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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TURKEYBHOY on 20TH DECEMBER 2016 11:11 PM



    I`m particularly interested in Big Tam .





    He`s been leading the midfield band for a while now.


    Broonie , Armstrong , Rogic.






    Sorry I have not posted since we met but just wanted to say a massive thanks for the calendar and especially the badges for the kids, the eldest had his on before we got to queen st and when we were getting on the train home an old bhoy getting off spotted it and says “hail hail wee man” he was over the moon.


    Let me know when your over and we can meet up for a pint and a bite to eat. A pleasure to meet you and hopefully see you soon.

  3. Macjay



    When Stuart signed for us I posted that we had signed our future captain. I had onside knowledge about him from my Godson who was at DUFC at the time. His words of praise about Stuart Armstrong’s fitba ability, high IQ intelligence, and leadership qualities around the development squad, convinced me.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Well. He`s certainly lived up to your expectation. I had my doubts as with G.M.S. who has also come in from the cold.


    Soon after they signed , I believe they holidayed together in New York and were photographed with a Tim who couldn`t quite believe his eyes . I remembered that when the seemingly failed to produce .


    Full circle , mate.


    The transformation in Armstrong is quite dramatic. Surging runs . Bags of determination.


    In the wonderful tradition of Billy Bremner and a plethora of other Jocks around his time.


    AND he`s got a shot.

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    MON THE HOOPS! on 20TH DECEMBER 2016 11:48 PM



    Interesting to see how Sinclair`s ” cover ” is just too slow.

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SUMMA OF SAMMI…. on 21ST DECEMBER 2016 12:02 AM



    I now put on the alarm for 2am.


    Particularly if it`s not on be IN sport.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Like Trump`s mum.




    Tho` she`s more islander.



    Joking , mate.


    Love the heilanders.

  8. Home from game . Frozen , soaked through . And very disappointed in our performance tonight . Don’t know if our players are all just tired , but the silky football is non existent at the moment . We will never take another 5 off them playing like that .

  9. Macjay



    Ma da was a Bute Tim. Kilchattan Bay.


    Cannae whack the discipline fae Island faithers. :)

  10. Thought Broonie was not at his best tonite, young debutant did ok, Dembele?????


    Jags centre half and their hairy one in mid field were excellent.


    14 clear, dud pitch beckons, hope we continue onwards and upwards

  11. Mea Culpa



    Thought Edwards and Barton?? Were great for the jags. They looked a far better team than Dundee or Hamilton were recently.

  12. JAMES1955 on 20TH DECEMBER 2016 1:05 PM


    Is Charity a good good good friend of yours Maggie ??







    Ask embdy


    And you? Mr disbelieving 3 goods


    Where’s your faith?



  13. Don’t kid yourself—that was a good performance. If another Celtic team had gotten the last three results with the same team changes we would have been ecstatic. Cherish these times when a genuine world class manager is at the club.

  14. If Rangers are deducted 15 points for going into administration again there will only be a 5 point spread for the bottom 7 SPL teams. So competitive!

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    He might have known a mate of mine , Rab Lambert.


    Belltrees Hotel , Rothesay.

  16. Margaret McGill



    They’ll have to wait until they’ve received their Valentine’s Day cards, or it’ll be 25 points off for going into administration again within 5 years!



    When wiz it they exited their first administration event?




  17. Margaret McGill on

    BEATBHOY on 21ST DECEMBER 2016 1:02 AM



    25 pts???


    Won’t happen then


    Celtic will bail them out


    What about the eaves dropping at Ibrox? Any news?

  18. Margaret McGill on



    I cannot believe that there are any serious structural or maintenance issues with the eboladrome. With Celtic PLC’s history of going public with Green Brigade safety concerns I’m sure they would not expose Celtic supporters to possible loss of life or limb. Nae money in it.

  19. ..



    Wee Ghirl want one of they 3D Pens that are Seemingly all the Rage and Very expensive so I asked her to explain what it’s Actually does..



    Just back from Shops with it.. All I need to Do Now is Paint the Silicone Gun and Tube of No More Gaps and Write ‘FreeD Pen on it.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



    Oh and Tell Her they only had the big ones left..【ツ】



    Summa of SecretSantaGrinchCSC

  20. Jockodee – I know its no consolation, but feed was perfect here in USA and honestly always is. Your problem is likely on your end somewhere.



    Try running a speedtest (find one on internet) and see if you’re getting the download speed you’re paying for. Do this when you’re feed is not good during a game. Assuming the speed is poor, take it up with your provider.



    There’s a whole bunch of things you can also try to fix it. Google that as well.

  21. Good morning CQN from a clear, cool frost free East Devon, onwards and upwards, c’mon the Hoops.

  22. Good morning friends from a pretty wet, wild, bleak and desolate looking East Kilbride. But in other news – 14 points clear with a game in hand and Jesus hasn’t even been born yet! (Stolen from carfeniian on Twitter)

  23. As you can imagine,talk about Resolution 12 is highly topical on other Celtic orientated forums and blogs


    I thought some might appreciate one post from The Huddleboard on the subject.



