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  1. Sean McDonald ‏@seanmcdonald01 1m1 minute ago



    I just saw Messi being interviewed on Catalan tv. They asked what he wanted for Christmas.



    He said: “fans as good as Celtic’s”

  2. this is not grinding out results,



    its dominating games, multiple chances, and not converting them.



    griff, sinky, dembele , rogic, are good.



    henke, sutty, hartson, lubo , we would have scored a hunderd by now.

  3. That wasn’t pretty at all. Fair play to Thistle for making a game of it but we were poor (very) throughout the game. Still 3 points and the gap is now having to be measured in light years to give an indication of the distance between Celtic and the other teams competing for 2nd spot.

  4. We forced the keeper to make a few saves … but still not looking clinical in front of goal..



    1-0 3 points some great play from the youngsters

  5. thistle boss must have decided to go on the front foot, they were good, they had a go.



    but thats why we are champions,

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Brendan takes squad rotation to an unprecedented level and still we win.



    Synapses jumping however.



  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    Tomorrow’s DR headline, Celtic continue to struggle with one goal led victories before Old Firm decider……Hahahahahhahahahah

  8. The slump continues!



    PT did not park the bus but the chance conversion ratio could be better.

  9. Thistle came to make a game of it, well done to them for that, they defended well but we won the game with a classy goal, the performance looked liked a rotated squad mid December game, still a lot of football to be played this month:))



    A 14 point gap before the New Year:))




  10. eldo, ignore the parking “fines”.



    ive had 5 last 18 months, ignored them all, they end up giving up,






    saint stivs c wing barliniie

  11. WHAT IS THE STARS on 20TH DECEMBER 2016 9:38 PM



    ha ha



    the only color I dont do is blue




  12. Based on the chances Thistle had we could have easily lost that. Credit to BR who has tinkered with the team and gave several fringe players a chance to stake a first team place.

  13. What is the Stars on

    3 wins on the trot



    Does that equal Sevco’s recent world record of 3 consecutive wins.



    Maybe we have turned a corner