. The idea/fade of overlap along with our (hopeful) crisp passing should rip open Partick’s defence. Crosses, cut backs or kid on about those two and play through middle; I think we might have a fair few chances.




  4. cowiebhoy…



    Unlucky, you should try the crossbar challenge…is there still a million to be won at ipox :))



    My bhoy going with his mate tonight…so updates will be appreciated.



    Must admit…I would have prefared the Griffalo up front.



    3-0 to the hoops…so it will be 4-0. HH

  5. Sipsini



    Have to be honest, I would also have tried Efe in beside Nir, as holding midfield ?



    Just to see how he done ?



    Hail Hail

  6. Burgas Hoops on

    Jo hansen in sitting with Bitton in front on the back four, Armstrong is playing further forward.

  7. mike in toronto on




    I had said much the same yesterday…. I would try efe in the middle, with SJ, SA and GMS in front of them….



    Efe scares me sometimes, but (i) I like him, and (ii) I think there is a real talent there … maybe just needs a run to really show it for Celtic.

  8. Haven’t seen a Celtic game in a while, even on a dodgy stream so hopefully I’ll get a decent broadcast tonight. Here’s to the ghood ghuys




  9. cowiebhoy…



    I like big Efe, he runs himself into the ground for us and as soon as he makes a mistake it is groan, whereas when other players make a similar faux pas it’s not highlighted.



    Radio on…telly on Dundee Derby turned down…CQN for updates…GG keep them coming.



    Cans chilled…ashtray handy…Timtime…;)

  10. TET & Mike in T, plus Sipsini



    Could even have tried Adam M in middle with Nir, as another option ?


    Efe at right back ?



    Just shows we have some real good options, and probably explains why young Liam went out on Loan ?




  11. mike in toronto on




    I dont think AM has been the same player since his injury ….. RD seems to rate him, but, if ML returns, I would be prepared to let AM go if the right offer came in …. we have DF (who I like) as cover, and the money could be used on a left back ….

  12. mike in toronto on




    thanks for that article. I will give it read after the game.



    How are you keeping?

  13. mike in toronto on

    whitedog … hadn’t seen you on the blog much of late, so was just checking to make sure ….




  14. Cowiebhoy



    Aye, glad it’s no me picking the team.


    I would have let McGregor go, but, maybes Ronny wants Liam to play games, hopefully he will be rarin to go come the CL qualifiers.



    I do like Efe, I remember the first game he played, made 2 mistakes the whole game, nothing drastic, just misplaced passes, nothing like the bombscare he is made out to be, seems to be the current scapegoat with JF, sad that Celtic supporters need one mind you, but there it is.







  15. cowiebhoy….



    It will do young Liam the world of good seeing how other teams set themselves up, hopefully, when he comes home, he will be wiser for it.



    I see great potential in him, he could be a stalwart in our midfield for years to come…if we don’t sell him :((



    C’mon the hoops.HH

  16. MiT



    Got to disagree with that



    Mikael L is a speed player, but far to injury prone



    Adam, is coming back to form, see the goal he set up on Fri night with his overlapping



    Young Fisher has a bit to go to reach both their levels




    Hail Hail and have we scored yet :-)

  17. Burgas Hoops on

    Jo-Hanson skipper the night.




  18. thetimreaper on

    Johansen what are you playing at? One game as captain and you have us shooting into the wrong end first half!

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