    As it stands,the thread on The Huddleboard has had 108 posts with 2,645 “views” and growing.


    It would be fair to say 100% of posters support the guys behind it, while being highly critical of the Celtic PLC Board. A significant number of posts expressing their views being so colourful they would not be allowed on here.


    Here is my post.



    I’ve held back on posting on this until I heard personally from one of the guys behind it.



    It would be fair to say they were more than a bit disappointed at certain aspects of the meeting.Given UEFA and the SFA had already made it clear that any future dealings on this must be through the club,there was an expectation that Celtic would be fully prepped and ready to pick up the baton.Apparently they struggled a bit with the “it’s now up to you” concept, despite being provided with a shed load of ammo to fire.



    The good news ,however,is this is not dead.



    Celtic have been provided with even more evidence and a number of proposals were left with Celtic to consider and an angle they could use to pursue it.



    Watch what is coming out on etims.A load of info will be published.If anyone wants to really understand what res 12 was and is all about it’s all in there and you can see what has driven the guys to put so much time and effort into this and why they are disappointed at the apparent reluctance of Celtic to pick up the baton.



    The only conclusion that can be reached from the info gathered (if you have the time and inclination to read it) is RFC either lied to get the Licence or the SFA failed to confirm payment of money owed after takeover on 6th May before informing UEFA all in order on 26th May 2011.



    It’s anybody’s guess what Celtic will do now but,as an absolute minimum,if they decide they will not pursue it then they must provide a reasoned response as to why.

  24. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Last early morning train for 2 weeks


    It’s a good wee feeling


    Can top up on my meds at night for a couple of weeks now.☘☘

  25. *** GOALS FOR SHAY ***



    Another wee pre-ChristmasS plug for our brand new competition, “Goals For Shay” which all kicks off on Saturday 13th January 2017. Dead easy to play – simply pick 1 single uniquedifferent team each week over the 10 week period, and the entrant with the highest aggregate goals scored will take the entire prizepot.


    The cost of entry is £10 per team entered and if you pay before 14 January 2017 you get awarded a free joker to get double points when you decide to play it. You can also buy one more additional joker for just £5.


    The prizepot will consist of 50% of the £10 entry free. The other 50% plus ALL of the money raised from the additional joker option will go to support Walk With Shay.


    To register your interest just drop a ‘can I play’ email to cqnpredictor@gmail.com and we will send you full details on how to pay plus a bit more on the pretty easy rules. Try to remind us of your moniker or nickname. We tend to respond in batches so give us a few days before sending any reminders!


    And feel free to tell your family and friends, share on Facebook, involve your work colleagues, etc. Your children, especially, may think they can do better than you!! Remember who won LMS8!


    Thank you for Walking With Shay.



    31 brave souls have already asked to join this particular clique! It’s the one to be in, you know – from anywhere in the world!



    Aff oot…..

  26. JOBO BALDIE – Hail Hail and, may God’s light shine on yer grand ole folks fella.


    Now for the bad bit……


    See yer initiatives that ye share with The Celtic Roller Coaster for wee Shay – God Bless Him – and all the other guid stuff that yeez do,….well….I wish you all every success for fantastic causes,…….but,….when I tried to sign-u with yeez…a couple of years back, the impression that I got was that yeez were delighting in ripping the p#sh oot of me coz I couldn’t access the facilities available so, with that in mind I took the course that yeez can, ramm yer initiatives and, for me personally….any spare cash that I get and, that isny much…..goes into the SVDP boxes at Mass at the weekends….so there !




    When will Phil give us some insight as to, who the traitors are in the Cellic PLC who wulny back the Res;12 Legends ?


    Guid result last night, a well managed situation….imho.


    Shame about the empty seats but,….that’s what happens when the PLC change all the summer dated Saturday home games to, p#shy, freezing, midweek games ‘after’ they’ve took all the innocent, well-meaning, faithful through and through Cellic supporters of today’s money aff them….then….punted the club away to play in Dublin and, wherever else in the summer Saturday’s for greed.


    But,…Cellic are miles in front of the huns so….that’s guid.


    Oh and,……


    Snodgrass…..????….Always injured……nah….swerve him….imho.


    McCarthy….???…at one time,….yip….now,….nah…keeps giving the ball away…and, he was ROI’s worst player at the Euro’s…imho…..I’d rather we went for the guy who left Hamilton at the same time as him but, who now plays for Crystal Palace – James McArthur – disny come from a Cellic background but, our best players didny either so….go for him….he’ll mibbee cost about £4 million…that would represent guid business…imho.


    Plus, I think McArthur would bring a lot more to our table than McArthy would…imho.


    MR & MRS JOE FILLIPPI’s HAIRCUT – God bless.



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